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Banned because I did that because I couldn't think of a good enough reason to ban the person above me.
Banned because thinking had never been your strongest point, James; ask Meowth!
Banned for not thinking ahead of time.
Banned for seeing in to the future. And Bradley is banned for not knowing that I'm the brains of this operation. Jesse and Meowth just don't know it yet.
Banned for not being concise in giving reasons for banning.
Banned for demanding too much information.
Banned for confusing rep and screen resolution.
Banned because when my rep reaches 4K it will be ultra high resolution.
Banned because by the time you reach 4K rep, i will have reached -4K rep instead.
Banned for exaggerating.
Banned for exonerating.
Banned for exploiting.
Banned because I just watched Requiem for a Dream and I feel sad, and I hope this will make me feel better.
Banned for distracting
Banned for asking people to carry them home without telling them where 'home' is.