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Music evening with three friends. We made our own top 44 of music that meant a lot to us in the last year. Nr. 1 is Theme for Great Cities by The Simple Minds, brought in by my brother-in-law (who was already a friend of mine before he got together with my sister).
I played Tabletop Simulator with my sister and ate a burg.
Was close to giving up on a world playing with my buddy in Don't Starve Together. The world generated without a single clockwork monster on the surface, so we had to go down into the caves to look for gears, which we need for iceboxes and ice flingomatics to keep fires in check during summer. No gears = pretty much game over.
After what seemed like an endless search in the huge cave system(accidentally generated a large world), we finally found a large area with lots of clockwork monsters and thus gears tonight :D
My new efftoy introduced me to her doggo. Poor thing was so friendly, almost adored me, as if i had been its owner, instead of her... Became crazy, ultra playful and wouldn't let me leave, even! I think i now like dogs too, not only my cats!
blue.jpg (177 Kb)
Playing game tho, I'm playing Last day on Earth survival apknite here. Feel like living in a tough world guys. LOL survival game always challenging for sure. Still enjoy my gaming time.
Bad Religion.
Finally getting our roofs,fixed.
Baby chickens
theslitherydeee: Baby chickens
''Here,chick chick chick'' That's how we all call them down here.
Eight months ago I posted that Rami Malek was going to win an Oscar.

I was joking at the time, but who knew? :P
In the end, awards shows are still bullshit.
United and Liverpool having a no score draw and City winning the cup. Happened yesterday but I'm still happy about it today :-D
Tax refund.