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UterusMaximus: You could play Metro 2033 and then Metro Last light
So you can be hyped all year long until the new Metro comes out =)
I played the first Metro, so I guess I'll buy Last Light on the next sale.
Thanks :)
Didn't play this one before now, mostly because the more extreme fans kind of scared me off. But now that it seems to have died down since then, and due to it being on sale on Humble Bundle, I gave in and decided to try it. I'm only a few minutes in, but I can tell I'm going to love this one. The style is original, the soundtrack great, and the story is already seeming very interesting. I've been saved story and gameplay spoilers, so I'm excited to see how this goes.
Cave story, Monster Tale, and Nanashi no Game. Going to start the Corpse Party series after that probably, and Shadow of the Colossus when it comes out.
Elminage Gothic.
After finished 3 or 4 of the rank 1 (easiest) dungeons, my adventurers become level 13-14, so I changed there class.

Dragoneet Fighter -> Thief ( He uses breath attack from the rear position.Later, he will be a Ninja by a special item).
Valkyrie -> don't change! ( Also she has learned cleric spells slowly).
Thief -> Samurai ( I need more good mage spell casters)
Cleric -> Mage ( Later, she will learn other spell class,such as Alchemy or Summoner)
Mage -> Lord ( Just had a opportunity, so I choice it. He can use teleport spell in the level 7 rank 2 times, which is quite important for now)
Alchemist -> Summoner ( I didn't use any summon spell in Elminage Original, so I try it now. Later she will be a Bishop to learn all spell classes)

Now I don't have an Alchemist in the party, so I made one who almost stay in the tavern ( I also made a Bishop for identify items and a Herborist for making portions too).
After a looooooooong time in my backlog, I have finally finished Shadowrun Dragonfall Director's Cut for the first time. Took me around 41hours and 30 minutes or so. At the start, I kind of did not liked the pacing as much as in the first game, but after I got to the second half of the game, I started to have a blast! The story and also the side missions have started to slowly unveil the plot and the road to the ending was for me full of adrenaline (despite it being turn based game) and hard choices on how to proceed.

My character choice for first blind playthrough was Orc Physical Adept with low Charisma and Intelligence, with Gang Etiquette. And he was kind of greedy and naive, but still good in heart, so I have made according to that few choices, with which my party have not agreed, and if they would be real people, they would be facepalming all the time :D

I had lots of fun, despite being able to play it only during the weekends. If you have not played it yet, go for it! 5 stars for me :P
I finished my first full game of Lords of Magic in over two years. Done on Hard difficulty, I decided to play Air, one of the more fragile faiths. I chose the Warrior Lord this time, as I picked the Mage Lord the last time I played Air. Over the course of the game, both Life and Water swore fealty to me. Eventually, the game was reduced to me, Earth, Fire, and Death. I wiped out Earth first, although their Thief Lord managed to sneak away unharmed. I defeated Death next by capturing their capital and whittling away at Balkoth's army with his own Dark Javelin mercenaries. Instead of ending the game right then and there, I was really curious about where the Earth Lord had snuck off to. I almost gave up the search when I found him creeping through a remote region all by his lonesome. After getting rid of him, I had to decide what to do about Fire. They spent the whole game being more or less neutral, but due to the game's buggy diplomacy, they unceremoniously claimed Death's Great Temple and capital (which were then in my possession). Resisting my own laziness, I decided to wage war on my fake ally and wiped him out within two weeks.
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Grimrock, good old friend, is that you again? :) This game is awesome. I really missed my beloved crpgs and beautiful order and symmetry of dungeon crawlers. Let's dance! ;)
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Dawn of War II. I'm enjoying it so far, though it's definitely a mixed bag. It's been a long time since I played 1 and its expansions so I can't speak on everything that one did better. This isn't on par with SC2 though, that's for sure.

+ Heroes have character building and gear customization (gain exp and find loot during missions, choose which stat to level up (ranged, melee, stamina, energy/mp) and what to equip between missions), and I'm still having fun picking between gear and trading old stuff in for more exp which is also a nice feature.

- Can't save during a mission and there's only one save slot per game in the campaign. You also have to *exit to windows* to not have the game save for you and the mission count as a failure (the game continues here without penalty except that it costs you time, so eventually you'll miss certain missions).

+More intuitive and meaningful cover mechanics (game shows heavy and light cover with a color indicator),

-Can't cancel a fall back/retreat move or change its rally point at will - units will move all the way to where you started the mission (alternatively as space marines the rally point can apparently be at the Landraider Reedemer or Techmarine's Orbital Relay but I haven't made it that far yet)

+Destructible cover and partially destructible scenery. You can actually tackle through smaller cover (destroying it in the process) with the commander using a certain move, which is really silly but also kind of awesome.

-Only the Space Marines (Blood Ravens chapter) have a SP campaign. I belive this is the case for Chaos Rising as well, which kinda sucks since SM is the least interesting faction after Imperial guard.

+Can play campaign missions in co-op via Steam (not tried it yet though)

-No game speed options - This is kind of a big deal because right now I'm too busy switching between squads and using their abilites to focus on what's happening on screen in a lot of situations.

+Partially non-linear campaign (but not on the same level as the DoW1 expansions so far) and it's an interplanetary campaign

-Having to move next to relay beacons to reinforce squads slows down the pacing considerably, though I did just get a drop pod ability that should help a bit with this.
Tyranny. Surprisingly good for a game that got very little attention. The DLCs should be avoided, though.
I'm playing Star wars: Knights of the old republic 2. Played it a bit years ago, but then stopped shortly after now again roughly where I was back then and currently doing Nar Shaddaa.
Doing it without the restored content mod, as I want to see how the game is in the vanillla version. I actually sort of liked the Peragus station, while too long and problematic as a game opening, it's well done and quite creepy. Telos is rather meh though. Biggest drawback of the game imo is how verbose it is, which I attribute to Chris Avellone's influence. I like reading dialogue in games, but imo the balance between dialogue-other gameplay is quite distorted at times here.
While playing Deus Ex (with the GMDX mod), I wanted to play some RTS on the side, and I finally got myself to play Age of Empires 3 (the Steam version). I am currently in the fifth campaign mission I believe, playing in the highest difficulty.

It is okay, it feels like Age of Empires, but it also feels a bit "convoluted" compared to especially AOE1, as if they have added some new stuff just for the sake that a sequel has to have more of everything than the earlier games. It is still ok, but I think I like the first AoE game the best so far. I kinda like its relative simplicity and how the campaign missions were less "story based" and scripted than in AoE 2-3.

One thing I don't like much is that apparently you can't change the gamespeed in the single-player campaign. This is the same reason I stopped playing Starcraft 2, I hated how you couldn't slow the game down if things got hectic (when playing in the highest difficulty level). For AoE3, so far the speed is manageable for me, but I sure hope I could sometimes slow it down when I have to do dozen things at the same time across the map. Is it like this with all relatively new RTS games? Maybe then I should just keep playing the older RTS games which allow it.

In Deus Ex, I'm now with the mole people. Still quite early I presume, but generally the game is proceeding pretty smoothly, I never really run into roadblocks even though I am playing on the Realistic difficulty (the highest you can select for the first play).
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ciemnogrodzianin: Vaporum.

Grimrock, good old friend, is that you again? :) This game is awesome.
I'm playing this one too (thanks again Doc!) and really enjoying it. I never played Grimrock but I did play 2 - loved building a party and the combat but quit it a bit too soon because I just didn't enjoy constantly quitting the game to cheat puzzles after about the first 3 - 4 hours (once I saw the "solution" to the spider drop puzzle I was like "Screw this, I'm not doing it anymore").

Anyway, Vaporum tones down the puzzling and dials up the atmosphere and tough fights. Fun to find new gear and I like my Pistol / Gadget guy. Just started Riddle of Steel last night.
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island on the SNES Classic Edition.
The Witcher 3
112 hours in and haven't even left Novigrad/Velen. Still got a contract to complete and some places to visit.
God damn it, I hate it when games do this.

I am now in the mission "Temple of the Aztecs" or somesuch, 5th or 6th mission I guess, in Age of Empires 3, playing on hard difficulty.

Ok so i am supposed to build a town and defend four Aztec temples from attacks, until the timer runs out and a big Aztec army comes to my aid. At least one, preferably two, of the temples must survive. You are also given other secondary objectives, like going around the map to save some Aztec slaves, which then become your soldiers too. Neat, I guess.

Anyway, the enemy attacks start heavy and keep coming, so I reaaally struggle to try to
- defend the temples
- build a town with barracks and shit
- gather resources
- saving those slaves

Too much going on at the same time, and the attacks just get worse and worse. So at some point I give up and decide to check some Youtube videos for hints. I find a suitable one which is playing the same mission in Hard.


That's exactly what I did, of course I thought it is a good idea to get everything done ASAP, to prepare for the incoming attacks. But you see, the countdown timer doesn't start until you build the town center, and more importantly, the heavy enemy attacks don't either.

So what you should do instead is to do everything you can without building the town center, like go around the map to free all the Aztec slaves (in order to increase your army), build some other buildings besides the town center (barracks etc.), get some resources gathered already etc. And then when you feel ready, build that town center and start running around with your army to save the temples.

The mission seems quite hectic even with that trick, but at least it should give you some real breathing room to prepare a bit. I just hate it that one has to come up with such a trick to make the mission manageable. Not sure if that was the developer's intention, or if it is a glitch in the game.
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