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Thread title says it all.

For me, I started playing Tales of the Monkey Island last night and finished episode 1 in about 3.3 hrs. Will start the next episode tonight after office hours and probably squeeze in a dose of NBA 2K11 (enjoying the Jordan mode) goodness.

How bout you?
Planescape Torment.
At the moment i am playing Deus Ex for my Let's Play Videos that you can watch here:

or here:

the game is in english, but my comment is in german

every now and then i play timeshock, i want to get 1 000 000 000 points, the highest i have is around 700 000 000.

there are so many games i want to play at the same time, planescape, baldurs gate, command & conquer, phantasmagoria, blood, duke nukem, doom, ...
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Just started up Just Cause 2...that's just pure goddamn fun. :)

Battlefield Academy is also getting 'cracked open' this weekend for some tactical strategy goodness.
Dragon Age: Witch Hunt DLC.
I am waiting for three games to arrive (Full Auto 2 Battlelines, Ultimate Mortal Kombat DS, Heavenly Sword), but till they arrive I mostly play 5 games these days. MoH Airborne on the 360, Chris Sawyer's Locomotion, WinSPMBT, Panzer Generals 2, 50 Cent Blood on the Sand (I keep thinking of the MJ's Blood on the Dance floor album)
I'm playing :
Sherlock Holmes VS Arsene Lupin ( quite finish this one)
Time Gentlemen, Please!
Under a Killing Moon (playing it with my boyfriend so I play it like 2 hours a week, it'll be a very looong game)
A Farewell to Dragons
Titan quest
World of Warcraft and Heroes of M&M3.
karacho: At the moment i am playing Deus Ex for my Let's Play Videos that you can watch here:

or here:
Hey! I am subscribed to you on youtube! Great vids, dude ;)

Im currently playing Blood, Fallout 2, and Shogo
GorgorothX: Hey! I am subscribed to you on youtube! Great vids, dude ;)
thank you, so the CarnivorousFilms is your channel? i only watched "the runner" so far, i felt as out of breath as if i was running myself, its not french connections, but its a great step in the direction ^^
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After just having finished Mass Effect 2 I wanted to get back to Dragon Age, but it seems my standards have been raised so that I can't really enjoy the banality of it any more.

So right now I'm in the middle of a Gears of War shock treatment. I actually like that it has checkpoints and recharging health. It makes it feel more fluid.
Arcanum Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Arx Fatalis

Currently I'm playing Lord of the Rings Online, Baldur's Gate, King's Bounty and Mario Galaxy.

I fear I may be getting slightly obsessed with it.
Splitting time between Sword of the Stars Ultimate Edition and Icewind Dale.