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I'm playing The Companion, a beautiful and relaxing little game I got dirt cheap on the "Take a Hike" sale. A small gem!
I'm having fun with Everspace and Starsector, at the moment. :)
Playing Red Alert 2 on Steam.
Recently I got and have been playing Stronghold Definitive Edition. It's great to have new content for that game, however IMO there isn't enough castle building in it. The missions are a lot of take this army there, get the VIP over to this place, etc. There is a little castle building in the new economic campaign but the scenarios are designed to be tricky as all get-out unless you do things just the right way, meaning try a lot of things that seems reasonable, and then finally hit on the one that works. Often it's like "Well I'm going to need to quarry that stone, but wait. That's where the bandits come from. They will just wreck my quarry." Or, "If I hoard enough wood I will be ok, but wait, the trees die off at a certain point in the scenario so that brings wood hoarding to a standstill." I like it, but don't love it like I did when Stronghold (and later on, Crusader) came out. Try it and enjoy, and if you've never played the original Stronghold and Crusader, definitely do,
Revisiting Age of Empires Definitive Edition

I installed it after I bought it but haven't really touched it after the Greece 4th campaign. Never uninstalled though and it still on my drive for some times.

I forgot how punishing those campaigns are and the Babylon 1st map, The Holy Man really gave me a hard time. Finished it in my 3rd attempt in around 2 hours. At least from what people on the net are saying it was the hardest part of the game, so I can take a solace from that.
Saviors of Sapphire Wings:

I'm in the post game, and when i tried fighting one of the regular postgame bosses (not a superboss, in this case), the following happened in the first round:
* Boss casts Grand Cross, instantly killing 4 of my characters.
* Boss (who can attack twice in one turn) casts Grand Cross again, killing the other 2.
* Cue Game Over screen.
Dying Light 1

I try to survive by killing as many enemies as possible and helping the npc survivors. If there's one thing I hate, it's having to climb towers just to be able to re-establish communications.
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Finally finished my first playthrough of Elden Ring. It took 120 hours and I loved every bit of it! I kinda want to play it again but I also want to finish my most recent Dark Souls run. I'm playing a sorcery build for the first time with it. Other than that I've also re-downloaded Magic: The Gathering Arena, against my better judgment lol. It really is the best card game with the worst business model. I just want to play Commander on it. And making new decks is always so much fun. I'm gonna try not to focus too much on the battle pass grind. That's kinda what kills my love for the game. The lack of a permanent Pauper format sucks too.
I'm not in the best spot to playing any big adventure games atm. Luckily I'm part of a challenge group
and we just started a new set of challenges, so I'm looking now at some short or 1 - 5 h point'n'click games :)
Watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles again. (djeezes is it that old already!)

It made me want to play Terminator: Resistance - so that's what I'm doing right now.
World racing 2 champion edition

I figured out that you don't need to be first unless it says so or there are gold silver bronze medals to get.
It did kinda piss me off that i didn't get gold in a the first race that had medals where the opponent was only 0.1 second in front of me.
Otherwise kinda an interesting racing game. The events if you usually do them in career mode are lit green if you did them. Medals are marked differently
Also i was just driving an offroad one and i failed i needed to be first and even drift 200 points.
Even though i had a head start i didn't realize until end of race that i also need those drift points to win so i did it in a retry.
So if you see drift points mentioned you probably need to do them also.
But otherwise i think i like the game.
Age of Wonders 4 - Playing as a disturbed Elven faction.

At a certain point in the past, a small group of these magically infused humanoids became separated from the main culture branch. Some great extinction event of sorts, or maybe a war, who knows. Their drive to survival lead them on a path that made them forget about even the smallest details of who they were. In the decades that followed, small steps were made towards creating a stable future. They adapted to living and growing high in the mountain ranges of this continent. Hardships overcome, their numbers grew. What started out as a single village with only a few thousand souls, slowly expanded into a minor city supported with camps throughout the mountains. With an industrious aptitude, and no love for what for most would describe as an integral part of Elven legacy, they now can claim the full range of the mountainous area theirs.

I also sent back the head of a daughter from rival. . . on a silver plate. 10/10
Unfortunatelly nothing right now :(

I prefer good single playervRPG games.

Unfortutally they are expensive , red dead redeption 2 is still 20 :/ , AC Valhalla complete still cost 35 , AC Oddyssey gold 22 , Hogward Legacy 24 God of War 25, still :(
I like to play different games like Plinko here This game is simple but entertaining and I can win money while playing. It offers the opportunity to win up to 555x the bet amount. I play every day to improve my skills and I want to win a jackpot one day.
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