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Guardians of the Galaxy (game).

I'm having a blast with it, so far.
Homeworld Remastered
Playing Hades and wow.
dtgreene: That's one of the many ugly mechanics in Wizardry 6-7 that make me not want to play these games, to be honest. The "base miss chance" mechanic is another one.

(Also, the term used in these games I'm pretty sure is "class", not "job".)

I also don't like how Wizardry 6 took away the ability to go back to town to rest, recruit new characters, and change your party composition.
HIRO kun: I completely agree to be honest. I prefer wiz 1-5 to 6-8. The reason for it is what you have said. Although I think wiz 6 itself is enough good game.
The problem with Wizardry 1-5 (or, more precisely, Wizardry 1-3 and 5) is how the game forcibly autosaves when bad things happen, creating a permadeath mechanic, and I *really* don't like that. Hence, I will only play those games with save states. (I think I beat Wizardry 1 without loading a state, but it was the Apple 2 version, and I used a well-known glitch to instantly earn 100 million XP.

(Wizardry 4 is different; the game uses manual saves, with 8 slots, but saving kicks you out to the title screen and reloading reloads the level, with enemies respawned.)
I'm playing Witchaven. It's crude in many aspects but it's just interesting enough that I want to keep playing it.

Also, replaying Witcher 3. The first time was on high/medium settings, which was certainly nice but now I've got a computer capable of doing ultra settings (well, minus the goofy nvidia hair physics or whatever) and it looks so nice.
In Swarm Simulator, waiting for enough energy to ascend again. (This can take a while, like 18 hours or so once I've done what I can reasonably accomplish pre-ascension since things are slowing down.)
1. Rebel Galaxy.
2. Castlevania: Curse of Darkness(PS2)
3. Weapon Shop Fantasy
4. VA-11 Hall A.
5. Doom 3 BFG Edition(currently playing through the first Doom)
6. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Final Cut
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Swarm Simulator is the sort of game where something might cost over a googol (10^100, or 1 followed by 100 zeroes), and you go "I'll just pay it, I can afford it and it's worth it".
Im playing this beast at the moment:
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Pandemonium! and "The Wilderness Missions" from Incubation. Evidently I hate myself...
I'm finally getting around to Bayonetta. The camera in this game you say..."the drizzling shits"? I'll keep at it for a bit but a little disappointed so far.
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Been playing and recording Rayman 3 and Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi lately. Having a blast with those!
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I've finished Pandemonium! in the meantime, but then I've picked up Crusader: No Regret, so things are hardly more relaxed...

AlphaYellow1: Been playing and recording Rayman 3 and Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi lately. Having a blast with those!
I liked Nosferatu a lot when I played it. I think it's a great game.
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I seem to have played quite a lot of RuneScape lately but getting tired of it again.

Also Master of Orion, the original from 1993. Inspired by Sullla, has his own website and Y**t*** channel, I decided to uncharaceristically for me, play a game on impossible difficulty but chose settings that made that more feasible and am actually having an easier game than several games I have played on average difficulty. There is quite a bit of randomness in this game and if the dice stack against you, it gets hard. The poor Mrrshans lost their home planet when I invaded it while their scary big fleet was slowly creeping towards my planet. Losing your last planet leads to instant elimination no matter how big a fleet and how many troops you have enroute in space. Easy peasy but now I will have to exterminate the Bulrathi since voting stops when there are only two remaining races, as we were only three in this galaxy. In the year 2489 (turn 189) they finally discocvered better engines, fusion drive (warp 4), so I should hurry up and beat them before they get to build new ships with this. Having just pushed them back to four planets, they stand little chance against the mighty Klackon, one of the best races in the game. Next turn I should have enough ships to beat their home world, albeit at a cost, and then the game is just about won.

Glory to the ants!
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