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I ventured into Endless Space with the new DIsharmony DLC, played for a few minutes and then realised that I typically need to set aside an entire day for hefty 4x games.

Also, a sporadic bout of Dynasty Warriors 7. In many ways a half-assed and underdeveloped game that could go from 'pretty decent' to 'pretty good' with a few design tweaks. But I'm still enjoying it.
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Phew, luckily I keep several save games in Baldur's Gate... Near the end of the game (TotSC expansion pack), in the Durgal's Tower where four warders give me four puzzles to solve before I can proceed in the game, apparently I solved the puzzles in a wrong order or something, because suddenly the warder who wants something glittering from me, became completely mute. I had what he wanted, yet he wouldn't talk at all anymore, hence the puzzle would remain unsolved.

Started from an earlier savegame, solved the puzzles one by one and went to talk to the warders one by one, and now it worked. Damn game breaking bugs... I would have probably killed my party for good in disgust, if that bug had made my only savegame unusable.

Damn fighting those warders is hard though, probably the hardest fight in the game so far. At best I've been able to kill two of them before the rest two decimate my party. I use every defensive spell, and even put lots of those trap spells around the place where some of the warders will reappear when they attack me.
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Picked up the (not so humble) Origin bundle two days ago, and decided to start out with Mirror's Edge, which I've played before but haven't actually finished - it was a rental for PS3 when I still had consoles. That was a few years back, so I'm enjoying my re-acquaintance so far.

Leroux: A New Beginning

...And I hear the English voiceovers are really bad, both of which is a shame, because the game has potential...
It's not horrible by any means, but, yes, it has its oddities, although I found it serviceable enough. It wasn't until Deponia that they've managed to get some real quality English voice work, which has been very solid since then.
The last few days I've been on a Talisman Prologue jag. Not to spoil, but there is one quest for the wizard that nearly drove me mental. A few times I thought about starting the quest over, but something kept me rolling the dice and I finally made it through. Can't remember the exact amount of turns, but it was a lot. And it was at over an hour or more for that single quest. I know because someone next to me was watching Spongebob the movie and I started around the beginning and finished around the end. Talisman Prologue is way better than I expected. I'm definitely going to pick up the board game and the multiplayer version at some point.
Oh dear..

I'd like to start playing the Ultima games, I've mostly been playing Ultima IV Quest of the Avatar NES version since I really like that graphics, but I think that if I do start playing them then I should record everything and upload it all to my youtube, likewise with my Elder Scrolls games, at least Arena..

But the games I've actually been playing has been Heroes of Might and Magic 2 standard mode and Ultima IV.
I have a hard time to start a game to play because it feels like I need to dedicate so much time to it.
Final Fantasy 2 PSP remake; my computer is in its deaththrows, so I don't want to do PC stuff and have it die with my progress midway through.

It's OK. I like it better then the first. Character progression system works better in theory then in practice.
Just started playing Burnout: Paradise and... wow. It is incredible. The sheer speed is quite an experience, and the open world is quite nice. It makes races interesting, even if it feels like you are just doing one random event after another.
Alice Madness Returns. In places its really good, in other places its really bad. I think I'm roughly halfway through at the moment. Its good enough I'll likely finish.... its also bad enough, I'll likely never play it again unless it gains polish very quickly.
With all these bundles I have been getting lately, I have a massive Steam log of 270+ Games, and I think I have only ever actually COMPLETED maybe 30 or so of them.

Currently, I am playing:
GBA - Link's Awakening DX
3DS - OOT 3D
Laptop - The Sims 2 / HOMM2&3 / Might and Magic
Desktop - Dishonored / Disciples III / Everything else
Last weekend I finished Inquisitor. I couldn't say that it is a good game but I liked the setting and the story although it was predictable.

Games I'm currently playing:
- Eador: Genesis
- Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines with the Clan Quest Mod
- Humans Must Answer
Game of Thrones

Eh, I don't think it's quite as bad as it was made out to be last year, but yeah, it leaves some things to be desired. That game is almost as linear as Shadowrun Returns, the environments are so empty and there's really nothing to do, and combat so far consists of nothing but ability spam. >_> and the voice-acting is pretty hit-and-miss. Some VAs are really good, especially those who reprise their parts from the show, but others sound either painfully bland or they are completely over the top.

Average game so far (I'm in Chapter 5). I'm enough of a GoT fanboy to play through it, but there's probably no point in revisiting this later on.
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Dead Space 3

Not bad. It remains to be seen how it stacks up to DS2 in the grand scheme of things, but for the paltry amount I paid for it it's some very good entertainment. :)
Crusader Kings 2: it has nearly beaten Skyrim as my most played steam (and offline in general) game.
Medal of Honor: Since I got it, I had no reason not play. It's rather short, which is useful since I have to work during the day atm
Audiosurf: Always fun for a few short bursts
Burnout Paradise: idem, though these burst are a bit longer
I also started The Witcher 2, which my laptop can run good enough, but since a few weeks, my laptop tends to overheat rather quickly. I really have to watch out when playing The Witcher
I also have unfinished playthroughs of a lot of other games, which I will return to once some of these are finished. At the right moment, everything will be finished.
Just finished Dawn of War recently. Currently playing:

Burnout Paradise: Waiting for my bro to install it to play coop with him. From what I've played of it, it's fun, though the console-like menus are a mess and I have a love/hate relationship with the fact that the races are done in an open city. Love the realism of it and the shortcuts you can take, hate missing the corner where I had to make a turn and pausing the game to check the map in order to know where the hell I have to go. Looking at the minimap is almost a guaranteed crash against a wall or incoming vehicle.

Risen: I'm working on being a mage, but it seems like they're aligned with the inquisition and I don't like them very much so far. We'll see how that works out.

Starcraft 2: Still installed, still gets played a lot.

Resonance: Got stuck, haven't bothered with it again, it's dangerously close to getting uninstalled or restarted from scratch.

Saints Row the Third: Waiting to play it coop with a friend, but we don't like checkpoints much. We have limited time at nights and replaying bits we've already played is not that much fun, so we haven't bothered much with it. i know it's likely to grow on me after I play it some.

Company of heroes: On the british campaign, haven't played it again in a long time. In danger of getting uninstalled.

Men of War: haven't bothered. Finished the russians campaign the first play through a long time back, looks like I'd have to replay it in order to play the germans, so I'm mulling it over.

Master of Orion 1+2: I need to print the manual. I won't get anywhere bumbling along on my own.

Silent Storm: haven't bothered but will at some point.
El_Caz: Burnout Paradise ... Love the realism of it...
Burnout? Realistic? Come again? =P
Master of Orion 1+2: I need to print the manual. I won't get anywhere bumbling along on my own.
Right-click is your friend in MoO 2. ;) I remember reading the manual quite a few times during my 'got-kicked-off-the-family-computer' downtimes back when I first got the game around the time of its original release. It didn't really help me play better. The right-click info boxes were much more helpful in that regard.

On the other hand, I was very familiar with the original MoO at the time so my learning curve may have been significantly lower, although I've never really bothered reading the manual for that one. Yes, you're probably better off starting with MoO 1, which as simple as it is can still be a lot of fun. Though it may not have the right-click help of its successor, it should definitely help you get some of the basics down before you get piled on by all the extra stuff in MoO 2. Trial-and-error was the name of my game. It really doesn't take long to figure it out, or at least it shouldn't.