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Postal 2, i enjoy brootalizing npc´s over and over.
After years of owning race driver grid i tried it today for the first time. And yes i have the gog version which i bought before it was removed. On a pc that couldn't run it. This one can run it.
The first few race day it was like i was drunk driving in race day.
Tried winning one race and then i tried career only the beginning race and got first.
Haven't tried the other career races now.
Played it with my gamepad.
i do wonder though the recomended speed is in miles per hour or kilometers per hour?

Also gog version says 1.0 while steam has 1.3 but i kinda doubt it's 1.0 on gog. Since update 1.3 was in 2009

Also couldn't set autosave profile or create one at start with my username but then just went with the basic one and then changed it to my username and saved it.
Don't know what was up with that.
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BrootalGnome: Postal 2, i enjoy brootalizing npc´s over and over.
Plan to play it too
I have finished all Titan Quest games, except Eternal Embers, as I'm not for such high difficulties (I mean, even if it didn't need to replay the whole game 2,5 times just to get there!).

My playthroughs were thus:

main game: 68 h
Immortal Throne: 32,5 h
Atlantis: 14,5 h
Ragnarok: 41,5 h

It's a total of 156,5 h.

I had a Hunting (archer) plus Defense combination.
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Terraria is recently almost finished (some achievements are so diffcult that I am too lazy to achieve them).
I am playing Don't Starve, Stardew Valley, Noita and The Witcher 3 (I am trying new types of game, but it cause my 3D motion sickness :( ).
I like pixel-style game very much!
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Quake 1 (enhanced)
Old school goodness and still so much fun!
Redout: Solar Challenge Edition. attention-eater high-speed hover racing with accent on good driving; GRIP, more chill arcady hover/non-hover racing with driving on walls. Both are commonly replayed for years.
Newly found Cyber Hook, basically "Mirror's Edge"-like running with a hook in a cyberworld. Easy to get hooked right away.
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Playing The Elder Scrolls: Arena

I like the simplicity of the game, and how the classes are more distinct (note that there are no custom classes). The game does have its issues, of course, including the fact that it somehow manages to be quite buggy despite its simplicity.

One thing that helps is that the controls are actually pretty similar to Wizardry 8's default controls. (With that said, Wizardry 8 is definitely the better game.)

(Edit: Just a little punctuation fix.)
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I vary what I play quite a lot at the moment. Currently I've been playing Payday 2, RDR 2 and Regions of Ruin. Also starting out to play some of the Quake series.
Still slowly playing

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (+ Verok's GL patch)

The game is rather meh, and frankly I don't like this "metroidvania" gameplay that much where the levels branch out to several directions and you have no idea which way you "should" be going, until you hit a dead end because you don't have some spell or something that lets you get through whatever is blocking you that way.

Also the consolish save state system, where you can save only on certain points of the game, kinda annoys me.

Oh well, at least the gameplay isn't that hard (so far), especially after I realized you don't really have to fight each and every enemy you encounter. Just run past them at least it the outdoors sections, unless you want to kill them for their blood (which gives you extra health when you suck their blood).

At the moment though, I am in a section where I have no idea where I should be going. I can't get past some stone statues in some dungeon, and I think in other directions I've gone as far as I can. Oh well, I guess I need to "cheat" by watching some walkthrough video in Youtube, apparently I missed something earlier in the game...
I've recently started playing Final Fantasy XIV for the first time. I'm playing the free version of the game so there's a few restrictions (not being able to use Map chat, not being able to hire a retainer, not being able to use the player market), but aside from that, the free version gets you the entire base game and the first expansion (soon to include the second expansion as well, I've been told, which is cool).

The more I play of it, the more I I find myself enjoying it. The beginning is a bit slow, but considering the size of the game and the various aspects/mechanics of the game's systems, it's to be expected, and once I got past those slight tutorial humps, the game has done a good job of keeping me interested. The story so far is pretty neat, and I like the fact that you only really need one character, as every class/job is available for you to unlock once you reach level 10, and you can swap between them at any time, which is really nice. I've started out as a Marauder, which is a tank class, and I'm really liking it. I'm excited to see what the other classes have to offer.
Darkest Dungeon 2. It's still RNG-heavy, but now, you can tell what the hell is going on, allowing you to plan better. The hero origins missions are also a nice touch. The art style is as good as ever, which made me try out the first game in the first place.
Albion Online

I may have a problem with this game; I'm running 18 alts at the moment. It's just so addicting, I stopped all my other hobbies to pursue this game. Please send help.

Seriously though, the game is okayish, mediocre in general but it hits just the right notes for me. Still, I think I'll go back to some single player games soon as I'm getting a little burnt out with this one. Disco Elysium looks promising so I'll probably try it soon.
I'm playing all of these games at the moment (see attachment):
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