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I started playing Remedy's Control: at first I started only for benchmarking my new card, but then I felt in love with the atmosphere...
Thing about the Far Cry series is that it spoils one away from other titles. Among single player FPSs, nothing beats FC 1 through 5. The 6th installment's a bit repetitive and woke.

Michael652: Now I'm playing Far Cry 3, I've already passed it many times, but I'll never get tired of it, it's the best part of this series of games.
Checking if I'm still the worst CK2 player in the world.

All's fine, I still am.
Playing Knights of Honor II, after some patching the game feels a lot more polished. But during my gameplay Scotland fully conquer England.
I got the itch to play Brutal Legend again, so I'm doing that. Also just started the Blood and Wine expansion for Witcher 3, so my second run through that game is finally getting somewhat close to finished. I'm in a bit of a mood for replaying stuff lately.

I guess I'm technically also replaying Bioshock, but I'm around halfway through it and seem to be losing interest. I really don't find it a very engaging game once you get past Rapture being kind of a novel setting.

Also playing Delta Force. I love voxels!
Playing Paladin's Quest, and got the Adult cl to drop on the second attempt. It's actually a really good piece of armor, despite it having only 3 defense.

I think I really like the way Paladin's Quest handles its two rare drop only items. Thing is, rather than making the drop rates really low, the developers instead put the drop onto a special sort of enemy, one that isn't a normal enemy that would appear normally in a random encounter, but isn't a boss either. (In the case of the Adult cl, it's dropped by a townsperson who attacks when you leave a certain building at a certain point in the game, and that fight can be repeated if you leave town and return as long as you don't progress the plot; in the case of the Gomutai (two-handed sword with high attack), it's dropped by a special enemy that only appears if enough ghosts run away and follow you in one specific dungeon.)

So, while the battle you need to fight isn't typical, once you do get into the fight and win (the Adult cl fight is trivial, while the Gomutai one should be treated as a minor boss fight), you have a decent chance of getting the drop.

I much prefer this to the more common approach of having drops come from random enemies at very low probability, or even worse, having the drop be a random drop from a non-repeatable boss fight. (My only real complaint is that the Adult cl is permanently missable, but at least the game has an accessible debug menu if you *really* want it.)
Played some senran kagura shinovi versus.
Managed to beat the Hanzo national academy with all characters even on the girls hearth story with Daidouji against Rin on level 22. Though i got beaten several times i had to use breach arts and ultimate secret ninja move with Daidouji on Rin after she changed uniform took off 3/4 of her health then i had t o use breach and basic secret ninja moves.
Guess if i blocked it would have been better but i managed to beat Rin on a low level and got lucky i leveled up in between the fight so it restored all my health.
Playing the Gessen academy for now.

Also playing vampires dawn 3 as i wonder how the story turns out. Probably not gonna play a good vampire too much as this is Asgar and also i noticed the pentagrams requires to have humanity max to 10 to level up the doomblade.
Any higher and the doomblade can't be leveled up.
Also there are some other interesting things to do that lowers humanity.
Hope GOG can get this game here.
It doesn't seem better than Vampires dawn 2 but it does pull me in to play it.
Oh forgot to say i am playing the english version of VD3
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Path of Exile, last chapter. Its been fun ride, actually. Its so fun game, your gameplay changes frequently. Much better than Diablo in that way.

Holy Crap Path of Exile 2 , 2023.
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Bioshock Infinite. Simply replaying the game, since it can be quite fun to look back at the details once you've finished the story once.
Mad Max. Far from perfect but it is a lot of fun. It would've been a lot better if the devs worked on the bosses more. I would love to see a sequel but I doubt there will be one.
I replayed and finished Prey (the 2006 game), many years after the first time. There’s an option so that the game, after starting at an average difficulty level, then automatically adjusts to your playing ability, decreasing difficulty if you are killed a lot, or increasing it if you are not. I had that to “on”.
My last save says a while over 8 hours, but I guess about 11 is more precise, if we count the deaths…
I've been playing TF2 a couple past evenings. Just casual pubbing. Nice to play a few fast games as the server queues are short.
I have finished Ghost of a Tale, the game that GOG gave for free sometime near the end of '22. Utterly amazing game, you won't regret it if you take it out of your backlog and start it. 22 hours for me, passed very pleasantly. Also, according to the plot, the game definitely needs a sequel. Not a cliffhanger per se, but the story doesn't end there.

Fun fact: in the game there's the skill, where takeable items of the environment get highlighted with the push of a button, as we've seen in other similar games. However, this skill in this game has the best description I've ever seen: "psycho-spiritual manifestation of greed"!!
Started a new game of Might and Magic 5, looked around the starting town, identified some locations, and then realized that I didn't have the gold needed to gain the levels that I had the XP for. (There's a 10l0,000 XP bonus really early, so early that you will likely locate that bonus before you you reach a tavern where you can make your own characters, and you can't get that XP bonus more than once, so it's best to save it until you have your real party.)

(To play Darkside of Xeen, go into the World of Xeen folder (for the floppy version) and rename the XEEN.CC file, then when you launch XEEN.EXE you'll be playing Darkside of Xeen sdandalone.)
Im hooked into Path of Exile, lvl 80.

Theres lots of stupid stuff though, hopefully it gets sorted for sequel.
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