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ds2002ds: Condemned: Criminal Origins (awesome game)
Path of Exile
I've bought condemned with like 2 euros.. Hear that thing is good.
Terminator Salvation for the PS3, which I picked up for a few euros from a car boot sale.

I'm actually enjoying this far more than I thought I would and more than I probably should. It's fairly repetitive and very short (getting to chapter seven has taken me three hours, and there are nine chapters in total), but it's driven along by a decent-ish prequel story to the film itself (including a few neat references to the other Terminator films that didn't make it into the T4 film) and some excellent AI team play. Getting teammates to keep terminators busy by drawing their fire while you jump from cover to cover to sneak behind them and fuck up their battery packs is immensely satisfying, and it has probably the best shotgun mechanics since Doom.
Firstly I was in Soul reaver 2 but got bored making those controls fine. So.. I'm just playing sleeping dogs.. didn't hurt much with that high resolution pack which I originally thought that those kind of things were only in Dragon age 2. =)
Started Giana Sisters and beat the first boss today. I'm really enjoying it so far. Kinda difficult but thats fine. Makes for good short game sessions during a busy day
MANY. About halfway through Far Cry 2 (haven't touched it in two weeks or so, though), started playing Dark Souls, now rather playing Darksiders 2 but I'm really not enjoying it so far. I loved Darksiders 1 for everything about it - the combat, the riddles, the characters, the environments, the atmosphere, just the design of everything! But Darksiders 2 has sacrificed everything that made Darksiders 1 special to me. I hate its boring and generic hero, the NPCs, the world, the atmosphere and above all its RPG-ish gameplay. Meaningless items, an unnecessary skill tree (that limits options instead of providing additional ones over its predecessor), a huge but empty game world filled with its generic sites (oh yay, a dozen of variations on an Aztec temple instead of one truly original place)... also the plot totally isn't engaging so far. In Darksiders 1 I was looking up to every single cutscene, all of which were brilliantly directed, had brilliant dialogues and a relevance to the plot. Now each encounter with an NPC ends up in meaningless RPG-ish "blablabla fate blablabla our ancestors blabla old temple bla". Seriously hope it's gonna get a better later on but I doubt it. <.<
Hellboy: the Science of Evil.

It's not very good, but it's short, and I'm 80% of the way through, so I guess I'll finish the stupid thing. Mainly it's a procrastination tool--I should be grading my students' tests, but they're so depressingly awful that after plowing through ten of them, pretty much anything else is going to start sounding good in comparison, even playing Hellboy: the Science of Evil.
Game X along with some Game Y on the side :D
Playing Tiny & Big. Original gameplay & style but silly & not enough straightforward in some situations to my liking.
JudasIscariot: Game X along with some Game Y on the side :D
Game X and Y confirmed!

I've been mainly playing Far Cry 2 lately and it is proceeding smoothly, but now I am getting annoyed because some diamond cases seem to be so hard to acquire.

Like apparently some cases are on top of big hills which seem completely inaccessible? I used like two hours trying to find some way to climb one such hill, and I have no idea whether it should be possible, or if I'm supposed to use some other way to get to the top of the hill. I don't see any hang gliders or helicopters anywhere.

I've also started replaying XIII. I'm surprised I've finished the game before, as I am now quite annoyed by the save game (point) system. Replaying same parts over and over again just because of some stupid mistake just before the next save point... And since it uses a save point system, why doesn't it save the progress automatically?
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JudasIscariot: Game X along with some Game Y on the side :D
Thought i would finally play through the mass effect trilogy still on one at the moment.
Would you believe Teen Agent? It was free so I figured screw it, why not?
Mass Effect 2. I'm actually close to being finished; all I have left is the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC.
Still trying to beat the military campaign of Space Colony HD. And I also play Geneforge 2.
The Binding of Isaac and Max Payne 3. I'm so close to Platinum God in BoI! Just a few achievements and items left!
Max Payne has been a good distraction when my quest for Platinum God becomes too frustrating.