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Impaler26: Ultima Underworld

I started playing it for the first time yesterday, never played it back in the day.

It's well made but the controls and interface are pretty cumbersome and hard to get used to. Nevertheless i enjoy playing it but i don't know if i have the patience to play through it. I'll have to watch a lot of let's play videos for this one.
That's a great one. I played it off and on for several years, and then finally bit the bullet a few years back and made my way from beginning to end. Phenomenal. It takes a lot of getting used to, but it was well worth it for me. If you can play it without a walkthrough, it becomes that much better.
My copy of Deus Ex Human Revolution Dir Cut just came in.

Wasn't available in any of my local shops so I had to order online.
bioshock infinite. never played it before.
STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl (vanilla/unmodded) is keeping me quite occupied right now. It's still the wee hours as I just got to the Bar and exploring the Dark Valley, but it's quite fun so far. =

Some assorted thoughts and observations:
- Cheeki breeki, motherf***a! Seeing as this line seems to be always bandied about when talking about the game I'm surprised I haven't heard it more often, although the first time I heard it it was almost five times in quick succession. Bringing me to...
- Identical remarks get old quite fast. Like in the Bar when I have to go through one building to access the base and I hear something along the lines "we don't want no stalker here" three or four times before I'm even able to to exit it again. It's a pretty good example of the ever-repeating voice work in the game.
- Trying to do anything stealthily is pretty damn tough as one quick glimpse (even from a considerable distance) by an enemy will alert every other to you being there. I thought I might get away with knocking off some with my silenced pistol but accomplishing such a feat is almost impossible; not to mention that the weapon is pretty rubbish. I've tried quite a few times before I simply said "screw it!" especially once I gained sufficient enough firepower where it was just easier picking them off head-on (although still done best in cover as a full-front confrontation can be quite lethal even with lesser guns)
- I thought hoarding medkits and bandages would be a good thing to do at first. Turns out I get so many of them via corpse-looting and just plain old looting I often have way more than I could ever need. At least it doesn't look like I'll have to worry about it for some time.
- I'm trying to figure out what to do with all my money. Most everything I could want and need I find in the Zone or get given by completing missions. So far I've only spent some in the starting area to gain a little better protection. Ever since then I figured it wasn't worth it, seeing how much better (or at least equal) most things are I come across in the field. Got me a sweet machine gun off of a guy's limp body who tried to swindle me out of my money. Karma's a bitch. ;)
- The game's definitely showing its age, but the lighting tends to be pretty nice, particularly indoors.
- The repeated random bandit encounters were a bit annoying/frustrating at first, but now that I've gained sufficient firepower it's like swatting flies who happen to carry free ammo and medkits. Fun times! :)
- I tend to be a bit of a pack rat when it comes to grabbing anything that looks valuable and I find myself quite frequently immobilized by my hoarding obsession.
- I've only encountered the odd glitch or two once in a while. Most common seems to be my enemies' crumpling body disappearing through a floor or wall
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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. It's more balanced and flows better than Escape From Butcher Bay but its highs just aren't as good as Escape From Butcher Bay's.
Right now I am playing Shadowrun Dragonfall Director's Cut. I beat Returns when it came out and bought Dragonfall afterwards, but kept putting off playing for some reason. Because first it was waiting for the Director's Cut to come out then I guess it was prolly me being busy with other games.

I hope to be playing these games pretty soon since they are in bundles and some keys are floating around and I'm hoping to get em.
Freedom Planet

But I am also looking to get HuniePop at some point as well.
It is that time of the year again. I've just suspended all other forms of entertainment and work, and decided to give another go to Raizing shooters (specifically Batrider, Garegga and Bakraid) in crunch mode for a couple of weeks. I should soon admit to myself that I simply suck at them beyond redemption, and go back to my regular routine.
I'm just starting "The Whispered World"...but FTL keeps distracting me.
Avencast:Rise of the Mage
Secrets of Grindea

My friend has been bothering me to play something online together but between my crappy laptop and his exquisite taste in videogames it was getting hard to pick something. We found about this game and decided to give it a try, he didn't even gave me much time to research about it (especially considering that it's on early acess).

The game is really good, it reminds me of old snes/psx rpgs (or portable ones), you create your own character and go on your adventure, you're free to pick whatever you want during your adventure by putting the points on the skills, you can be a fighter, a mage, a mix of both, etc.

The story is actually enjoyable, great humor (tons of other videogame references) and really good characters (the bag sarcasm is just on point) and it brings a bit of nostalgia since, well, it's the kid(s) that comes to the age of entering this Collectors group and start his adventure to save the world.

You can complete side quests, buy maps and discover treasures, fish, capture monsters and have them as pets, etc, i can see myself losing alot of time doing this kind of stuff when the game is finally complete (and depending of how much they add to the game).

I had two great afternoons playing it but i wouldn't recommend it buying now, like i said, it's on early acess and the story mode is just incomplete, you can play the arcade mode (basically some generated levels with a survival mode, feels a bit like playing Binding of Isaac) but eventually you will get bored.
I'm playing "The Whispered World", because I've heard such great things about the story, and it looks gorgeous. And I'm trying to like it, but I find I'm just so bored! The characters are dull, and the story doesn't seem to have picked up any. I guess I'll keep going and finish it, but I'm a bit disappointed.

Sadwick is cool, and I don't mind his voice nearly as much as others have.
I'm playing the Russian campaing in Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2, the game that started what would have become the Man of War series.
Despite a not always brilliant AI, the game is plenty of fun: right now, I'm guiding my three Russian improvised Rambos in a series of suicide missions that has probably already given them the murderous killing spree record of the century. When they manage to steal a vehicle, all hell breaks loose!
Betrayal in Antara.
Right now? Uhhh..between games and trying to decide. Games somewhere in progress that I intend to finish:

LoG 1
LoG 2
Icewind Dale
Indy Fate of Atlantis
Walking Dead 1
Giana Sisters
Avadon 1

Plus a few games that can't really be "beaten" like Depths of Peril, ToME, etc.
OpenTTD. This game is seriously addictive. At the moment I'm busy building a massive rail system that circles the map and connects about 20 train station, and each train station will be adjacent to a massive airport. This system, when complete ends up generating an absolute fortune, only it takes ages to set up :P