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I started Demonicon yesterday. I must say, I am very much into this game! Though some characters (like Cassio) strike me in a very shocking way.
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I've owned this for a few years and just put it in, I must be missing something... is this only fun as a multi-player game? Single player seems so vacant, it's boring as hell. The enemy encounters feel repetitive with no satisfaction of victory.
djdarko: Single player seems so vacant, it's boring as hell. The enemy encounters feel repetitive with no satisfaction of victory.
Oh good. I thought I was the only one who thought this.

I suppose the gunplay (in a sense) was fine, but everything else felt underwhelming and nonexistent. Had a few decent jokes here and there, so there's that.
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (From Kingdom Hearts 1.5)

Game looks cool, missed out on this as I never owned a PS2. However, I'm really not feeling like a slow paced J-RPG right now...

Resorted back to Grand Theft Auto 5. Cool game, but I always get lost playing this, and just drive in circles around town until the cops catch me doing some crazy shit. lol
I'm playing Bastion and Limbo recently get these game by trade a couple days ago.

I've been felt in love with Bastion almost every aspect such gameplay, art style, etc. would like to try Transistor if the game on sale.

oh also bought Machinarium on gog while on sale last month but didn't get a chance to try it yet.
Diehard Dungeon. I just started playing it but it seems like a fun game, great music so far too.
My current project is Shadow Run Returns. Seems good so far. After that, I'll start Dragonfall.

I also might start Fallout New Vegas only because I figured out few ways to play it differently on upcoming run.

Blades of time
Mount and blade warbands

win XP

The Guild 2 Renaissance
Empire earth gold
Tales of monkey island
The Longest Journey

I have a dual boot system
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Emob78: Batman: Arkham City. PS3.

what about Solomon Grundy's power control room thing that Penguin set up beneath the museum?
Master911: where are you up to, because the correction is somewhat spoilerish

on Topic

Ratchet and Clank 2
Never mind. I've already beaten Hugo Strange... the game has gone completely fantasy land. Stopped assuming that common sense or basic physics have anything to do with the game. Still fun, though. You just have to leave reality at the door.
Right now, I'm playing Shadowrun Returns (as a handsome Dwarf Mage) and The Swapper.
Both are good games, although the first is much more linear and the second (in some points) much trickier than I expected.
Some more Two Worlds. Man I am loving the main character's random bits of dialogue. He just sounds so happy and and pleased with himself that hes out adventuring. However I'm NOT liking how the wildlife is teaming up to come after him, though I suppose bears aligning themselves with wolves and boar to fight a common enemy (the main character) is cool.
More Two Worlds. Holy cow that undead town spooked me for more than a second. I've figured out melee combat and I've found tons of great equipment thanks to going to a part of the map that I have no business being in right now. Completely reminds me of Gothic 3 when I was low level and made my first expedition into Nordmar and was left sprinting around scared until I finally found a route back out of Nordmar.

I know I've said this before but this game shouldn't have been called an Oblivion clone, it has so much more in common with Gothic/Risen than Oblivion. No level scaling which means you can wander into a part of the map where everything is stronger than you, you can find great equipment if you brave those areas, combat is somewhat tactical and leveling up is really important, and there are actual herds of animals, not the dynamic duo of wolves that count as "packs of wolves' in The Elder Scrolls.
Finished my first playthrough of Bayonetta 2 on 3rd Climax (considered Hard Mode according to users). Not exactly going over 100% of the game (haven't tried Tag Climax or other characters), but the main gist of it.

-Combat was improved overall. Had more risk when it came to enraged enemies (shorter witch times).
-QTE were toned down quite a bit (instant death ones are gone).
-Torture energy now more usable (Umbran Climax), and makes battles more interesting. Torture QTEs are still there though.
-Controls felt a lot tighter, even during scenes where the FPS dropped.
-The art direction and soundtrack were fucking fantastic.
-The gimmick parts (similar to the Fantasy Zone and After Burner portions) were made shorter, but honestly this was for the better. They felt way too damn long in Bayonetta 1. Still liked them though.

-The difficultly in general was toned down somewhat. You no longer get penalized for using items (except for the Red Hot Shot since that's considered a death), and you don't lose torture energy when you get injured by enemies. The game still felt hard (especially towards the halfway point), but not as much as the original. At least they got rid of Very Easy mode.
-The story, pretty much like the first game, was over the top anime junk food. It had plenty of humor and charm, but it's...pretty bad plot wise. The voice actors (at least some/most of them) were at least having fun with it.
-The last two chapters of the game (well, maybe 2 ½ to be more accurate) felt pretty underwhelming.
-Demons, while fun to fight, were pretty infrequent during the campaign. I seriously wish there were more of them in the game.

Even with the few problems this game had, it's still one of my favorite games of 2014. Now to find the rest of those Moon Pearls and Witch Hearts and get through ∞ Climax mode.

Also, that Star Fox Easter egg at the end of the game was amazing.
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In addition to continuing Blackwell Deception I installed Dragon's Prophet and created a character. Found out about that game when someone on the forum wanted to fight a dragon in an MMO, and there was this game where you both fight and tame dragons. Sounded cool and I haven't played an MMO for a while, so I'll try it. Character look options were a little limited (my female ranger ended up too skinny and scantily clad).
Diablo III