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I've recently finished Q.U.B.E. It's kind of like Portal with cubes. The gameplay was pretty good and the puzzles were challenging! I only wish the main story wasn't so short. Apparently the expansion pack included with the game is some kind of time trial.
I was playing the Zodiac Tournament DLC for Sleeping Dogs, and was having fun until I clicked the wrong option for restarting at a checkpoint...and ended up back at one of my houses (Zodiac Tournament takes place on an island). No idea if my progress in it was lost...I hope not.
Defense Grid. I'm going for the last achievement.....
I just played Holan (Altpha) for the first time. It's a Slenderman clone that's in alpha, need I say more? Too bad because I'm going to anyway. Why do folks find Slenderman style games scary? I've played a few and none of them have had me falling out of my seat in fear ...though that might have something to do with the fact that when the "antagonist has spawned" music plays I have a habit of trying to find them rather than run from them.
Hoard. So far, meh. It's ok, nothing to write home about.
Kind of been on an SRPG and an FPS binge as of late so I've been playing Shining Force Gaiden II and a combination of Shogo, Quake II, Red Faction, Red Faction II, Delta Force Black Hawk Down/Team Sabre, RTCW, Far Cry 1 and 2, and have been considering installing MOH:AA and Unreal Anthology.
Borderlands, Divinity: OS, Divine Divinity, Sacred Gold, Realms of Arkania 1, 2, and 3.
Crewdroog: Hoard. So far, meh. It's ok, nothing to write home about.
Did you remember to guard your treasure?
Mass Effect 2.
rayden54: Mass Effect 2.
a good advice for you: dont fuck with aria
naughty bear panic in paradise

burninanting THE HEAVENS in icewind dale !!! ..ahem

being a alpha tester in viscera clean up detail

and logging in more hours then is healthy in dirt 3
Hangover simulator. It's not very fun.
Crewdroog: Hoard. So far, meh. It's ok, nothing to write home about.
Ragnarblackmane: Did you remember to guard your treasure?
lol yes :)
About to start Mount and blade warband with the Floris mod (again)

Some OTTTD on the side
Final Fantasy VIII (PC) and Dark Souls (XBox360).