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Blood Dragon- And loving every minute. I like all the references to movies, I laughed out loud at the beginning when it made homage to the Predator helicopter scene etc. Combats good, cool weapons (Robocop Pistol FTW)

Skyrim- I've been playing this for ages, and I haven't done too much of the main quest. I like wandering around, killing random people I see travelling, and collecting daedric artifacts

Borderlands 2- I only play this when I get bored of Blood Dragon and Skyrim. Its okay, I like it, but I thought it could have been better.
Fate/Stay Night. Just spent a couple hours getting through the prologue. I really enjoyed the anime, but so far this is even better.
Runespell: Overture

And i still haven't found the time to start playing Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition. I just had a quick look and at least the game runs fine on my shabby old PC so i'm ready to go... :D
Completed the 'Fate' and 'Unlimited Blade Works' routes in Fate/Stay Night. I definitely enjoyed the Fate route, but UBW just blew me away. It was such amazing story.

The remaining 'Heavens Feel' route is supposedly the best of the three, but I'm a little leery of it. From what I know it focuses more on one of the characters I don't really like, and it is also supposed to be quite dark. Dark stories are all well and good, but I still want my happy endings. I don't know if this route is going to offer that.
The Binding of Isaac (plus Wrath of the Lamb DLC). That's pretty much it for the most part.
I just finished Blackwell Epiphany (recommended) and plan to move a bit in Metal Gear Solid 3 (it feels like crazier Splinter Cell with much more longer cutscenes) as I'd like to sell the console soon.
Kingdom's of Amalur: Reckoning. A very underrated game due to the fact that it came out near the release of skyrim

Titan Quest

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

There are a couple more, but those are the most I play at the moment.
Oblivion. Been playing for days and I'm barely a level 3, a level 3!
IShoot4lolz: Kingdom's of Amalur: Reckoning. A very underrated game due to the fact that it came out near the release of skyrim
Definitely underrated. The MMO-like quest design didn't do much for me, and the level progression around the middle is pretty off. Other than that, I really enjoyed KoA, especially the combat & character building. I would definitely recommend the Dead Kel DLC as it was really good. The other one was kind of a 'more of the same' thing, so I guess getting that would depend on whether you've burnt out by that time.

Its too bad the studio went under. I wasn't really looking forward to the MMO they were working on, but I would've been interested in seeing what else they did.
Septerra Core

-I love you, GOG
The Witcher + Corsairs gold for a brake!
diablo 2
Sword of the Stars: The Pit - I just wanted to have a short look at it, but... What an addictive game! It was on the 16th floor when I ran out of food and ammo simultaneously. But I've learned one or two things and will do better next time.
Fallout 1, Lords of the Realm 1, and dabbling with Deadlock - Planetary Conquest.

I usually play two or three or sometimes four at a time. 1 RPG, and a strategy or two, with sometimes a point and click all going at the same time.
After 7 months break I'm enjoying Card Hunter again, and it just happen there is a brand new expansion implemented also, so it just adds to the fun.