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Ghorpm: La Mulana
At the beginning it was hard to get into but then I realized... that it has to be the trolliest game ever ;) I can almost hear this tune while playing it ;) After realizing it I started making some progress and enjoying the game.
mistermumbles: They don't call it difficult for no reason. Move over pansy indie games. ;)
I'm happy to report that I don't play La Mulana any longer :) I've just finished it and I'm really proud of myself. Making sense out of those cryptic/trolling clues is not that easy after all. There was a time when I really wished for more healing spots, less semi-boss fights (I mean non guardian bosses) and more obvious clues. But then I realized the game would lose its soul. It's perfect the way it is! The only thing I'm missing though is... a death count. It would be hilarious to see how many times I died ;)
timppu: The sign of a good game is that when you are still working on it, you don't even feel like playing any other games in the meantime. Whenever you think now you would have time to play some game, you don't even have to think twice which game to launch.

For me that game at the moment clearly is Baldur's Gate 2. I have several other unfinished games also waiting their turn, but currently I never get an urge to play them even occasionally, instead of BG2.

(*) Games like:
- GTA San Andreas
- Saints Row 2
- Mafia
- Crysis 1-2
- Half-Life 2: Episode One
- TES: Arena (yes, really)

and countless others still under work. With BG1 it was the opposite, I usually started to get bored after 30 minutes of playing or so, and either wanted to play something else, or go sleep (BG acted like a sleeping pill to me, no joke. I started yawning and wanted to go sleep when playing it for awhile).
I have GTA:SA and Arena on my current list of 20 too!

Burnout Paradise
Zeus (Citybuilder)
The (Even More) Incedible Machine
Klingon Honor Guard
LotR: War of the Ring
Enter the Matrix
Realms of the Haunting
Strong Bad
Crimson Skies
Cave Story+
Age of Empires
TES 1: Arena
C&C Red Alert
IceWind Dale said I should play a level of AoE last time I rolled...
(I just finished the Egyptian learning campaign and am about to start on the Greeks)
Black Mirror 2, Havent played 1 as the reviews wern't great, but BM2 is pretty interesting so far (making me consider trying BM1), theres alot of extraneous details that are pretty time consuming, but the story is holding my attention pretty well so far.
Between working on my game and real life, I'm playing "Phantasy Star Universe" for the PS2
Super Meat Boy. This game should be mandatory for everyone complaining recent games aren't hardcore enough. I am not into platformers but Meat Boy is addicting. Full of black humour and references like Mighty Jill Off or Mario.
Kingdoms of Amalur
Metro 2033
Dragon Age: Origns

I have the bad habit of starting a million games at the same time, which usually means that I won't finish any of them...
A bit of FEZ, not too much my fun with puzzles, and i started FF XIV for a good month!
Mark of the Ninja fantastic animation. Your ninja moves like ink in water, and I actually like the change of camera when you kill someone. Overall feel reminds me of some of the Disney animation (late 1990's), just a lot darker story-wise. I'm enjoying it and likely going to finish it, but I have hit a slightly tedious section.

Which means I started up Bastion. Only about a half hour in (mainly just making sure it would run) and I absolutely adore the reactive narration. "And then the kid... plummets to his death. Nah, I'm just fooling." Also enjoy that it is so vibrantly colored. Makes a nice change from running something like Icewind Dale.
Dead Space 3 on Classic difficulty. It's pretty fun and I have to be a bit more careful, though only being able to craft weapons from blueprints forced me to use my Plasma Cutter for quite a while before I could get another weapon. I chose the Seeker Rifle, and I'm still trying to decide if that was a wise choice. It's a decent weapon and packs a lot of punch, but the always-on zoom makes it difficult to use. I'm actually not even sure I've killed anything with it yet. I'm still using my Plasma Cutter almost exclusively. However, by tomorrow or Wednesday, I might abandon it. I've almost finished downloading Dragon Age: Origins and I'm excited to play it. I'm not sure if I'll be able to wait until I finish Dead Space 3.
Woohoo! Killed my first dragon in Baldur's Gate 2 (core rules)! Then again, I think I was saved by a glitch... but kill is a kill!

It was that Kirkgraad dragon, or whatshisname. Since I didn't want to fight him _and_ the wizard that was helping him at the same time, at first I agreed to back down and go to free the girl. That made the wizard disappear, as he would go to the upper level wait for me.

But instead of following the wizard, I stayed in the dragon's lair, summoned some monsters, and told my mage to cast some "lower resistance" spells on the dragon to soften him up. The dragon naturally went hostile, and in no time killed the monsters I had summoned.

Right after that he started chasing my mage who was still casting more and more "lower resistances" on him, so... time to run! I escaped to the upper level where the wizard henchman was waiting for me in a small room... but to my big surprise, the dragon appeared there too! (This is what I suppose is a glitch, I presume the dragon was supposed to stay in the lower lair if you escape him, right?).

This was very handy for me because now the dragon was stuck in a small room, unable to run towards me and kill my whole party with one or two dragon breaths. I took care of the wizard henchman quite fast, so it was only the dragon and me now.

While I had the dragon stuck in a small room, he still proved to be quite hard to kill. Whoever I sent near him, he would kill with a few blows, and it didn't seem I was doing any damage to him anyway, even with the dragonslayer sword. The only thing that seemed to cause any damage to him was the Cloudkill spells, which were good because I could cast them beyond his reach (sending anyone near him meant almost instant death).

But I didn't have any cloudkill spells memorized, and I didn't have enough cloudkill wand charges either (about 7, I think). I tried sleeping and memorizing 8 cloudkill spells (I have two mages, 5+3 cloudkills), but sleeping would also bring dragon's magic resistance back to 80% or whatever it was originally. So after sleeping, cloudkill would make only slight damage every now and then to the dragon.

Anyway, I tried it anyway, and he seemed to take some damage... but unfortunately if his health ever got low, he would cast a Heal spell that would bring his hitpoints back to max. Fjucks! I didn't see any way to win him this way, he would always be ahead of me. I couldn't get past him either, he was blocking my way out of the dungeon.

Eventually I decided to load an earlier save game, the point where I hadn't slept yet, so his magic resistance was still down, and I still had 7 cloudkill wand charges (no memorized cloudkill spells). I sent all the seven cloudkill charges at the dragon as fast as I could, hoping for the best. And it worked! When his health got low from the incremental cloudkills hurting him at the same time and he started casting the heal spell, his health went to zero just before he was able to finish the Heal spell.

Woohoo! One dead dragon, and one freed prisoner. Also got a kickass two-hand sword (Garsomyr... whatever), and some nice dragon scales which I presume can be used for creating some kickass armor later in the game.

I am not sure if I am playing the game "the right way" because now I am trying to amass and complete any subquests I can find, even though I am still in chapter 2. I know that if I go to talk with certain someone, chapter 2 will end and 3 will start. So, I've just decided to do that only after I have cleared all the subquests I have currently active.

The chapter 2 completed quest log is becoming quite huge... I read online about some subquests which seemed to assume you are already in chapter 5 or so when solving that subquest, and I am doing them already on chapter 2.
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Think I'll play some more Stronghold today. I'm at the point where I left off last time I played the campaign (before this replay), so we shall see how that goes.

Finished the 'campaign' levels of Escape Goat yesterday. It's not bad, but some of those later timed events are just frustrating, especially when one's reflexes aren't the fastest - mine never were. I doubt I'll finish those challenge levels.

On that note, I'm also maybe a quarter (third?) way into Adventure of Shuggy, which I like a lot. To me it's definitely a much more enjoyable puzzle platformer than EG. I also like that there's a good bit variety in the puzzle rooms itself. My definite favorite is making use and avoiding of my past selves. That makes for some very fun and sometimes devious challenges. Lastly, Shuggy is adorable. Yes, I'm very much liking the look and especially the music of this game. The controls could be a little tighter, but all in all I'm having a blast with this one. :)
castlevania lord of shadows, this game has very bad annoying boss fights, and doing some of quick time is hard on pc
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Dragon Age: Origins. It's awesome. A bit harder than I was expecting, but it's challenging in all the right ways. I have a feeling this is going to be an awesome (even if long) adventure.
Just beat Deus Ex: Human Revolution bought on steam sale along with Missing-link. Great game! Highly suggest it to anyone wanting a great game play experience with a decent story. Also about 2 weeks ago I beat Arcania a Gothic Tale (It is not) Only play this if you bring your expectations down to nothing when going into this game and you can get a okay bland basic rpg experience.

Now I'm trying to figure out what to play next.
- Castlevania : Rondo of Blood
- Zelda : Link's Awakening DX
- System Shock
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