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Lords and Villeins has been updated to version 0.17.19 (57277).

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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has been updated to version 1.3.7d
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Master of Magic: Caster of Magic for Windows

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] CMFW 1.04.034 ⇒ CMFW 1.04.04.
Hi Everyone, the v1.04.04 patch is available to download now.

Bug fixes, gameplay, general
• Added new difficulty level : Beginner. (easier than Easy difficulty)
• The AI is forbidden from building settlers on Beginner difficulty before turn 100.
• The AI is forbidden from building settlers on Easy difficulty before turn 60.
• The AI has a 50% chance to not build a settler on Normal and below difficulty when it would otherwise do so.
• The AI is not forced to build early military buildings on Beginner and Easy difficulty and the chance of doing so on Normal is reduced to one third.
• Reduced the default rampaging monster stack strengths of Normal and Easy difficulty in Modding.INI
• Increased the AI's overland spell casting costs for the lowest 4 difficulty levels. (see difficulty table for exact values)
• Fixed bug : There is no immunity check being done against Illusion Immunity on non-damage spells. (Confusion, Vertigo, Mind Storm)
This caused the AI to use those spells against those targets and made the game fail to warn the player when "Targeting Aid" was enabled.
• Updated difficulty level descriptions ingame and in the manual.
• Doom and To Hit will never appear on the same random item in treasure and the AI will never add these two powers on the same item.
• New Score Modifier : Corrupted Leaders. Offering tribute outside war guarantees no aggression for a certain number of turns.
• New Score Modifier : Minor Paranoia. AI players cannot be peaceful and there is a -12 modifier in the human player's generic war declaration formula.
• New Score Modifier : Major Hostility. AI players cannot be peaceful or lawful and there is a -24 modifier in the human player's generic war declaration formula.
• New Score Modifier : Final War. When the Domination Rate exceeds 75%, all AI players declare war on the human player and ally with each other.
• Item offer probability is now calculated at a 0.1% precision instead of 1% so less than 25 Fame influences it.
• When no overland spell is being cast, the staff on the mana income background stops glowing.
• Giant Spiders now display a "Counter Immunity" icon to indicate their web can't be countered.
• Total city production is now equal to floor(base production * sum of percentage modifiers) instead of each modifier adding to the total, rounding down separately.
• Same change for city gold.
• Fixed bug : "prisonerturn" parameter in herodata.ini had no effect.
• The Historian and Spy screens show the name of AI wizards as "<Name>" when there is an ongoing Peace Treaty type effect that has 3 or more turns remaining. (can be created by threathening, offering tributes with the Corrupt Leader score modifier, or a real peace treaty ending a war.)
• Before turn 50, instead of 0% domination rate, "Domination victory is not yet available" will be displayed.
• Before turn 12, the AI will prioritize casting water move enabling spells higher.
• Fixed logic error in AIProd.CAS : Forced military buildings part had no effect if the AI already owned 2 settlers.
• Fixed bug : When one settler is being sent to a location but another wants to board a ship on the same tile, both settlers end up waiting for the ship instead.
• AI combat stalling strategy can now be enabled or disabled for each level in Difficulty.INI.
• Maximal simultaneous generic war declarations against the human player is now in Difficulty.INI.
• Fixed bug : FirstRaiderTurn and FirstMonsterTurn are read from the wrong section of the INI file.
• GetStat and Setstat can now read/write unit MP and MaxMP.
• GetStat and SetStat can now read/write the HealingAura unit ability flag.
• GetStat and SetStat can now read/write the Fantastic unit status flag.
• GetStat and SetStat can now read/write the Sailing movement ability flag.
• GetStat and Setstat can now read/write the unit's owner/controller.
• GetStat and Setstat can now read/write the unit's cost.
• GetStat and Setstat can now read/write the unit's type ID.
• Fixed bug : GetStat didn't work correctly for reading the Suppression and ColdImmunity values.
• GetStat and Setstat can now read/write unit overland and combat position.
• Added script commands SetTerrain and GetTerrain.
These can be used to read/write combat or overland terrain data.
• Added script command CityOnTile().
• Added script commands PlaneSizeX() and PlaneSizeY().
• Added script commands Alive(), MaxCity(), MaxUnit().
• Added Itempow.INI feature : a pair of any two item powers can be made mutually exclusive for treasure and AI.
• Added random event starting turn limits and chance of occurance in Modding.INI.
• Added script functions Attacker() and Defender()
• Added EnterCombat.CAS script to implement effects that happen when combat starts.
• Added EndofCombat.CAS script to implement effects that happen when combat ends.
• Added CombatEndTurn.CAS script to implement effects that happen between combat turns.
• Added OverlandEndTurn.CAS script to implement effects that happen between overland turns.
• Units.INI now has a "MultipleHeads" parameter instead of Hydra being hardcoded to this behavior.
• Units.INI now has a "CreatePower" parameter to allow units to generate magic power. "PrimalForcePower" has been removed from Modding.INI.
• Primal Force is now displayed through DisAbil.CAS instead of being hardcoded.
• Added CoSpell.CAS and OLSpell.CAS scripts that are run when a spell is being cast. Custom spell effects can be implemented in these scripts.
• Added debug mode logging of Generic and Militarist type war declaration formulas.
• Units.INI now has "LairInvalid" and "RampageInvalid" flags for monsters that cannot be placed in lairs or cannot appear as rampaging monsters, like Floating Island.
• Added script function HasTree() to detect if a player has cast Tree of Knowledge.
• Added building requirement value 102 to require a hill, mountain or volcano to build a building or unit.
• Added building requirement value 103,104,105 and 106 to require a Swamp, Desert, Tundra or River.
• Base probability of hero offers can be set in Modding.INI
• Hero offer scaling per fame point can be added in Modding.INI
• Base and fame scaling probability of item offers and item budget can be changed in Modding.INI
• The unit ID used for the Settler unit is now in Modding.INI
• The unit ID used for the Chosen unit is now in Modding.INI
• Added CounterImmunity ability to Units.INI. It's no longer a hardcoded effect for Giant Spiders.
• Added some AI and system behavior related to units to AIFlags.INI instead of being hardcoded.
There are still many unit IDs with hardcoded effects. It's not recommended to change the ID number of existing units.

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] CMFW 1.04.02 ⇒ CMFW 1.04.034.

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.04.01 ⇒ CMFW 1.04.02.

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.04.00a ⇒ CMFW 1.04.01.

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.02.01 ⇒ 1.03.00.
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Astrox Imperium

Updated to Vb0.0135.

No changelog.
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Dragon Wars

Mac received a new installer.

No changelog, but my guess would be compatibility with newer Mac OS.
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Offline installer updated to

- Made changes to the recipes tab – now they will only be sorted when the tab is actually opens, which will improve game performance (no need to do a background check for each received body part per recipe)
- Fixed the elementals drop from the upgraded Hellish Smithy – before that only torso body parts were dropping due to an error
- Fixed the machine gun work – before that it fired in the movement direction (yeah)
- Fixed a loss of progress bug for some players after installing update
- Improved game performance – there should be much less freezes now when a new day comes (or none at all, depends on the system)
- Minor balance tweaks
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Updated to v488 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Patch: Disabled Audio Occlusion By Default, DLC Fixes

Greetings, Hellspawns.

The Hellpoint patch v 488 is live:

- Audio Occlusion option by default. Can be changed in the game's config file:

1. Paste this path into your File Explorer address bar: %UserProfile%\AppData\LocalLow\Cradle Games\Hellpoint;
2. Find the hellpoint.cfg file;
3. Open it using the Notepad software. Set the AudioOcclusion option to "= 1" to turn Audio Occlusion on ("= 0" to turn it off).

- Fixed loot drop from Majesty;
- Fixed an issue with save game progression on game termination;
- Balanced Fear projectile damage;
- Fixed the save warning icon not dispaying;
- Fixed music not playing properly in the Blue Sun DLC boss fights;
- Fixed the hand cluster projectile not bouncing off the floor and walls;
- Fixed control lock up for players in splitscreen co-op when travelling to other locations.

Please, update your game.


Cradle Games
Edit: Mac & Linux offline installers now updated as well.
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The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos

Updated from version 1.2.4 to version 1.2.5

Edit: Patchnotes from Steam

Patch 1.2.5 is available now!

The issues listed below did not affect all players.

Here is a list of changes:

Fixed an issue in quest "Pearls of Water" where player would lost more pearls than stated in the quest
Improved selecting ingredient to use in cooking preferences settings
Markus now teaches also how to obtain fangs
Fixed an issue in audio settings where it was not possible to select sample rate
Fixed an issue in audio settings where it was not possible to select all speaker options
Fixed many typos in Polish, English and German localizations
Fixed other minor issues
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I just had an update flag for VirtuaVerse today.

The download says version 1.37, but the change logs only go up to 1.31.
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Korell: I just had an update flag for VirtuaVerse today.

The download says version 1.37, but the change logs only go up to 1.31.
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House Party

Updated to 1.0.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from the developer's website:

PART 1 / 3

(Alpha Release 6/28/2022)

- In the Original Story: Added the “Shirt Delivery” opportunity for the female playthrough
- In the Original Story: Added the “Love Conquers All” opportunity for the female playthrough
- In the Original Story: Added “The Crush” opportunity for the female playthrough
- In the Original Story: Added “The Crushes” opportunity for the female playthrough
- In the Original Story: Added the “Brittney’s Special Someone” opportunity for the female playthrough
- In the Original Story: Added the “Host Hijinks” opportunity for the female playthrough
- In the Original Story: Updated the items and interactions regarding those items with the penguin during the Artsy Fartsy quest
- In the Original Story: The female player is now able to ask Derek for assistance on a variety of topics
- In the Original Story: Added a sleeping mask that can be found and utilized during the Host Hijinks quest
- In the Original Story: Multiple dialogues have been added or adjusted to smooth out gameplay for the female player
- In the Original Story: All hookup logic for the female player has been redesigned to provide a more fulfilling experience
- In the Original Story: The female player can now ask Brittney to move to another location, provided that the player has completed Shirt Delivery
- Added female player Derek cutscene
- Added female player Patrick cutscene
- Added female player master bedroom (straight) scene
- Added female player Katherine cutscene
- Added female player Rachael cutscene
- Added female player Brittney cutscene
- Added DNWB shirt to Ashley
- Created sleeping mask item and inventory thumbnail
- Fixed lighting object for PlayerFemale
- Fixed an issue that could cause the Speakers to no longer play music throughout an entire application session, requiring the user to exit and restart the game entirely
- Fixed an issue that could prevent correct censorship of certain Player and NPC naughty bits when the Player was the “primary” or “top” or w/e you kids are calling it in cunnilingus and sixty-nine positions–ow my back…I’m so old
- Fixed an issue that allowed the Female Player to trigger EjaculatesOnMe reactions from NPCs
- While in CutScenes, NPCs will use an OrgasmSensitivity of “1” (same as the Player’s default), as long as their OrgasmSensitivity value has not been changed by the CSC. This will help prevent premature/doubled-up Orgasms in CutScenes where an NPC and another Character are close enough to build up Orgasm via proximity, but also have an Orgasm SendEvent called within the CutScene
- Added protective code to ensure that an AudioSource is bound to a CutScene before it plays, which will prevent the occasional oopsy where CutScenes are loud or unable to be muted
- Fixed an issue that could allow Characters who were given a Motion Target and then a Combat Target to repeatedly step backwards instead of path to either Target. This could occur if navigation was initiated/resumed at a time when they were still close to, but still too far away to reach, the initially assigned Motion Target
- Users can now save a game manually without inputting a custom save game name. When this occurs, a date and playtime-based timestamp will be used as the save game name
- Fixed an issue that could cause noticeable camera sway when the Female Player was put into the BlowjobReady pose (Pose 10)
- Fixed an issue that could cause very unpleasant camera twitching when the Female Player was receiving oral
- Fixed an issue that let Characters check if they were stuck (trying to navigate/move but unable to) during a Cutscene and possibly attempt to warp smoothly back to a nearby spot on the NavMesh. This fixes an issue that allowed the Player to “break” CutScenes by holding down a movement input button for a few seconds and should fix other niche hiccups witnessed by NPCs during CutScenes
- Updated Unity version and core packages, including Steamworks
- Tweaked a NoLoitering redirect near the garage door in order to be slightly more effective at clearing idle NPCs out of the doorway of the garage
- Added an NPC-only blocker that will prevent NPCs from falling off the right-most edge of the roof
- Fixed an issue that could cause repeated duplication of SteamDataAttribution objects
- Implemented GOG Galaxy SDK Client/Peer, DLC, and Achievement registration
- Fixed an issue that could cause Achievements to not be earned in certain circumstances after using the Achievements Console Command to clear the user’s Achievements
- Fixed an issue that could cause Nullref Exceptions and undesired cosmetic-only GameMenu (Pause Menu) behavior to occur if the Player tried to pause the game at very specific times during Cutscene start/stop transitions
- Fixed an issue that could cause the Player to get stuck on the GameMenu (Pause Menu) UI if they paused at certain times while a new game was fading in
- Added a backend ability to handle Placeholder CutScene content. This, in addition to randomized intimacy sequences on certain platforms, will add another way to indicate that intended, albeit currently unfinished behaviors are occurring and that there’s nothing for you to fear. Except that dood. The one behind you right now…
- Added Door GameEvent options that will allow for Doors to be Opened or Closed Slowly. This will result in a slower animation, and if the door has an Open/Close sound, that sound will be played at a softer volume
- Fixed an issue that would allow a Door to play its Close Sound multiple times if it had been recently and repeatedly used
- Slight tweak to SpareRoom Zone to ensure Players who enter Ashley’s right-most closet are counted as being in the SpareRoom Zone, even if warped, etc.
- Various minor CPU and Garbage Allocation optimizations related to Characters having line of sight to Transforms, Items, etc.
- The PlayerCharacter will now use most LookAt/CREM-based behaviors that NPCs do, with exceptions for item collisions/physics, evasion, etc.
- The LookAt Console Command will accept the Player as a Character
- For certain backend sources of Distractions and LookAt Events, Characters will now be directed to look at the Eyes GameObject of another Character, rather than the GameObject generally associated with the other Character or one of their CharacterComponents
- Plugin files specific to individual platforms will no longer be bundled with copies of the game not distributed on those platforms
- Fixed an issue when clicking Done in Gameplay Settings causes loss of focus
- Fixed navigation issue in Character Select menu
- Load Game scrollbar can now be used with controller
- Removed Input Manager scrollbar
- Fixed issue where Input Manager binding overlay is permanently open after hitting Done
- Various nav loop fixes for Input Manager
- Controller analog sticks can no longer be rebound
- Fixed an issue where “Whip out Penis” and “Flash Breasts” could not easily be rebound
- Fixed a bug that could cause a Door that was Opened to permanently retain information about who last tried to Open it. This could cause niche, one-off failures/erroneous behavior of IsBlockedByLockedDoor Event Triggers
- Mitigated a handful of issues in the CSC Browser that could allow text to get cut off if a non-English language is being displayed
- Tweaked certain colliders near the Master Bedroom Vanity Mirror to prevent certain Physics cast checks against the RealTime Mirror located there
- Improved accuracy of Physics-related checks related to the Player <-> Censor and Mirror transforms. This will result in “black bar” censors being somewhat more accurately applied at times they previously could be finagled around, and should prevent much of the hiccupping that could occur when a Player danced or rapidly twirled when near a mirror(s)
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House Party

Updated to 1.0.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from the developer's website:

PART 2 / 3

(Alpha Release 6/28/2022)

- Fixed an issue that would allow the Female Player to use unintended poses when sitting on Toilets or Flamingos
- NPCs will no longer attempt to take any evasive action (moving away from objects, Characters) during the brief amount of time between being enabled (via EnableNPC GameEvent or Console Command) and running all of their GameStart Events
- Added the NearFrontDoorThreshold MoveTarget just outside the Front Door past the cute little Welcome Mat
- Minor CPU usage optimization related to the fetching of cached Character data
- Fixed an issue that could cause Characters to fail Vision, Distance, and Vicinity checks when transitioning into a CutScene and during certain moments temporally adjacent to CutScene camera cuts
- Fixed an issue that could cause Characters that were Crouching before making use of an ActionItem (beds, chairs, etc.) to have an unintendedly altered seating position
- If shown, the Get It Here! (for the Explicit Content DLC) button in various menus will now link non-Steam users to a more appropriate purchasing page for the DLC
- FPS-dependent calculations for cloth and jiggle physics will now begin updating more accurately as any scene that requires them begins to fade in
- Fixed an issue that could allow certain ToolTips like those for the Mute DMCA Music and Get It Here! (Explicit Content DLC) buttons to remain active upon closing and reopening the GameSettings canvas
- As a result of various tweaks to the Emote/BlendShapes system, eye closing/ClosedEyes Emote behavior during Intimacy and CutScenes should be somewhat more reliable/accurate, and Characters should more reliably and more quickly restore normal eye behavior after such sequences
- Characters in CutScenes will no longer accidentally have their Emote/BlendShapes behaviors temporarily disabled at any time
- Fixed an issue that could allow for sporadic failures of a Character to Blink when they decided to Look At something different
- Characters should more reliably defer to a specific set of randomized…”climax” Emotes/BlendShapes just before it occurs, rather than continue trying to use mid-Intimacy Emotes/Blends
- Randomized “Climax” and mid-Intimacy Emote/BlendShapes will be slightly more likely to depict a moderately more happy facial expression than before
- Fixed an issue that could allow an NPC to reapply clothing erroneously while still in the Hot Tub area if the Player saved the game after the NPC had gotten up from a HotTubSeat, but before the NPC had a chance to leave the area
- Fixed an issue that could allow NPCs to have their clothing erroneously reapplied to them if the Player saved the game after starting an Intimacy act starring said NPCs while those NPCs were actively using a HotTubSeat(s)
- Added functionality for Story Data to exert some control over Character Selection UI behavior(s)
- Fixed a problem that could cause cutscenes to occasionally become erroneously paused shortly after they had started
- Added mitigating code to cut down on the frequency and amount of sudden chest and butt dynamic bone movements. This will mostly apply to CutScenes and small warps/incidental navigation turns for NPCs. Users experiencing extremely low frame rates may still run into issues with related physics simulations
- It should be somewhat harder to spin the Female PC around in such a way that her chest distorts significantly for the entirety of the time the Player turns her. Users experiencing extremely low frame rates may still run into issues with related physics simulations
- The figures used to calculate what constitutes a rapid warp/rapid turn that factored into locking down/disabling “jiggle”/dynamic bone behaviors have been fine tuned. This should result in all female Characters being a bit bouncier, a bit more often. Users experiencing extremely low frame rates may still run into issues with related physics simulations
- Fixed an ArgumentException that could occur when cycling through prior commands in the Command Console
- Added the CritGrp Console Command, which can be used to immediately evaluate if a story Criteria Group returns true
- Added a Quit Game button to the in-game/main scene Pause (ESC) Menu
- Fixed issue where CS Browser scrollbars would lose current ui selection
- Various improvements to CS Browser controller navigation
- Various fixes for CS Browser contrast/UI loop issues
- CSC: The Player can now be sent Emote GameEvents
- CSC: The Player can now be issued LookAt Game Events
- CSC: The same data validation that ensures that IDs (and/or Versions) for ItemGroups, Responses, EventTriggers/Reactions, and GameEvents, etc. will now run just before Exporting a Story via the Story Collection object. Prior to this, the validation code would only run if the user manually selected a CharacterStory or Story object, and only on a per-object basis
- CSC: The data validation performed upon Exporting a Story has been enhanced to prevent accidental disabling of GameEvents and EventTriggers/Reactions within the exported files themselves
- CSC: As mentioned in the CSC patch notes for 0.19.4 (May 2021), PlayerBeingSpokenTo has been deprecated. It will no longer be a valid criteria type. CSC users must convert usage of this criteria to IsBeingSpokenTo, and configure the Player as the target Character
- CSC: Added the IgnoreNavMeshRestrictions State (was previously a non-functional Property which was removed in 2021). This State will prevent Characters from being warped back onto a spot near the NavMesh when getting up from being Knocked Out, when initially being spawned, or when stuck while navigating
- CSC: FadeIn and FadeOut Game Events can now be called with a specified speed. Fade Outs, as usual, will occur immediately. Fade Ins will wait an additional two seconds before executing at a given speed. A provided value of 0 (default) or lower will simply result in a Fade executed at the default speed
- CSC: JSON data structure for the main Story object/file was internally standardized and also matched “thematically” against the Story Aspects/dropdown options available in the CSC
- CSC: Two new fields in the Story Collection object can be used to restrict specific Player Character gender choices on the Main Menu’s Character Selection screen. At least one Player Character option must remain checked in a story
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House Party

Updated to 1.0.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from the developer's website:

PART 3 / 3

(Stable Release 7/15/2022)

- In the Original Story: added the following Achievements: “A Friend in Need”, “Love Conquers All”, “The Crush”, “The Crush(es)”, “Host Hijinks”, and “Hijinks Averted”
- Fixed the neck seam of the female player
- In the Original Story: Ashley will try to leave/roam out of her room after her Clean Clothes are given to her, in the event she was not Humiliated/made sick
- In the Original Story: standardized the Social threshold for a few additional Derek dialogues that were meant to refer to him having a Friendship level of “Friends” with the Player, rather than “Acquaintances”
- Fixed an issue that could cause the Story Selection Dropdown to misbehave if a Custom Story was built using an older version of the CSC. Instead, a Debug Warning will be logged
- Fixed an issue that would prevent users who had DebugMode on and were playing a corrupted/broken story from exiting to the Main Menu, Restarting, or Loading a Game
- Added additional Debug Logging in case of certain StoryData Load failures
- Removed the MaxLights setting from the game’s Graphics UI, as this setting was deprecated some time ago and no longer exerted any control over the game’s graphics
- Standardized controller/keyboard UI navigation loop behavior across several menus
- Fixed an issue that was causing controller-based interactions with Items in the Inventory (that did not result in the Item being destroyed or removed from the Inventory) to immediately select the first Item in the Inventory, as opposed to trying to re-focus on that same item
- Fixed an issue that would let the Player throw a punch while their UI Radial was open or in the midst of being closed, which could lead to inadvertent and extremely unfortunate (usually, for the Player) violent situations
- Added a MoveTarget in front of the bushes outside/nearest the Living Room window
- Implemented a minimum input deadzone. The amount of movement on a controller/gamepad needed before actually moving is otherwise unchanged. This will fix an issue that could cause controller/gamepad users to move backwards if they used very slight motions on their analog stick, or get very easily kicked out of a chair, bed, etc. with the slightest touch of the analog stick
- Made the processing of motion and the setting of the Running state more consistent for the Player. This will prevent the Player from being considered as Running if they are standing still, etc.
- The Female Player will now use the same movement mechanism as the Male Player, which should only slightly affect movement speed and prevent diagonal running from doing anything nice for you fucking cheaty cheats out there
- When the Player picks up/grabs an item (via RightHand action or grabbing from inventory/Holding in Hand), hand collider size will be adjusted somewhat to better ensure that the Player can still Interact with that item while it is held
- LookAt GameEvents that instruct a Character1 to look at another Character2 will no longer instruct Character1 to look at Character2’s scripted object, but rather Character2’s eyes, whenever possible
- Minor optimization of Character instantiation time by removing old and now unused class members, initializations, transform searches, etc.
- CPU usage optimization of various core game loops and method calls by removing calls to InteractiveStates.Alive, which is always True. CSC users should not be manually changing this State
- Implemented several protective checks to limit the number of unintended LookAt behaviors that might fire during a CutScene, as well as if a Character is already near another Character they are looking at
- LookAt behavior for all Characters entering a CutScene will be “reset” just prior to the CutScene Playing
- Fixed a few minor issues with Player Character head/eye motion in niche situations
- Fixed an issue that could prevent Player : LookAt : NPC CutScene GameEvents from targeting the correct Character if the CutScene Actors were customized via CSC/Custom Story
- Enabled Steam Cloud Sync
- The Pantry Doors in the Kitchen will now auto-close in a fashion very similar to the Fridge Door (if the Player is too far away after a number of seconds, or quickly upon detecting nearby combat)
- Fixed an issue that would prevent NPCs from trying to immediately Evade in cases where that Evasion attempt is classified as VeryImportant. This should address situations where a speaking NPC without State DontMoveForOthers set to True would still not move out of the way for other Characters
- Fixes for scrolling in inventory, load game, and dialogue menus
- Minor garbage alloc and CPU optimizations to interaction (crosshair system) manager
- Fix for radial menu highlighting and selecting incorrect option
- Various input configuration fixes as a new menu layout was implemented
- Fixed bug in inventory menu where player could still scroll when the inventory radial menu is open
- Fixed bug in inventory menu where player could make an inventory item selection when holding inventory hotkey and another button
- When a player makes a save, the Player Gender is automatically added to the end of the displayed save name
- Fixed issue where the female player was see through
- Changed female players hair tie UV’s to be a single color/fabric
- Added hair physics to player female
- Fixed issues with the player female’s head having no shadows, her hair material, skin material and clipping clothing
- Improved Ashley’s hair physics to reduce clipping
- Updated MainMenu’s Ashley and female player hair physics, also changed all characters their size to be the same as during gameplay
- Improved the big gaps between Brittney’s teeth
- Added female player threesome cutscenes for Vickie and Brittney’s content.
- Added female player voyeur cutscene
- Added female player variant of the intro cutscene
- Added female player master bedroom (lesbian) scene
- Added female player Vickie finale cutscene
- Added female player garage (lesbian) scene
- Fixed some minor cutscene related visibility bugs
- Updated the company logo on the MainMenu
- CSC: the Speakers no longer have a LoadOriginalTrack ItemFunction available to them, as it is no longer necessary
- CSC: Global Responses will also be searched when inputting text into the Search Response Text field in a Character’s Dialogue Filter
- CSC: added an ItemFunction to some doors that can be used to immediately “snap” them partially open
- CSC: as forewarned in the update notes for 0.20.0, the IsAloneWithPlayer criteria has been deprecated from House Party. CSC users should now make use of IsOnlyInVisionOf as a replacement criteria, as it performs the same check and can be used between any two Characters. IsOnlyInVicinityOf and IsOnlyInVicinityAndVisionOf can be used to further supplement proximity/vision-based logic
- CSC: several more GameEvent types will “self clean” erroneous data in case of copy-pasting, etc.
- CSC: the selected Filter Character can now be searched for within CutScene GameEvents
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Unavowed has been updated to version 1.4 (57365).

Changelog from the dev in the game subforum:
Version 1.4

Basically, for all the builds two things are done.

1) Every builds now features the same version number [that should be 1.0.2 (in-game)]
2) More importantly, you can now name your character "Eliza, Elisabeth, Felicity, Belinda". Unless your name is "Eli" or "eli" the game will now allow you to contain 'eli' in the named character!
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Dicey Dungeons has been updated to 2.0.1. Just some minor bug fixes to the Reunion DLC that came out last week. From the patch notes:

Hey all! This is a minor patch to fix a few issues that have cropped up with the new DLC. Seems like Reunion has been going down really well this past week, thanks for playing!

- Fixed an issue where some players could not start Reunion or Halloween Special (the "dicey_mods.json" bug).
- Fixed a crash bug that could occur for some players in Jester Reunion in the floor 4 trading post.
- If you have multiple copies of upgraded Equipment? cards in the Jester Reunion episode, all of them will start in your hand.
- Prevent certain broken cards from appearing in Jester and Inventor episodes.
- Halloween Special boss music is now restored (it was playing the floor combat track instead).
- First time episode complete cutscenes now play correctly.
- Tackle- no longer returns a dice.
- Boom and Bust- is now the correct size.
- Prevent glitchy/crashy behavior if you try to transform into two different things at the same time.
- Prevent a possible softlock if Sorceress gains access to Re-Equip Next through Deck of Wonder.
- Minor localisation fixes.