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ConsulCaesar: Unavowed has been updated to version 1.4 (57365).

Changelog from the dev in the game subforum:

Version 1.4

Basically, for all the builds two things are done.

1) Every builds now features the same version number [that should be 1.0.2 (in-game)]
2) More importantly, you can now name your character "Eliza, Elisabeth, Felicity, Belinda". Unless your name is "Eli" or "eli" the game will now allow you to contain 'eli' in the named character!
For whatever reason the 1.4 offline installer is not available via Galaxy right now - it is available using the browser to download.
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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War has just received an update from 1.09.03 to 1.10.01 for Windows and Linux.

Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - v1.10.01 Update

Hello everyone, today we are releasing a new update, here is the changelog.

Change History:


• Simultaneous turns can now be enabled or disabled during a game.

• Introduction game is now played on high land mass.
• Options associated to non-installed DLC no longer appear.
• Unit DLC check boxes are now by default checked after the associated DLC is installed, even if previously games were started without the DLC.
• Researching locked technologies is no longer necessary to unlock the "An STC?!" achievement.
• Research costs no longer scale with the amount of technologies unlocked.
• Updated German translation.
• Updated French translation (thanks to Jey).

• Added additional Burst Cannon to Tiger Shark.
• Increased Tiger Shark movement from 4 to 5.
• Removed Jink from Tiger Shark.
• Added Assault Vehicle to Ghost Ark.
• Limited Ghost Ark's Repair Barge to only be able to target Necron units.
• Moved Ghost Ark research from tier 2 to 4.
• Increased Ghost Ark cost and upkeep by 33%.
• Increased Nose Drill damage from 0.75 to 6.
• Added Relentless to Skitarii Rangers.
• Reduced Skitarii Rangers morale from 10 to 6.
• Reduced Skitarii Rangers' Transuranic Arquebus damage from 2 to 1.5.
• Increased Skitarii Rangers cost and upkeep by 50%.
• Added Kraken Bolts upgrade to Sniper Rifle and Space Marine Shotgun.
• Added an additional Hornet Pulse Laser to Hornet.
• Increased Hornet cost and upkeep by 50%.
• Moved Hornet upgrade from tier 2 to 3.
• Moved Vaul's Wrath Support Battery upgrade from tier 3 to 2.
• Increased Vaul's Wrath Support Battery cost and upkeep by 50%.
• Removed Jink from Marauder Bomber.
• Reduced Marauder Bomber movement from 6 to 5.
• Reduced Marauder Bomber cost and upkeep by 33%.
• Removed Move Through Cover from Forgefiend.
• Increased Forgefiend cost and upkeep by 50%.
• Reduced Scouts morale from 10 to 8.
• Increased Scouts cost and upkeep by 33%.
• Changed Sniper armour penetration bonus from +6 to min 4.
• Removed Rapid Fire from Phosphor Serpenta.
• Added Precision Shots to Ironstrider Ballistarius.
• Halved Power Surge production bonus.
• Increased Hive Guards' Impaler Cannon armour penetration from 2 to 4.
• Reduced Khorne Berzerkers' cost and upkeep by 33%.
• Reduced Khorne Berzerkers' melee accuracy from 10 to 8.
• Increased Canoptek Wraiths' attacks from 2 to 3.
• Changed Mark of Tzeentch from invulnerable damage reduction to feel no pain damage reduction.
• Reduced Hive Guards morale from 8 to 4.
• Reduced Krootox Riders morale from 8 to 6.
• Reduced Serberys Sulphurhounds morale from 8 to 6.
• Increased Lictor cost and upkeep by 50%.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed missing library on Linux.
• Fixed Warlock barks referencing Witchblade.
• Fixed Devil Dog not being a prerequisite for Dozer Blade.
• Fixed Ghost Ark not being a prerequisite for Quantum Shielding.
• Fixed Veterans of the Long War description.
• Fixed Runtherd Groundz description.
• Fixed a crash that could occur during gameplay.
• Fixed a rare crash with a Catachan Devil Lair not being able to spawn a Catachan Devil.
• Fixed Scattershield description.
• Fixed issues reordering mods.

• `LobbyHUD.xml` changed. If you modify it, please integrate the new changes to avoid bugs.
• Research cost scaling with amount of unlocked technologies (`costCompletionFactor * researchedTechnologies / researchableTechnologies`) can now be defined with `costCompletionFactor` in `UpgradeManager.xml`: a value of 1.0 doubles the research cost once all technologies are unlocked (this is the previous behavior).

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The Suicide of Rachel Foster

Updated to 1.0.9V (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
New Language and Polishing Patch

Heyho everyone,

You might be wondering - Why is there a ~7gb patch for The Suicide of Rachel Foster? Don't worry, we just can't get enough of it! For any Japanese, Korean, or Polish players who haven't had the chance to play yet due to the language, the barriers have been lifted!

Additionally to adding those 3 languages, we did some general polishing and stabilisation.

Best Regards!
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Updated to 35357_windows (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows)

Changelog from the developer's website:
Patch Notes 7/19 (Steam/GoG/Epic - 35356):

Bug fixes:

- Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in stations when encountering a dragon or new location while playing guitar.
- Fixed a typo in Gwen’s dialogue when she explains sleep.
- Fixed a missing chair in Hummingberg.
- Fixed Stanley causing a black screen when attempting to sleep while he was in Stella’s cabin.
- Fixed being unable to sleep at minigame events.
- Fixed being unable to move the ship at minigame events.


- Report a Bug now redirects to our support page.

Note: Changes are only available on Windows for now, Linux and OSX will come at a later date.
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Into the Breach

Changelog from GOG DB:

Download changed: Installer, Into the Breach, Mac, en
Version 1.2.24 ⇒ 1.2.71, Size 269.5 MB ⇒ 454.0 MB

Download changed: Installer, Into the Breach, Windows, en
Version 1.2.24 ⇒ 1.2.71, Size 269.5 MB ⇒ 454.0 MB

Changelog from Steam:

Into the Breach: Advanced Edition Update - Now Available!

Once more unto the breach, dear friends!

The following is the primary change list, but there’s a lot of small bug-fixes and tweaks here and there.

Major Additions

5 New squads & 15 new squad achievements!
7 new Vek, 3 new Psions, & 10 new boss battles!
12 new missions & 3 new bonus mission goals!
4 New pilots & 10 new random pilot abilities!
39 New weapons & equipment!
2 new music tracks from composer Ben Prunty!
Even more challenging difficulty mode, Unfair Mode!
7 New Languages! (Arabic, Thai, Swedish, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, and Latin American Spanish)

Other Changes

Optional Content Toggles
- All of the new content (enemies, pilot skills, etc) other than balance changes are possible to turn off if you would like the base-game content experience.
Weapon reactor usage reduced
- We wanted to encourage players to immediately try out equipment they find, so we reduced the reactor power to equip most gear.
Store Changes
- Since you can now instantly equip most weapons without needing an additional reactor core, the reputation cost to purchase weapons has increased by 1 and the store options are limited in the first 2 islands.
New weapon mechanic: KO effects
- Certain weapons will trigger an additional effect if the primary target is killed by the attack.
New tile mechanic: Cracking
- Certain weapons will cause the ground to crack. If the tile is damaged again, it will shatter, destroying the tile and anything standing on it!
New status effect: Boost
- This will increase the next attack’s damage by 1. Highly effective for AoE attacks!
Unlocking Squads with Coins Change
- The cost of unlocking squads with coins has been reduced to account for the extra squads.

Unfair Mode Tips
This mode is for veterans looking for even more of a challenge but it might require different strategies than you're used to.

There will be many more situations where damage is inevitable so it’ll be more important to take losses strategically - depending on the situation, it might be better to lose grid power, sacrifice a pilot, or fail a mission objective.
Grid power gains are doubled which means it’s much easier to pull back from the brink of defeat. Don’t give up after a few setbacks.
There is a limit to how many Vek can spawn so sometimes it’s more advantageous to leave some weak Vek alive rather than wiping them out early.
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Sins of a Solar Empire®: Rebellion Ultimate Edition

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.961 ⇒ 1.97.
Ironclad Games and Stardock are pleased to announce Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion v1.97. Change notes are below.

Change Notes:
• All localisations are now part of the base game.
• Language can be changed via the in-game options. We strongly recommend restarting the game after changing language to update cached strings.
• Changed hardware cursor to be the default; this prevents crashes with some systems.
• All online interactions are now encrypted.
• Misc. other stability fixes.
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AI War 2 has just been updated from 5.501 to 5.502 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

5.502 No More Overlord Doubling
(Released July 19th, 2022)

* Fix a bug where two copies of an AI Overlord were spawned
** Thanks to a number of people for reporting, including Lampshade and Dismiss on mantis, and SCUD and steam

* Some minor tweaks to the Dyson Sidekick
** Can no longer claim metal harvesters, but increase metal production to compensate
** Some nerfs to reapers
** Some nerfs to spire ships
** Can build a forcefield generator


* Tesla Torpedo Frigate launch rate of torpedoes lowered. 4s -> 5s
** Shields removed from Tesla Torpedoes. Half of the removed value has been added to the hull value. As these are effectively a strikecraft shields should not be present.

* Tackle Drone Frigate launch rate of Tackle Drones lowered. 4s -> 6s This lowers the maximum number of drones a standard line of six frigates can have out from around 49 to roughly 33.
** Additionally Tackle Drones still had shields even though other strike no longer had any from way back during The Shift. Shields have now been removed meaning the drones no longer have 80,000 effective health at mark seven. And should be more vulnerable to standard anti-strike like Pike and MLRS.
** Tackle Drone base damage lowered from 70 to 50. It still fires up to five shots at a time this is just lowering its max potential per drone from 3.7k DPS to 2.7k DPS.

* Expert version of Regen Golem apparently was missing the override to scaling type all expert versions should have. This is now fixed.
** Also adjusted the amount of health it pays to revive ships upwards a bit.
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Cuphead and it's DLC were updated to version 1.3.3.


What is new in Cuphead 1.04? – July 19, 2022
Revised DLC completion % calculations to better reflect completed progress in the DLC.
Fixed bug which caused DLC’s final boss to get locked into certain animations, preventing proper phase progression.
Fixed bug which caused the Esther Winchester boss to get locked into certain animations, preventing proper phase progression.
Fixed rare bug which caused the Sally Stageplay boss to get locked into certain animations, preventing proper phase progression.
Fixed bug preventing boss title cards from rendering when using EU Spanish language.
Adjusted “Hearty” achievement to unlock more consistently.
Fixed rare bug preventing NPC from giving players coins.
Removed unintended Soul Contract from displaying after defeating the King Dice boss.
Adjusted scoring conditions for “HP” score on result screen to allow for more consistent and clear scoring. Player HP score is now solely calculated based on remaining HP upon completing a fight.
Fixed rare bug which resulted in players losing controller functionality while in Porkrind’s Shop.
Fixed bug causing Super Art II for Ms. Chalice and Cuphead/Mugman to function improperly after the DLC’s final boss phase 1-2 transition.
Fixed other erroneous player states after DLC final boss phase 1-2 transition.
Fixed bug causing Ms. Chalice to remain active in levels despite removing the Astral Cookie charm in post-death equip menu.
Fixed bug allowing player to equip and use other charms while still playing as Ms. Chalice.
Fixed bug causing Ms. Chalice’s jumping parry collision to not function when near ground collision surfaces in some instances.
Fixed minor animation issue with Ms. Chalice during the phase 1-2 transition of The Devil boss.
Fixed bug in King of Games Queen boss fight allowing cannonball to spawn after player dies.
Fixed bug preventing Glumstone’s phase 1 ground spike gnomes from activating for Player 2.
Fixed bug preventing parrying pink moonshine barrel enemies in the Moonshine Mob boss from counting towards “Parry” category for scoring.
Fixed bug allowing players to push Wally Warbles boss completely off screen during Phase 3.
Fixed rare bug preventing proper progression through DLC’s introductory cutscene.
Fixed rare issues with character collision on Inkwell Isle IV map.
Fixed rare issues with character collision on returning to map from certain boss fights.
Fixed rare bug preventing HP from properly carrying over between King Dice encounters.
Fixed bug causing objects parried after defeating a boss to sometimes contribute to the “Parry” category for scoring.
Fixed rare bug causing visual errors on post-death equip menu.
Fixed visual layout of control mapping screen for non-16:9 aspect ratios.
Fixed various typos and misspellings in DLC game credits.
Various audio & SFX tweaks, fixes, and additions.
Various minor animation fixes and tweaks.
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The Tale of Bistun

Updated to 1.0.6 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Update note for July 19th patch

- 3 glitched achievements have been fixed
- Some save and load bugs fixed
- Other minor bug fixes
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surfer1260: Ironclad Games and Stardock are pleased to announce Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion v1.97.
WinterSnowfall is displeased to announce there's still no Minor Factions DLC on GOG, "dear" Ironclad Games and Stardock... ffs, it's been missing for years now.
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And again...

The Tale of Bistun

Updated to 1.0.7 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog (yet?).
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No Man's Sky
Installer updated to 3.94_Endurance_90631

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Colt Canyon recieved a new update (Offline & GOG Galaxy):

• Slightly nerfed fast reload upgrade
• Rebalanced some area 2 enemies
• Slightly buffed bandit snipers
• Slightly increased health of bear boss in loops
• Slightly reduced player knockback when hit by heavy weapons
• Fixed a crash preventing some players from starting new runs
• Fixed guns not creating any particles when fired
• Fixed remapped trigger button not being saved
• Fixed throwing knives missing collision
• Fixed player in savegames not loading correctly when game crashed during level generation
• Fixed crashes/glitches when loading/saving a savegame while already loading or saving something else
• Fixed pause menu saying save and quit instead of just quit in prologue level
• Fixed weapon break particles visual issues
• Fixed penetrating arrows duplicating visually
• Fixed Pistolero achievement
• Fixed cliff decals not being restored
• Fixed beartraps sometimes causing savegames to not load correctly
• Fixed slower bullets upgrade making some enemies invisible during attack
• Corrupted savegames shouldnt crash the game anymore
• Various other fixes
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Panzer Corps 2 updated to 1.04.00


- Added all localizations for Axis Operations 1943
- Fixed random crash at the beginning of a mission
- Fixed sync issues in Minsk and other coop MP scenarios
- Fixed crash when proceeding to the next mission with a 5-star armored train in the core
- Other small fixes
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Updated to 0.8.4c. Changelog from Steam:

- Weapon mechanics and damage system rework
- New combat movement system
- Two new arena environments
- Remastered courtyard arena
- Nine new armour pieces making two full sets
- New procedural weapon: glaive
- Velvet procedural material added
- Detailed physics data for different parts of weapons
- Specific behaviour and damage from different parts of weapons
- Many new weapon and part subcategories with different behaviour
- Haft types with different behaviour and sounds
- Reworked weapon damage and armour mitigation mechanics
- Major slash rework with hewing and cutting damage
- Some weapons can now be flipped to strike with the reverse
- Improved thrusting mechanics
- Improved remise behaviour
- Core physics engine improvements
- Animation system improvements
- AI combat improvements with adaptive behaviours
- Smart overhead targeting based on cursor relative to opponent
- Dynamic swing height adjustment, preventing very low or high swings
- Improved edge alignment control
- Improved greatsword handling
- Added fading feature for objects obstructing the camera
- Improved camera obstacle avoidance behaviour
- Improved cursor behaviour for look function
- Smart selection for small objects and inventory icons
- Steam Deck support, performance, UI and control optimisations
- Proton and Linux GPU driver compatibility fixes
- Full controller support via Steam
-- Dedicated movement and aiming controls
-- Feathered object and UI cursor interaction
-- Full menu and UI navigation and interaction
-- On screen keyboard support
- Controls to quick cast a selected power
- The roster can be rearranged via drag and drop
- The roster is now colour coded
- Shop items are neatly and persistently arranged
- Shop items displayed from newest to oldest
- Shop stock rotation rate increased
- Arsenal tabs can now be scrolled
- Arsenal correctly scales to different aspect ratios
- Brushes can now be used from inside the arsenal
- Added a confirmation prompt for forfeiting tournaments
- Performance improvements
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