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Updated to 1.7u5 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

Changelog from Steam:
Version 1.7u5 (September 24)

- fixed guests not being able to walk to their seat/ride exit on some modded rides
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A new patch for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has arrived. Changelog is from steam. Offline installer updated for windows (1.0.6d) and mac offline installer updated to previous version but as usual lags behind one patch (1.0.5g).

Update 1.0.6d

A new patch has been deployed.

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!

Quests and companions:

When companions temporarily left your group as a part of the story, they could return dead if they had negative conditions on them - fixed;
When selecting the unique dialogue option for the Secret mythic path in the final dialogue, cutscene could freeze - fixed;
Companion quests sometimes weren't failing if the companion was sacrificed by the Lich - fixed;
Demon Mythic could sometimes be unselectable for some time after exiting combat - fixed;
In some circumstances Inger-Maggor didn't drop the key for the gate - fixed;
Cold Waters quest now correctly displays the warning to complete the quest before the end of this chapter only in chapter 2;
It's no longer possible to get Shadow Dance quest if the player failed Corruption quest in Chapter 3
Mephistopheles used to summon too many Hellhounds. - fixed. Who let the dogs out?!
Mephistopheles used to summon too many Hellhounds. - fixed. Who?! Who?!
Mephistopheles used to summon too many Hellhounds. - fixed. Who?! WHO?!
Shamira sometimes didn't want to interact with the player in Shadow Dance quest - fixed;
it's no longer possible to get two Immaculate Petals in Prisoner of the Abyss quest;
Aeon now sees Wenduag's aura. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!
Aiwu no longer forgets you when you switch to Legend mythic path after being Azata;
Trever in Prisoner of the Abyss quest had his weapon in the inventory instead of hands - fixed;
Sosiel's quest in the Abyss now updates correctly if you go directly to the arena manager in a search for Trever;
After telling Woljif to leave the party in Defender's heart, your character could become stuck - fixed;
Dialogue with Mephisto sometimes didn't continue after a successful diplomacy check - fixed;
Changed the balance in The Price of Loyalty quest;
Attack out of Nowhere quest could fail if you visit Molten Scar after Ivory Sanctum - fixed;


It was possible to "break mechanism" multiple times at Blackwater - fixed;
Party could sometimes get stuck in between islands after a failed athletics check in Alushinyrra - fixed;
Channel Negative Energy — Heal Undead Trap in Ivory Sanctum didn't heal the Eternal Guardian - fixed;
Heart of Mystery portals were incorrectly open earlier than intended - fixed;
Optimized freezes when islands "snap into place" in Alushinyrra (small freezes still remain, but much less than before).


Crusade: Inquisitor's Divine Favor didn't work correctly - fixed;
Crusade: Divine Favor was missing a description - fixed;
When a unit teleported into a trap and died there, its turn would never end - fixed;
Vampiric Touch and Vampiric Shurikens didn't work correctly - fixed;
Ice Storm's slowing effect didn't work - fixed;
Favored Enemy — Flying and Favored Enemy — Large didn't work - fixed.

Classes & Mechanics:

Trickster's Stealth 3 rank was giving incorrect amount of Spell Resistance - fixed;
Game could freeze in Mythic levelup - fixed;
Aeon's Bane no longer dispells effects cast by allies;
Breath of Life is correctly not affected by Spell Resistance now;
Protection from Arrows was not bypassed by non-magical melee weapons - fixed;
Oracle's Life Link ability was only usable on the caster instead of the allies - fixed;
Touch spells sometimes would fail for last characters in Initiative order after allies (including summons) or enemies joined combat after it started - fixed;
Prediction incorrectly indicated that a character on a stunned mount can attack enemy that's not close enough to attack without moving - fixed;
Charge and Overrun abilities were not checking if caster and his mount can actually move, leading to freezing turn in TBM - fixed;
Sacred Weapon abilities for Warpriest had no description - fixed;
Wizards of Divination school were sometimes not able to memorize spells in their schools slots - fixed;
Spelleater's ability Blood of Life didn't have a description - fixed;
Added descriptions of the groups of demons for the Favored Enemy ability;
The Divine Hunter's Otherworldly Companion provided incorrect resistances to the said animal companion - fixed.


Golden toad now has a properly solid cost and weight;
Jubilost's signed Almanac now actually contains his signature;
Seal of Madness no longer affects allies.

User Interface:

Aeon immunities now have proper tooltips;
A couple of NPCs had placeholder portraits - fixed;
It was sometimes impossible to finish respec for level 9 mythic - fixed;
Animal companion portraits could disappear from the control panel when switching zones - fixed;
Minor visual fixes in interface of Crusade generals;
Faith Hunter tooltips for the FH symbol at 10, 14, and 18 had no description - fixed;
Bonuses to character stats sometimes weren't displayed correctly. - fixed.
Pop-up messages on global map will now stop the movement of the commander's party.

Unfair difficulty had unplanned additional improvements to enemy stats - fixed;
Fixed the issue with lagging mouse cursor;
Fixed a number of errors that caused the game to crash;
Fixed the logics in conversation with Areshkagal;
Some parameters of Nocticula have been reduced of difficulties below Core;
Skin button didn't have a sound when looting - fixed.

Edit: updating some small changes after patch upload like new patch name and offline installer.
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Updated to 1.1.7 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

This version was pushed to Steam 21 days ago (03/09/2021).

Changelog from Steam:

The patch applies on ongoing games.


- Added Steam Rich Presence which displays in-game updates


- Adjusted tax change conditions
- Slight changes to mid-game crisis triggers
- Revised some war success conditions

Bug Fixes and Polishing

- Fixed a broken link in Turn 05 scandal scene
- Changed gender equality situation update to be more actual
- Fixed the resignation enthusiasm of Nia Morgna
- Minor lore fix in Wehlen Civil War entry
- Fixed a wrong Petr death fragment in retirement
- Fixed a wrong news trigger for women's rights laws passage
- Fixed a wrong Koronti ally comment condition in election speech
- Removed wrong title of a PM in newspaper
- Fixed several typos in codex, reports and news
- Fixed several typos in scenes

Known issues
- Lack of Assembly impeachment content
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Updated to 210914.1GOG (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
UPDATE! 1.01 Patch Notes

Hello Mayors!

Since launch, we've been hard at work putting together some quality of life improvements and bug fixes to help make Tinytopia the best experience possible. While we've squashed lots of smaller bugs since launch, we are ready to publish our first minor patch for the game!

Without further ado, here are the changes and fixes in the new patch:


- The Move Tool will now stay selected after use. Players will no longer need to select the Move Tool after each structure is moved.
- The balancing platform in the Teeter Town level is now firmly affixed to its pivot point.


- Fixed an issue that caused more than one cat to spawn in some levels.
- Removed the giant citizens that would sometimes spawn in Skate Parks.
- Added the Factory building to the Blueprints menu.
- Tweaked and improved the snap points on the Casino building.
- Fixed the descriptions of secondary goals on the Level Select screen.

We love to hear from you! If you have any questions or would like to recommend a specific change(s), please comment on this event, share them on social media using #Tinytopia or chat with us directly on Discord.

In the meantime, happy building.

Your friends at Mastiff and MeNic Games
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Seems Janosik (which I didn't realize existed, yet it's in my library) got an update flag.

Haven't been following this game, but the Mac OS version is at 1.6, while the Windows/Linux versions are at 1.5.

(Game is the same price as Tyrian 2000, incidentally.)
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Updated to 20210924_1.0.50.r46316 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Hotfix 1.0.50 is now live! + Content Roadmap for the rest of 2021

First, we want to thank you all for the feedback you are giving and the continuous support! Thanks to you, we gathered the most infuriating issues and bugs and threw them at the tour QA department [btw, we love you guys!].

Today’s patch should resolve the critical language issues we have found. We’ve uploaded the newest dialogue lines, but in case something has trouble loading, the default branch was switched from Polish to English. We do not anticipate that as something that might happen, but if somehow it would, it’s easier to go with English instead of “chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie, tu i ówdzie”

That doesn’t mean we’re going to stop there, oh no. We’ve planned three major patches for 2021, with additional content set for 2022. You can see the roadmap below:


As for the 1.0.50 patch, here’s what we’ve fixed:

- Fixed a bug with a Diginet in AM.
- Fixed a missing NPC on Harvest Time’s cemetery.
- Fixed a bug with the Unicorn on Twisted & Perverted.
- Fixed a bug with Panisantor on Twisted & Perverted.
- Fixed an issue with mixed languages in the controls settings.
- Fixed an issue with a double barrier on Happy Hunting Grounds.
- Fixed an issue with mouse control when you had the controller connected.
- Killing an NPC to get a higher level in Twisted & Perverted won’t block out the dialogue needed to proceed.
- Minor fixes on Yeti’s bar.
- Fixed an issue with lockpicking the Knight’s Code vault.
- Fixed the initial CGI intro’s volume.
- Fixed an issue blocking progress when talking to Starlet in the Yeti’s bar.
- Fixed a conversation bug when talking to an NPC on Knight’s Code bridge.
- Resolved the codex sorting issue.
- When starting the game, already unlocked codex entries won’t prompt the “!” notification.
- The Dogman will not block the AM dialogue anymore
- Resolved the issue with Nanette dialogue dead-end on Harvest Time’s end-scene
- Fixed the unlocalized settings menu for the Simplified Chinese
- Fixed the interaction with Lord’s dresser in Knight’s Code
- Fixed the issue with resetting the clock while closing the rifts if the player decided to save the game at this point.
- Fixed the issue when you interrupt Tankred’s and Delia’s dialogue, resulting in no further interaction available.

In this patch, we primarily focused on patching community-reported bugs and finally resolving language issues.

A message to our German friends - we are still testing your language version. The number of missing lines was higher than we expected, so we want to fix everything before shipping the update. The full patch is undergoing LQA testing and will be uploaded next week. If you encounter bugs, please let us know, and we'll fix them ASAP.

We understand that the premiere might be frustrating because of bugs and localization issues. Still, we're grateful for every feedback from our community. That shows us that you care about Gamedec as much as we do :)

Take care and stay safe!
Team Gamedec
Edit: Changelog now posted by the developer in the game forum as well.
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Windows offline installer updated to Version 1.1.41

* Changelog from steam:

"Fixed that trigger prototype flag filters didn't work correctly when an entity had no flags set.
Fixed a crash after inserting fuel into burner inserter while it was already trying to fuel itself.
Fixed that unrelated entities were highlighted when using a cut tool.
Fixed that in editor mode undoing deconstructions did not instantly revive affected entities.
Fixed that setting the direction of a script created character entity didn't work correctly.
Fixed that items with fuel value would be put into furnace fuel inventory when there was enough fuel but item could be smelted.
Fixed inserters picking up items on ground marked for deconstruction.
Fixed that the low power tip didn't show in some circumstances.
Tweaked some of the triggers to show/skip tutorials related to drag building.
Fixed that Furnace's working_visualisations would not apply recipe tint on fadeout.
Fixed crash due to usage of standard library function that is missing on macOS 10.11. "
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Update 1.3.7 (22 September 2021)
• Fix Gilded Shiver of Tramontane status build up (now applies 3 status, as intended).
• Revenant Moon now properly raise temperature round it, but not in inventory.
• Spirit of Monsoon enchantment now properly grants protection to corruption.
• Cool Rainbow Jam now grants Mana Regeneration over Stamina Regeneration (as it was intended).
• Fix orientation of the Camouflaged tent when deployed.
• Fix Status build up sync issue for client.
• Fix issue where coop stats would be active for Client when joining another player's game even though an AI was already active and does not have the coop stat active for host.
• Fix issue where campfires would not emit light.
• Fix issue where AIs would not update their stats at a proper refresh rate.
• Fix Cierzo Blacksmith choices that were inveted.
• Ambraine Withdrawal will now be properly applied on client (it was only working for the host).
• Fix issue where Cruelty passive would bypass status immunity given by some gear.
• Ghost Drum and Sky Chimes projectile are now properly affected by buffs/debuffs of the character.
• Caravanner in New Sirocco now appears when having a Housing Value of 3, instead of just placing 3 house fondations.
• Fix issue where the save in Vendavel would take Shiv Dagger recipe instead of the Shiv Dagger.
• Fix respawn pos of the defeat scenario in the Star Fish cave.
• Fix sync issue in online coop for Mantis and Shrimp Mantis.
• Various Loc fixes.
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Updated to 1.1.37 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Major Patch 1.1.37 - Armor Stats, Modifiers, Reworked Traits and more!

Hey! Yarden GRIME director here,

This is a MASSIVE patch adding some highly requested features such as stats and modifiers on Outfits, adding further customization of your playstyle.

You can now also reliably heal during the later boss fights using either the reworked "Piercer" trait or the reworked "Lurker" trait.

In addition, this patch brings with it some highly requested quality of life changes such as; being able to use Mass and Crimson Ichors consumables from Inventory! (whoooo)
As well as better sorting for the inventory (Sets will now be placed next to each other rather than in order of pick up).


- Outfits now grant attribute modifiers and, upon equipping a complete set, grant additional unique modifiers, usually to an existing trait.
* The first 10 levels of stats have been slightly nerfed (by 0.5) to compensate for the newly added armor stats letting players get that much closer to OP numbers.

- Each equipment slot has a smaller slot which you can equip with a chosen outfit, changing its visual by keeping the stats granted equipped in the main, larger slot.

Equipment slots image

1. Visual only slot
2. Main slot
3. Modified Attributes

- Reworked traits:

* Piercer - Pulling an enemy now draws some Breath in addition to dealing Absorb damage on vulnerable Health Bars. Ranks lowered to 3 from 4 and each rank increase the Breath gained and damage dealt to protected Health Bars.

* Lurker - After repelling an attack you gain a life-steal buff on your attacks for a short duration, in addition to healing for a max health percentage from Absorbs.

- Added automatic inventory sorting.
- Can now use Certain consumables (Mass and Crimson Ichor) from the inventory screen.
- Added a Mass display text in the inventory.
- Slightly accelerated the camera when looking up or down.
- Slightly buffed player Force regen.

Major Bugs:

- Fixed an issue that might be causing infinite loading screens.
- Fixed an issue letting sometimes the player run into/through walls.
- Added a safety net below The Final Performance elevator in case the ground forgets its job.

Minor Bugs:

- Rebinding the Inventory hotkey now works properly.
- Post Process settings now properly affect the Absorb effects as well.
- The Gardeneye now plays a sound when casting the beam.
- Smoothed the transition from attacking to running animations.
- Fixed a bug that was causing the player to get stuck when reflecting projectiles.
- Fixed a specific spot in Cavity that sometimes caused the player to get stuck.
- Fixed a Lithic crumbling platform artifact.
- Extended some colliders in Lair to properly cover some walls.
- Corrected a few ladder and trap colliders in Carven Palace.
- Moved a lever in Carven Palace up as it was too far down into the floor.
- Fixed an issue causing the player character to get stuck on a ladder in Feaster's Lair.
- Corrected a missing collider near Worldpillar.
- Added a missing ambient track to Garden.
- Added missing sounds to rockheads near Feaster's Lair.
- Rockgiant will now properly flash red when falling after being absorbed, as the fall is unparriable.
- Centipede Whip special attack won't hit as high upwards as before.
- Fixed an issue with the Kin's text location and localization.
- Fixed a small bug causing price text in vendors to appear in the wrong color.
- Dying while climbing will no longer drop the player through the world.
- Camera look height will now properly reset on opening a menu mid-action.
- Nervepasses can be interacted again straight after leaving them.
- Fixed an issue causing enemies movement to sometimes bug on passthrough ground.
- Fixed an issue bugging movement on ladders when using a controller.
- Added a failsafe to achievements related to absorbing enemies.
- Spear special air attacks will no longer bounce the player when used on walls.
- Improved movement caused by weapon attack on sloped grounds.
- Added an option to rebind the Scroll Up/Down functions when interacting with an NPC dialog.
- Upgrade and Trade windows controller legend is now properly localized.

Plans for the future:

- This is our final major patch before beginning work on a more substantial story content for you to look out for, so please be patient!
- As for NG - we decided to make it something more fleshed out and interesting than just a straightforward linear artificial ramping up of the game's difficulty (increasing enemy damage/HP per NG). As a result, we are pushing it further back. I'll keep you informed when there is more to share!
- Notable technical issues we have not forgotten about hope to address in the next major/MASSIVE patch:
* Allow rebinding of all mouse keys (including gaming mice). For now, though, you may be able to rebind using a program called - X-Mouse.
* Stuttering/FPS issues some players have been experiencing. There is a thread on the topic in the forums that may offer some potential solutions, but for the rest, we will try a more significant change that should hopefully fix the issue.

As always, a huge thanks to our Discord members ( for their help in testing the patches before they go live!
The Credits have been updated with new community contributors.

Yarden Weissbrot, GRIME Director
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Surviving Mars

Updated to Piazzi 1008107 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Paradox Forum:

- The in-game bug reporting tool has been removed in favour of an automatic system
- Playstation 4 and 5 now have Turkish translations

Bug Fixes

- Fixed the game crash after loading a save game with invalidated drones.
- Fixed the game crash when a player selects the Rock Formation object on an old retail save.
- Fixed missing Terraforming tech tree in the old saves.
- Fixed the "Advanced Martian Engines" tech adding 20 fuel to Cargo Rockets.
- Fixed the “Transport Optimization” tech not adding extra cargo space.
- Fixed the description of the "Banner" mentioning Mars while on an asteroid map.
- Fixed the Cave of Wonders description.
- Fixed the Lander rocket disappearing when the “Rough Touchdown” event occurs.
- Improved feedback when the Asteroid Lander requires maintenance.
- Fixed ramps being instantly built.
- Fixed the progress bar of “Required Waste Rock” not changing while flattening.
- Fixed the problem when a fired worker immediately returns to work.

And several other underlying code fixes that were presumably causing bugs, especially to save games from before the update.

Known issues

- Incorrect value of Excess Waste Rock is displayed when Flatten in progress.
- The limit for colonists being allowed through the elevator is too low.
- Crash on certain Mac versions.
Edit: Mac & Linux offline installers now updated as well.
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Linux + Mac offline installers are now also updated to 1.1.41
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SOMA is flagged as updated.

Probably this:
Announcement on steam

Dear Chinese players,

We love and value our Chinese-speaking fans and constantly strive to make our games more accessible – therefore we are happy to announce that Amnesia: Rebirth and SOMA are now available to play with Simplified Chinese subtitles and interface.

With the help from passionate friends at Testronic the latest update of Amnesia: Rebirth and SOMA now includes the option to play through the entire games in Simplified Chinese.

To change language setting:

Enter the main menu
Press “GAME”
Scroll on the “Language” bar until you reach your desired language

If you run into any problems, contact our support.

To celebrate this occasion, we’re throwing a big sale on the entire Frictional Games library here on Steam!

So, if you or anyone you know has been holding off on playing these mind-boggling games because they have been waiting for a Chinese translation or sale – now is the time!

To keep up to date with everything from Frictional Games, please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and Instagram.

Thank you and have a great time playing Amnesia: Rebirth and SOMA

Frictional Team
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^ SOMA - Just adding the version numbers to the above post in case anyone needs it.

Windows - 1.6 (stand-alone patch is available (1.510 to 1.6) 8 MB)
Mac - 1.510
Linux - 151

[I only backed up the Windows version, so no idea if Mac / Linux were updated. Likely not going by the numbers]
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated on Windows, Mac and Linux from 0.392.4 or 0.392.5 (depending on platform) to 0.394.4.
The demo was updated as well.

Changelog, listed on gog (!) the way it's supposed to work and posted in the gog forums by the developer:
0.394.4 - Tiny Details
- Added detailed graphical and performance settings: you can control background and explosion particles, light and shadow quality, postprocessing, separate framerate limit for backgrounds and more.
- Improved the performance of the Enceladus Prime station screen.
- Removed incorrect tooltips on buy/sell buttons on confirmation window in dealer screen.
- Player replies in the dialogue system will now span multiple lines when needed.
- The game will not count processed cargo containers as recovered anomalies in ship logs anymore.
- Russian translations updated.
To be complete, the changelog for that version 0.392.5:
0.392.5 - Native Support
- Fixed bug that caused Rusatom-Antonoff K37 HUD to disappear if you launched the game with the Russian language selected.

Hustlefan: Parkitect

Updated to 1.7u5 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])
Offline installers for Mac and Linux are also updated now.
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Asterix & Obelix XXL 3 - The Crystal Menhir

Updated to 1.70 (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows)

No changelog.
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