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gogtrial34987: dV: Rings of Saturn
Changelog, listed on gog (!) the way it's supposed to work and posted in the gog forums by the developer:
Hello gogtrial34987!
Thank you for referencing the update and changelog here!
This thread here is one of my first points of interest to consult when opening twice a week.

Regarding the listing of changelogs by the developers themselves, unfortunately, it is not the norm here. Hence, I felt that the developer of this game is really recommendable for doing so (see: in the corresponding feedback thread).

Kind regards,
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.5.0 ⇒ 1.5.1.
Patch 1.5.1 (28 September 2021)

Hello pirates!

In this update, we reworked the online part of the game, the search for players has become faster, the connection to the server is more stable. Now playing with friends and players from all over the world has become much easier.
In addition, we have fixed the problem with obtaining some achievements.
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Iron Harvest

Updated to rev. 54918 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Discord: (Login required)

Just a quick update.
We just released a small Hotfix that should fix a variety of issues that have been reported by the community.

- Fixed several issues causing the game to crash or games to become async in multiplayer
- Fixed a progression blocker in the last mission of Operation Eagle
- Increased cavalry commander health in multiplayer
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Updated to 34556_windows (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows) & 34556_osx (Galaxy, Mac)

Changelog from the developer's website:
Patch Notes 09/28 - 34556:


- Minor changes to Gustav's monologues.
- Changed Start Game text to Continue/New Game according to if any saves exist or not
- Modified Francis’ acetate quest to be unique
- Modified Buck’s Mood graph so it scales properly during the building quest
- Modified Beverly’s food related quest to be skippable (Laksa)
- Modified Spiritfared achievement requirements from 10 spirits >>>> 11 spirits
- Modified the layers for items spawning in Floating Crate event to avoid overlaps
- Modified the priorities of some of Beverly’s conversations
- Modified two typos from Gwen and Atul’s dialogs
- Modified Astrid & Giovanni’s priorities so they come to welcome new spirits
- Modified Safe Travel mode to enable events if it’s disabled while the boat is on an event.
- Modified Lily’s flowers to only grow after meeting Hades
- Modified Build Mode to only show available customization on building with decorations
- Modified Delete Save Button from F12 >>>> F4
- Disabled Stargazing mode when at the Everdoor


- Added transition animation to Beverly between hug and talk animations

Bug fixes:

- Fixed the text bubble appearing before the fade-in when the build mode activates
- Fixed loss of functionality in Controls menu
- Fixed Gwen’s Kitchen quest validation dialogue not triggering
- Fixed the navigation of the Music Mini-Game button in the rebinding menu
- Fixed the duplicate Stella at the end of a hug with any spirits
- Fixed the issue where you can’t apply resolution changes when width or height has an identical component as the current resolution
- Fixed the second player’s recipe UI appearing over map
- Fixed sheep upgrade getting removed when going in and out of enclosure to feed it
- Fixed chicks going into different chicken coops before maturing into full grown chickens
- Fixed the player falling out of building when hugging next to a wall with another building under it
- Fixed some expressions not playing ever again after the first time
- Fixed an issue where an acetate would not drop from a chest during a quest
- Fixed the ”Safe Travel mode” keyboard button not working in Azerty and Dvorak mode
- Fixed an issue where Cow Stall and Sheep Corral improvements were available before finding the blueprints in the world
- Fixed an issue where the Everdoor atmosphere didn’t trigger when Stella came to the Everdoor a second time right after finishing The Last Voyage
- Fixed an issue where the controller would vibrate even when left unused
- Fixed an issue where Beverly would not recognize her favorite food as her favorite
- Fixed an issue where Gwen’s quest “Set Sail, Captain!” didn’t continue forwards after clearing the trash on the boat.

And a slew of very minor bug fixes.


- Fixed the music minigame’s UI changing to keyboard inputs whenever the mouse is moved during gameplay, while playing with a controller
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Updated from to

Changelog from Steam:
Creative Mode
* added pipette tool to clone specific tiles from the already placed ones
* added lock tool to lock the top tile on the stack, which enables you to keep placing the same tile as often as you like
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Updated to 1.020.1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
Patron update v1.020 accompanies a brand new DLC!

It is the 28th of September and as we said the last time, we've prepared a nice little surprise.

It's called Mare Nostrum and, not counting the Supporter Pack, is the first piece of DLC for Patron!

The Mediterranean-themed Mare Nostrum brings a nice batch of new buildings, research topics, production chains... and if you want to read more about it, I'll post the link below so you can navigate to it easy-as-pie

But that's not all! We've prepared a nice update for the base game as well! There's actually more things we've done, but they're required more testing so we'll be releasing a few more smaller updates over the next couple of days.

Without further ado, here's the changelog:

- A brand new production building, the Charcoal burner, as requested numerous times, has finally landed. It's early in the research chain so you can reap the benefits early on.
- If you're using Discord while you're playing Patron, you'll now notice it'll ping
that you're playing Patron. Depending on your privacy settings of course.
- Lists on the Stock and the Trade panels can now be sorted by name, quantity or price, as requested :)
- A Tornado can now appear in your city and do some real nasty damage.
- Pests can now come to haunt your fields, orchards and ranches.
- A pack of wild animals can now swoop on your fields and gobble up your harvest (in the form of an event).
- Added a new Locust swarm event in which, you guessed it, a swarm of locusts can swoop down on your fields and clean them up.
- Added a new Massive beesevent. ... Yep... biiiig bees can harass your orchards and apiaries.

- Fixed a glitch that would manifest on the info panels of the Shrine and the Well. A little black square would appear for no real reason.
- In some cases, fields and orchards would display faulty fertility, but only in some map areas.
- Fixed faulty placement display when building orchards.
- Fixed a bull animation related bug that could sometimes get broken.
- Set trade deals now persist through upgrading the dock into the harbor.
- You can no longer construct a building outside of the map... on the water... and your workers would actually go there and build it... -_-
- Fixed faulty placement display for the Docks and the Fisherman's hut.

- We've alleviated some restrictions to prevent that nagging issue of trees getting unmarked for cutting down.
- If for any reason a child is left living alone in a house, the child will get adopted by another family. No more underage house-owners.
- Changed the calculation on how much cash is requested in the The Church needs money
- All dropdown lists now have a classic (standard) scrollbar to make it more visible.
- Trade deal list is expanded to show 6 resources.
- New adults will no longer get married while they're staying at their parents' house.

As always, Govern on!
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated (What, again? Yes, again!) from 0.394.4 to 0.395.8 (currently only on Windows; Mac and Linux presumably to follow soon.)

Changelog, posted by the developer in the forum:
0.395.8 - Finite Space

- Changed layout of Enceladus Prime station menu to make it more friendly to small screens - including slightly smaller font, adjusted margins, changes simulation charts and more.
- You can now command your dispatched B8 Claim Beacons, ordering them to extend the claim or return to your ship for future redeployment.
- Rear-mounted B8 Claim Beacons are no longer available for Cothon-212.
- Menu shadows on Enceladus Prime are now consistent.
- Selecting targets on your Astrogation will now scroll the map by the minimum amount required.
- Removed upgrade preview button, which did same thing as clicking on the upgrade name itself.
- XASER burn events will not happen next to populated areas anymore.
- Added vignette to upgrade and tuning simulations screens.
- Enabled CRT post-processing filter for Return to Enceladus and Rescue Mission cutscenes.
- Claim Beacon thruster will no longer keep burning if its onboard computer loses power for some reason.
- When you quickly opened and closed the Onboard Maintenance System menu while being hailed by another ship, you could interrupt the dialogue animation, leaving invisible options.
- Changed the response curve for docking arms so they will not shake ships and drones attached to them.
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Hedon Bloodrite recieved a new patch today (Offline & GOG Galaxy). Here's the changelog:

2.1.0 Changelog
WARNING: Updates break your saves. DO NOT update if you're undergoing a playthrough, unless you're fine with using the Testing Hub map selector to manually restore your progress.

• Attempted fix for engine not picking up the proper main monitor on a multi-monitor setup;
• Fixed the issue with gamma and uiscale settings not saving properly;
• Fixed "Restore to defaults" not properly restoring consumable hotkeys;
• Fixed a number of graphical issues caused by brightmaps such as the weird glass reflections in Map09;
• Attempted fix for the crashes caused when exiting the game on Windows 7;
• Fixed the library issues caused by conflicts with the Linux Steam Runtime;

• Acid Potions now deliver their damage over a half second period rather than instantly, better simulating an acid splash effect;
• Enhanced visuals for the pink Toxic Cloud explosion;
• Made the Paingun's muzzle flash bigger and brighter;
• Increased the Hellclaw's projectile damage;
• Significantly increased the Crylance's chance to stagger medium to high tier enemies;
• Fixed Crushbow alt fire using up 2x ammo while shooting underwater;
• Fixed the Greataxe not triggering hit sounds when swinging at a certain angle/range from the target;

• Slightly reduced the chance for Initiates to perform a 3-shot attack;
• Cerberi have brighter orange lights on their backs for better visibility and get staggered slightly longer by Fragfire shots;
• Slightly reduced the damage of the clouds created by the Warlock's Toxic Bolt;
• While submerged, Warlocks now fire 3 Spirit Missiles instead of 6;
• Significantly reduced the direct damage of the Glutton's acid blobs and slightly increased their aoe damage;
• Added dynamic lights to Psi Demons while they attack to better signal their position and reduced their chance to create mirror images when damaged;

• Fixed various typos in the texts/dialogue;
• Fixed a bad music trigger when backtracking after the portal fight in Map05;
• Fixed the Book of Earth not being taken from your inventory in Map06;
• Added a couple of tutorial reminder tips at the start of Map11;
• The Crystal Curator can be killed instead of healed at the start of Map11 as an alternative;
• Fixed a broken extra secret count in Map12;
• Made the large crystal in the museum room explode from any source of damage in Map12;
• Fixed the Psi Crown not being removed from the player's inventory when skipping the first briefing in Map13;
• Attempted fix for the crash that occurs in the cathedral library in Map16;
• Fixed the gate leading up to Yzbeth's mansion not properly blocking movement in Map18;
• Fixed Wounded Bear Warrior not giving the proper reward based on difficulty in Map18;
• Split Map21 into two maps, "Blood Rite" (upper part and ending cinematic) and "Buried" (lower part and boss fight) in order to improve general performance;
• Switched some of the decorative level geometry to a singular 3D model in order to improve performance in the upper part of Map21;
• Fixed the Blue Baron not being killable/not properly entering his boss fight phases when receiving massive damage at once;
• Many other minor improvements and adjustments;
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Hustlefan: Spiritfarer

Updated to 34556_windows (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows) & 34556_osx (Galaxy, Mac)
Linux & Mac offline installers now updated as well.
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gogtrial34987: dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated (What, again? Yes, again!) from 0.394.4 to 0.395.8 (currently only on Windows; Mac and Linux presumably to follow soon.)
Linux & Mac installers just updated to 0.395.8.
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Medieval Dynasty

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

Update to v1.0.0.6. - Live version

Hello everyone!

We're updating the live version to v1.0.0.6.


- Tracker skill additionally highlights blood
- New sounds for Planning Wood in Woodshed
- Three new dialogues sounds for male child (1 voice color): Farewell, First time greeting, greeting


- One of the signposts shows the wrong direction to Lesnica
- Wrong descriptions for some items in the crafting menu
- Some locations randomized on the map have incorrect amounts of items
- Fish is flying out of the water after getting hit
- NPCs eating or drinking from invisible items
- If NPC is target of two quests and one requires items to deliver it sometimes blocks other quest from completing until required items are present
- Empty Buckets of Water on the map
- "Eat" text for drinking items instead of "drink"
- Recurve bow technology mismatch
- Technology unlocked schemes count mismatch for gates
- Input for drink in HUD for empty waterskin
- Affection is not visible for villagers owned by player
- "Missing string table entry" for builder's hut's chest
- The icon for "stew" shows a beet root, but there are no beet roots in the stew.
- "Crafting" technology instead of "production" in radial menus
- Iron spiked cudgel scheme missing in smithy III
- Temporary fix for rare situation where tutorial videos or cutscene could freeze the game (black screen will remain but shouldn't freeze game)
- Player being able to use tools before finishing dismounting
- Items in villages sometimes restore themselves.
- Fields and orchards sometimes placed incorrectly.
- Uniegost returns after Story Uniegost VII
- Sometimes Alwin returns after Alwins Story IX
- Fenenna stays in the village after she said she would leave the valley
- If an item fell on herbalist workbench it was impossible to pick it up.
- Sometimes after giving taxes their paid status did not save on autosave.
- "Animal overcrowding" quest sometimes did not give rewards.
- Strider achievement not working (if the player visited every village on their save already the achievement should unlock after going to any of them)
- Bandits causing performance issues after getting killed
- Alwin introducing himself as Racimir in the first dialogue of Alwin I side quest.
- Spears do not fly through animal legs anymore; they bounce off instead.


- Increased brightness at night
- Hurt prey animals are now slowed down to 40% of their max speed
- Aggresive animals are now slowed down when entering fleeing state
- Animals will now stay still for a little bit on first hit with a projectile
- More tracks during the search for Hugo
- Text for objective to get crossbow for domagoj changed for better clarity
- Domagoj's crossbow can be a wooden crossbow in Uniegost VI
- Removed left side hit animation from Hammer, Pickaxe, Axe and Cudgel
- Player won't be able to shoot underwater
- Increased attack range for fox and badger
- Increased attach chance for spears
- Disabled starving hunter quest.
- Henbane now only removes 2% alcohol but only increases poison by 2%.
- Polish updated
- German updated
- French updated
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Exiled Kingdoms
Accordingly to Steam there are two updates, one update the translations and minor bug fixes.
The other just minor bug fixes.
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Dungeon Rats
- Added Simplified Chinese community localization by Momotall;
- Localization code and language switching improvements.
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I have been notified that Gemini Rue recived the long awaited update, at least on GOG Galaxy. The offline Installer isn't available yet, I will post the changelog once it arrive.
Dead Cells has been updated to v1.15.1. Is there a changelog for this?