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Caster of Magic for Windows
Windows offline installer updated to v1.02.00.00

* Changelog from the publisher's forum:
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Death Trash Demo

Update to V0.7.18.

No changelog.


Update to V1.03b.

Changelog (from forum):

Webbed Hotfix v1.02b
Hey folks!

Here are the changes for this quick hotfix-hotfix:

Fixed achievements which stopped working in the last hotfix
Fixed steam screenshots not working

Thanks for your patience! The next update will be a bit more substantial :D

- Sbug Games

Webbed Update v1.03
Hey Folks,

Webbed v1.03 is now live!
Here is the full list of changes.


Fixed a crash that occurred when a save thumbnail was corrupted.
Fixed a crash when returning to the main menu in some cases.
Fixed an error which stopped the "You Monster" achievement being earned if the last fly was caught in the hub area.
Prevented a potential soft-lock caused by proximity sensors in the engineering section.
Prevented a potential soft-lock caused by shooting opals out of bounds in some bower levels.
The player spider should now automatically respawn if they manage to get stuck inside solid terrain.
Fixed skateboard getting stuck under half pipes.
Steam screenshots now capture the UI when the game is paused.
Gamepads are no longer detected based on axis inputs. This should prevent needing to unplug some controllers in order to play with keyboard and mouse.

Other Changes:

The princess bee carrying you no longer counts for the "Floor is Lava" achievement.
Added unique music for the bee hive.
Skate minigame timer now counts up instead of down, so there is no longer a strict time limit to complete the challenge.
Upgraded the secret hat button.

Have fun!
- Sbug Games

Webbed Update v1.03B

Webbed v1.03B is now live!
Here is the full list of changes.


Fixed death animation playing as princess bee flies you back home for the first time.
Fixed respawn not triggering when falling out of the bottom of some Sky Bower rooms.
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Alchemist Adventure

Updated to 1.210929 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.



Updated to 1.0.5.d (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from Steam:
Hotfix 1.0.5.a

The new reporting tool already pays off - we were able to fix several bugs after you reported them and provided us with the necessary data!

- Fixed a crash that would occur when picking up a receptacle (WaterJug, JerryCan, etc.) when the active player had a full inventory, but was assisted by another player.
- Fixed a bug where stackable objects that can be used as weapons (WoodenPole, MetalRebar) are auto-equipped upon pickup, but the rest of the stack disappeared. This could block the tutorial.
- Fixed a crash where dreamer grabbing state could not be properly re-initialized upon loading a save game.
- Fixed some smaller bugs.
Hotfix 1.0.5.b

Fixing the following issues:

- Problems with savegames not properly restoring certain values
- Problems with moving stackable weapons
- Crash connected to buhwack & smash Open interaction
Hotfix 1.0.5.c

- Fixed several problems that where connected to item drag.
Hotfix 1.0.5.d

Howdy folks,

with the reports provided by you through the bug reports, we now have a vast pool of data to work with.
We've been sieving through it, creating issues and fixing bugs left and right, but turned out to be messy business. We needed to improve and categorize the data, to identify duplicates and connect different reports that actually have the same cause.

Basically: Thanks to your help, we have a lot to work with, but we needed to get it in order.

- We fixed several crashes connected to incomplete savegame processing.
- We improved crash reporting and categorization of the data provided in crash reports.
- Some minor graphical & balancing fixes.
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Stellaris received update flag - no change in Changelog

Linux was updated - ver. 3.1.2

Windows & Mac - no change - still ver. 3.1.1
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DO NOT USE THIS INSTALLER !!! It is badly broken.

X4: Foundations

The broken Linux installer was supposed to be fixed but it is not.

No GOG changelog, no flag... as usual :-(
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Updated to v1.1.258-rc official (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Haven - Sweet Little Things - Free Update!

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a great summer. On our side we kept busy: we launched Haven physical editions with Limited Run and we were working on the first content update for Haven... And that's it, it's ready: Sweet Little Things is available today for free, on every platform!

The update brings:

- Two new costumes for Yu & Kay: "Streetwear" the hot style in the street, and "Top/Truth" inspired by the style of their origin planets.
- A meloglide: music is a huge part of Haven's experience. Now, you will be able to choose which track of the OST by Danger to listen to while chilling in the Nest or exploring Source.
- A concept art gallery: we know many of you love concept art and we wanted to share a bit of the making of Haven, and the work of our talented art team.
- A new kiss for our two lovers.
- And many quality of life improvements based on your feedback.

We hope you will enjoy it ❤️. You can read the full patch note below!


Patch note - "Sweet Little Things" - Update 30/09/2021
Version: v1.1.258

New features:

- Two new outfits for Yu and Kay: “Streetwear” and “Top / Truth”. They can be worn after finishing the game
- A Meloglide to listen to the game music of your choice while roaming or hanging out in the Nest
- A gallery to discover artworks and concept art from the making of the game, they unlock during the game
- Alternative kiss animation


- Load save menu now shows your progression in terms of ship parts and equipment
- Multiple capsules can now be crafted at once
- After cooking, it's now possible to choose which dish to eat
- Bonus loot is now rewarded when pacifying multiple creatures at the same time during combat
- Some settings can now be configured differently between the first and second player in co-op
- Added more sounds and visual effects to several menus

Bug fixes:

- Fixed main menu music stuttering sometimes
- Fixed the scrolling behavior in the settings menu
- Fixed an issue when starting a new game where the intro cutscene wouldn't play
- Fixed a case where characters would keep their spoon in hand in a post-meal dialog
- Fixed a dialog about the slugs dividing into two. They now do.
- Fixed a music overlap problem when exiting camping
- Fixed vibrations that continued when skipping some cutscenes
- Fixed several typos in some texts and dialogs
Edit: Changelog now posted by the developer in the game forum as well.
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Updated to 1.020.4 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
-| Update 1.020.4 |-

Hi everyone,

The last update was just a couple of days ago, but as I posted then, there are some things that were still in testing, which brings us to today.

The changelog for today isn't massive, but it should help alleviate some of the issues you could have experienced. As usual, the changelog can be found below.

Moving on to the next topic at hand and that's the coming soon segment.

In the next update...

The next update is planned to be released on October 11th. Please don't kill us if we miss the planned date ;). Along with the usual assortment of fixes and tweaks, we also plan to add some nice free new stuff to the base game which we hope you'll like:

- Glass and glass-related production chain
- Paper and paper-related production chain (books)
- 5 new buildings
- 4 new resources
- some new flora for the maps
- at least one new map

That's the short version. The longer version will come with the update announcement and changelog.

What else is looming on the horizon...
One other bit of info is that you can expect a nice freebie surprise for the upcoming Halloween. A reskin of sorts, completely free and completely optional of course.

Moving back to the changelog of today

Change log
- Buffed the King sends his regards event. He'll be dishing out more stuff and the overall quantity is dependent on what year it is in-game
- Fixed a problem where builders sometimes simply didn't go home which could cause further problems down the road.
- Fixed a problem where workers wouldn't bring the required resources to build a field/orchard/ranch
- Fixed a problem with pest events where they could sometimes get out of hand
- Fixed a problem with displaying the number of field/orchard/ranch workers being faulty
- Improved the German translation of the game. All thanks go to Daniel Brinkmann for this iteration.
- Tweaked Tornado movement so it looks and feels better.

As a final note for today, we'd like to extend our thanks to everyone who contributed to the game in whichever way, either by sending us your game logs or save files, by reporting an issue or a suggestion, by pointing out translation muck-ups and sending us the appropriate wording, both on the forums and on Discord. We thank you kindly.

That's it for today. As usual, we'll be monitoring for any feedback so if anything critical pops up, we'll make sure to respond with a quick-fix.

Govern on!
Overseer Games
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No Man's Sky
Offline installers updated to 3.68

* Changelog from official website:

"Introduced a number of optimisations for settlements and large bases.
Fixed an issue that could cause some settlement buildings to placed outside of the flattened area.
Fixed an issue that could cause two NPCs to occupy the same chair.
Improved the behaviours of settlement NPCs, so that they group up and converse more often.
Fixed a rare issue that could cause the settlement mission to become blocked after changing your settlement.
Fixed an issue that could cause the interaction with the settlement technology merchant to become blocked if they were interacted with while outside the marketplace.
Fixed an issue that could cause two identical NPCs to be spawned for a settlement decision.
Fixed an issue that could cause an error when supplying materials to some specific small settlement buildings.

Fixed an issue that could cause multiple bases on the same planet to share screenshots when viewed on the teleporter page.
Fixed an issue that prevented ladders from working correctly when placed in cuboid rooms.
Fixed an issue that prevented some corner pieces from snapping correctly.
Fixed an issue that prevented some basic floor pieces from flattening the terrain.
The base building recolour menu now has hover tips to display the name of the colour.
Fixed an issue that allowed players to delete communications beacons.
Fixed an issue that could count other player’s objects as your own for the purposes of planet object limits (for example, Exocraft Geobays).
Fixed a visual issue with Short-Range Teleporter wires.
Fixed a number of visual issues with the Race Initiator.
Improved the snapping behaviour of a large number of base parts.

Fixed an issue that caused some islands to disappear, leaving player bases floating or mission-related buildings underwater.
Removed a number of obsolete items from the catalogue.
Fixed an issue that could cause some head elements to be visible when playing in first person.

Fixed an issue that could allow players to prematurely start the Space Anomaly story missions whilst on an expedition.
Fixed an issue that could cause previous expedition saves to be reactivated as Cartographers Expedition saves.

Introduced a number of memory optimisations for PS4 and PS5.
Fixed a crash related to interactable objects.
Fixed a crash related to base and settlement rendering.
Fixed a number of physics-related memory leaks.
Fixed a crash related to region decoration.
Fixed a crash related to noise generation.
Fixed a physics related crash.
Fixed a rare issue that could block progress around mission portals.
Fixed an issue that blocked mission progress in the Japanese version.
Fixed an issue that could cause a soft-lock when using mods on PC VR.
Fixed an Xbox-specific crash."
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Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Prologue build 0.970 is now live - ahead of the full game's 1.0 release on October 5, 2021

Hey Folks,

On October 5, so only a few days from now Vagrus - The Riven Realms will leave the 'Game in Development' stage, and in celebration of that, we are releasing this refreshed Prologue build.

Our recently published Devlog post has all kinds of details what the 1.0 build will bring into the game.
Also, in case you have not seen it yet, here's our Release date announcement trailer picked up by IGN.

The Prolgoue now catches up with the main game, and even gets ahead for the time being, so it's now the perfect time to dive back in.

Mercenary Tasks
These not only add a ton of variation and replayability but also go a long way in softening up story content and allow the running of a combat-oriented comitatus for players. Fair warning, though: just like none of the other income sources work by themselves, Mercenary Tasks do not either. Combine them with Trade Tasks, passengers, and stories, with an emphasis on whichever you prefer over the others.

Mercenary Tasks are received from factions. Each faction is unique when it comes to the ratio of Trade and Mercenary Tasks you can get from them as well as the type of mercenary contracts they hand out. Enemies in these missions can be almost any kind, from beasts to outlaws and Undead - even the mercenaries of other factions.

Targeting Overhaul
Companion Combat targeting options have been added to suit different play-styles. The changes include a number of options from the main menu that allow the configuration of the way you target your foes and friendlies during the fights in Vagrus.
There are also visual upgrades, like Area Targeting boxes instead of the previous visual effects on the metal bases of the characters.

Revamped User Interface
Vagrus’ crew and settlement UI panes finally got some much-needed upgrades to make navigating the menu a more user-friendly experience. We previously covered some of the changes in Devlog #56, and you can even find a short video showcasing many of the changes on our YouTube Channel.

Important Note: Considering the extent of these improvements there is little to no chance that we broke nothing in the process. Assume that we did not want to make anyone's life harder. If you see something amiss, please flag it to us using the usual channels, like the inbuild reporting tool (F1 button), forums, and our Discord server.

Now let's jump into the details:

Patch 0.9.70 - Codename: The One Before Full Release

New Features
* Mercenary tasks and Dissonance Mode from the Conquest and Dissonance patch
* Combat rule changes around push and pull effects

User interface improvements
* All changes from the Target Acquired update
* Complete Crew and Settlement UI revamp
* Revamped and improved Perk UI

New/Updated Features
* Improved performance in a number of areas (the game is huge, though, so the initial load time is still significant

Bug fixes
* Scores of balancing tweaks
* Hundreds of bug fixes

Stay tuned, stay alive, conquer the wasteland!
The Lost Pilgrims Team
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gog2002x: Stellaris received update flag - no change in Changelog

Linux was updated - ver. 3.1.2

Windows & Mac - no change - still ver. 3.1.1
Changelog from Steam - though after copy/pasting that here, I see it's now also available on gog as it should be:

######################### VERSION 3.1.2 ###########################

# Performance and Stability

* Fixed a crash where releasing a vassal as a Clone Army could cause an invalid species.

# Bugfixes

* Fixed the Clone Army origin tooltip not having a matching ship upkeep reduction with their admirals. Also changed the bonus to scale in a cleaner way, the upkeep is now 5/10/20% based on the Army's decisions.
* The Genetic Crossroads special project will now abort if a species completes Synthetic Evolution before finishing it.
* Fixed habitability of planets that clone armies have abandoned through lack of clone vats being locked at 0% for them.
* Ancient Clone Vats can now only assemble Clone Soldier pops.
* Going into a food deficit when using the Catalytic Processing civic will now give a -50% production penalty to alloy production. This penalty is in line with the penalty non-catalytic empires suffer from a mineral deficit
* Fixed players being able to move their Science Ship to blow up systems using the “Elder One” event.
* Fixed exploit where AI acceptance from Eminent Diplomats tradition also applied to trade deals.

# Known Issues

* The penalty to alloy production from a food deficit in catalytic empires is not shown in the deficit tooltip.
* Mastercraft Inc. Civic does not change Artisans into Artificers on an Ecumenopolis.
* Some inconsistencies in the number of jobs exchanged by Foundry Station designation for empires with the Catalytic processing civic.
* It’s possible for the Nivlac species to be created without the Radiotrophic trait in certain instances.
* Party Aftermath event can create crossbreed species between caravaneers and an infertile clone pop.
* Shattered Ring World can turn into a planet due to takeover or devastation.
* Mechanical pops with a Decadent Lifestyle have no pop upkeep.
* Awakened Empires don't use traditions properly.
* Machine empires can spawn with the necrophage origin.
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Sztaszov: [snip]
I don't own your game but wanted to thank you for posting your update here! Also, this may be going slightly off-topic but would you please consider a DRM-free release on another DRM-free store? (Please PM me if so as I don't want to break any forum rules. I am not affiliated with any store, not a salesperson, etc, just an interested customer).
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ATOM RPG: Trudograd

Standalone installer updated:
[Windows] 1.01 release ⇒ 1.02,
[Linux] 1.0 release ⇒ 1.02,
[Mac] 1.0 OSX release ⇒ 1.02.

Patch 1.02

• Fixed a bug in the quest "The Taming of the Shrew";
• Fixed a large batch of errors in radio dialogues;
• Fixed a package of errors related to thermos mechanics;
• Fixed a number of visual bugs in the operation of weapon modifications;
• Fixed a bug that led to a change in the position of the NPC after saving or loading the game;
• Fixed a bug that led to an increase in damage from the Molotov cocktail after saving or loading the game;
• In the dialogue with Blaze, the lines about waiting for new content from the Early Access times have been removed;
• Fixed a bug where, in the dialogue with the Milkman, the answer option did not fit into the interface window;
• The special armor interface has become more informative;
• Correction of typos and errors in the text;
• Other minor fixes.
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Alchemist Adventure

Updated to 1.210930 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Again, no changelog.
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List of games that their update flags are missing in Sep 2021:
(Only games I owned are recorded. [1])

bad_north_deluxe_edition_upgrade (Soundtrack, flac format)
elvira_ii_the_jaws_of_cerberus (Game Manual)
elvira_mistress_of_the_dark (Game Manual)
[1] Sep 2021:
[2] Aug 2021:
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SOMA received an update flag - Changelog still shows only 1.510 notes

Linux - updated to 1.61

Mac - still no update

Windows - updated earlier

An earlier post by viperfdl has the Steam notes the_what_did_just_update_thread/post26634
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