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Endzone - A World Apart (In Development)

Updated to 0.7.7639.31134 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

PART 1/2
Livestock Update | Now available

The ninth major update brings variation and diversity to the wildlife of Endzone along with optimized settler behavior

Greetings, survivors!

In the ninth update for Endzone it is possible for the first time not only to hunt animals in the wild, but also to catch them and keep them in pastures implemented for this purpose. Four completely new species of animals now roam the radioactive forests of Endzone, offering a much wider range of food than just their meat. In addition, the settler behavior has been reworked again and allows to understand their actions much easier and to better integrate them into the natural flow of the game. Players should not only notice a boost in efficiency, but also be "rewarded" by a logical settlement structure, leading to a well balanced settlement.


- Buildings: Added a Pasture, allowing you to raise and keep animals as another steady food source. Animals on the pasture need water to survive, which is supplied by herders. You can control and customize the behavior of the Pasture to your liking, deciding to butcher animals or only harvest their produce.
- Buildings: Added 2 new work modes to the Hunting Lodge. Wild animals can now be caught by the Hunter. Be aware that only 2 different species of animals will appear on the map, but you can find animals of other species by trading.
- Buildings: Added a Food Counter. This building is part of the logistic buildings and it lets you redistribute food to places, where it is really needed or not readily available. A logistician assigned to the Food Counter will look for food inside the working area, fetching and storing it in the building’s inventory. You can also decide which food types should be stored.
- Buildings: Added new visuals for the normal school building to relate better to the Advanced School.
- Buildings: Added new settler badge for herder.
- Animals: Added sounds to all animal species.
- Animals: Added 4 new animal species: Buffaloes, Hares, Chickens, and Goats. Every new map seed features 2 randomly picked animals from all available species including deer and boars.
- Animals: Added different properties for all animal species. All animals provide different types of meat. Some species also produce additional resources like Milk or Eggs. Furthermore, every species yields different amounts of meat and has its own reproduction rate.
- Trading: Added animals to the special goods inventory of several traders. Traders will only carry animals that you can’t find on the map.
- Resources: Added 2 new recipes to the kitchen: Cake and Stew. Both resources offer different effects when consumed. Eating a cake will give a bonus in confidence, while consuming Stew will regenerate your settlers’ health.
- Tutorial: Added a new Tutorial for food production. This tutorial offers a comprehensive overview of all the different ways of producing and distributing food.
- Settlers: Added prioritization options for settlers to prioritize certain types of tasks: Build, Build Streets and Repair. This can be adjusted in the Town Center, using Drag and Drop.
- Music: Added another music track, which plays back in “normal” gameplay situations.
- Decrees: Added a new decree: “Loitering Ban”. With this decree, your settlers will stop visiting their homes to gain confidence and avoid any leisure activities, making them very efficient but also unhappy.
- UI: Added new popup window to easily solve conflicts when the player tries to prioritize the construction or repair of multiple buildings.
- UI: Added 2D avatars for roaming animals.
- Fields: Added a new seed: Black Salsify. This seed replaces the roots resource, which could not be acquired by any production building.

Black Salsify on a cultivated field


- Buildings: Fixed Scrap Totem click sound, which used a wrong sound file.
- Buildings: Fixed a bug in the Hunting Lodge that could result in hunters still killing animals, when the production limit for food was already reached.
- Buildings: Lowered volume of Fields ambience sound.
- Buildings: Fixed bug in field-of-influence-check for several buildings like the Market.
- Buildings: Several fixes that prevented building of streets.
- Buildings: Gatherer Hut is no longer looking for roots.
- Buildings: Fixed source selection of irrigation plants not being available on old savegames.
- Tutorial: Game is now paused if the endscreen of a scenario is opened.
- Tutorial: Fixed that players can go back into the game by pressing ESC in the Main Menu when they have a completed tutorial session in the background.
- UI: Fixed missing sound cue when starting a new game session.
- UI: Removed misleading UI sound when clicking on buttons.
- UI: Toggling Repair on/off using the keyboard shortcut now only works ingame and not e.g. while typing the savegame name in the main menu.
- Trading: Only paying with food now also changes the reputation with traders.
- Trading: Fixed “Start Trade” button being interactable, even if the deal is considered as unfair.
- Trading: Fixed food not removed correctly if traded with a specific food resource.
- Environment: Fixed issues with first plants still stacking on top of each other under certain conditions.
- Environment: Forest Plants without a parent tree will slowly shrink and vanish, fixing save games that experienced the first plant stacking bug.
- Savegames: A new game id is now created when clicking “restart” in the main menu. This way, new savegames receive their own game slot.
- Localization: Several grammar and typo fixes for German localization.
- Settlers: Fixed wrong labeling when settlers are idling in certain cases.


- Settlers: Settlers are no longer visiting their home for food and water. Instead, settlers satisfy their needs for food and water by searching for the nearest collection point or storage. This boosts the overall efficiency of settlers, as it reduces time spent walking back and forth between homes and workplaces.
- Settlers: Settlers will now visit their homes periodically to relax and chill, gaining a boost in confidence for a certain amount of time.
- Settlers: Settlers now use a more complex system when assigning themselves to workplaces and homes. This should result in less job switching and shorter walking distances.
- Settlers: Changed behavior of Repair and Build Next button. Tasks are no longer stacked and should be executed faster. If your streets are built too slow, please use the prioritization in the Town Center instead.
- Settlers: Settlers now try to get all resources they need in one go if the building they are visiting has several resources they need. Before, settlers would visit the same building several times to acquire their resources one by one.
- Expeditions: Reworked filtering options when setting up an expedition.
- Expeditions: Added a new notification when a ruin was scouted.
- Expeditions: Big performance boost for the expeditions' setup window.
- Animals: Animal species spawned on the map are now bound to the map seed.
- Tutorial: Changed the tutorial map to use a specific savegame instead of a seed.
- Graveyard: Bumped up the number of maximum morticians from 3 to 10.
- Decrees: Removed the graveyard decree, as it was misleading and often misused and did not offer the expected benefit.
- Diseases: Randomized settler selection when a disease breaks out.
- Buildings: The Irrigation Plant now highlights its worker paths.
- Buildings: Street building tasks are now broken down to chunks of tasks, to make building streets more efficient.
- Buildings: Rain Collectors now show the Turnover Tab.
- Buildings: Production buildings now give additional information about the settlers working in it, such as showing the tools they are using, their educational status, and so on.
- Trading: Generating a fair trade now takes reputation into account.
- Trading: Trading Window now displays the available inventory of the trading post and warns the player if a trade cannot be concluded when there’s not enough inventory space.
- Trading: Improved layout of Trade Window.
- UI: ‘Quit Game’ button now only prompts the player if he really wants to quit, if the session was not previously saved in the main menu.
- UI: Re-enabled hotkey to (de-)activate repairs.
- UI: Changed sorting of several buildings in the Buildings Tab.
- UI: Added a warning to the “Repair Next” button if repair is currently disabled.
- UI: Changed Start Button Sound to a more rewarding one.
- Achievements: Reduced achievement progression intervals, so that achievement progress isn’t triggered as often, which was especially noticeable in the main tutorial.
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Endzone - A World Apart (In Development)

Updated to 0.7.7639.31134 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

PART 2/2

- Buildings: The new school visuals require you to destroy and build a new school, if you want it to connect to the power grid correctly.
- Savegame: Some savegames made during the Community Preview might throw an error related to the Pasture. We’ll try to address this in an upcoming Hotfix.
- Settlers: Pausing a building while it is under construction (all resources have already been brought to the building) and then re-enabling the construction, the building is not constructed any further. We’ll try to address this in an upcoming Hotfix.


Through the pasture, roaming animals can now finally be kept and raised in the Endzone. The hunter is now able not only to hunt animals, but also to capture them as needed and store them in the Hunter's Lodge until a Herder picks them up and brings them to the pasture.
Held animals naturally need a certain amount of food and water to survive and reproduce on the pasture.
Animals can be slaughtered inside the pasture and thus be processed into meat. How many animals are to be slaughtered can be set in the building UI of the pasture. In order to avoid having to catch animals again, a minimum limit can be set for the number of animals to be slaughtered. Buffalo, goats and chickens can also provide eggs and milk for further processing in addition to meat.
Individual animal species take up different amounts of space on a pasture, which results in the following maximum numbers for keeping animals:

- Hares and chickens: 10 units
- Goats and wild boars: 7 units
- Buffalo and deer: 5 units

Reproduction time and yield differ for individual animal species similarly to different seeds in the fields and therefore require the player to find an optimal balance. In addition to catching them in the wild, Traders can now also bring a new type of animal if the reputation is high enough, so keep an eye out for that!

The pasture and some boars

UI window of the pasture showing the possibilities you have in the building

Buffaloes, Chickens, Goats and Hares


The Food Counter in action

The new Food Counter complements the revised behavior of the settlers. They generally prefer the shortest distance to a building where they can get food. The Food Counter can now be built near production facilities and gives food to hungry settlers. Inside the building, the player can choose what kind of food should be provided. Logisticians are responsible for collecting food from the specified area of influence and bringing it to the Food Counter. With the new recipes in the kitchen, it is also possible to determine more precisely what effect a Food Counter will have at the desired location.

- Stew saturates settlers and gives them a little buff on their health if it is not completely filled.
- Cake also saturates settlers, but makes them a little happier.

UI window of the Food Counter showing the different options


The behavior of the settlers is elementary for a functioning settlement and is therefore regularly examined and permanently optimized by us. Among other things, your feedback made it clear that there were no technical errors in the behavior of the settlers, but logical ones. The adapted behavior not only makes it more obvious to the player when which decisions are made, but these decisions now have a much more positive effect on the growth and preservation of the settlement.
Previously, settlers stopped their current tasks as soon as a vital need had to be met. This is still the case, but settlers now use the path they have travelled to satisfy all needs at once. In this sense, water supply and food intake no longer function separately, thus halving the number of ways they take to sustain life. Additionally, settlers now visit their homes in their spare time to get a small boost to their confidence and use it for reproduction. Also the autonomous allocation of jobs now works more precisely, so that fewer job changes take place overall without negatively affecting efficiency.

The priorities of the settlers in their building behavior have also been adjusted. In the Towncenter, the construction method that should be prioritized over the others can now be determined by drag & drop. This means that the expansion or maintenance of the settlement can now be sensitively controlled.

Road construction has also changed fundamentally. While settlers used to like to build just one piece of a road and then do other things, they now work through so-called "chunks". These are pre-defined "blocks" or areas of a road, which means that they are built faster and more reliably overall.




Endzone - A World Apart | Livestock Update Trailer

We know that there are still some things we need to fix, and we are listening to your feedback. We try to address all important issues in a timely manner and make the game as a whole more understandable and fair. However, it is important to note that Endzone - A World Apart is a survival game. Challenging gameplay, as well as a difficult learning curve, are intended and are designed to provide the player with a difficult task.

- Your team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment

Changelog Version 0.7.7639.27501
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Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
New patch now available! (Build 8571)

We have released another hotfix for Trine 4, which contains a fix for the join problems in online games and a couple of other fixes. Read the full changelog below:

- A potential fix for the remaining issues with joining online multiplayer games
- Multiple fixes to game crashes
- A fix for situations where an out-dated fan translation mod caused the game to crash. This fix doesn't make the fan translations work, but now the game shouldn't crash and should make it easier for translators to locate and fix the problems with their language mods.
- A fix for the puzzle in Cornelius's Dream, checkpoint 6 in Classic mode Multiplayer. Now only 1 box should spawn instead of 3.

Let us know if you run into any issues after this patch update. We're also interested in hearing if the patch helps with the online multiplayer issues. You can let us know by contacting us directly at
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MarkoH01: Hello Games: "We are listening closely to your feedback,"

No, you don't. There is still DRM inside the game :(
Must be the sort of listening GOG does.
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BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut

Updated from 1.01 (42987) to 1.01 (43097) (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the publisher in the game forum:
Hello! This issue was caused by a file mapping error on the first release of the GOG version of patch 1.01 for BR2:TC. We've corrected the patch's file mapping, so the issue with skipping cutscenes should no longer occur once you have verified game files from Galaxy again. Please contact us at if you still experience any issue with getting the cinematics to play during the game.
Same for the offline installer. Download the 1.01 installer again to get the latest version.
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There is no Game
Update Offline Installers v1.0.18_(42276) -> v1.0.22_(43118)

There are only patch notes on Gog for 20th November.
On Steam there is a changelog for december 1st, so i post this here:

"Hey all,

Here is a small patch of no interest

No Improvements:
Updated Russian translation.
Chapter 6: The machine's comment on the high temperature (when you reach 40 ° while the creator is knocked out) will only be played once and not each time you return to the temperature screen.
Chapter 6: The fuse of the bomb ignites on overlap and no longer on the drop.

No Bug fixes:
Chapter 6: Trying to brew coffee while the Creator was knocked out could prevent future Glitch calls.
Main menu credits did not loop properly after changing languages.

Have no fun."
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Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry Twice

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows)

Changelog from Steam:
Leisure Suit Larry – Wet Dreams Dry Twice Update available

Adding full controller support, two new languages: Italian and Polish and more!

Great News Larry-Fans!
As today we have released the first update for Leisure Suit Larry – Wet Dreams Dry Twice on PC!

The Update includes:

- We have added full controller support
- We have added two new languages: Italian and Polish
- Thanks to your support we could also tackle many minor bugs and glitches that have been reported to us since release!

Thank you for your support and feedback we have received since release!
Please keep it up!
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ATOM RPG: Trudograd

Update 0.7: Special Armor Edition

Greetings, friends!

Today we’re launching another huge update for ATOM RPG: Trudograd Early Access.

We have spent several months constantly working on it and we have great hope that you will feel like the wait was worth it!

After updating the game, you will be able to continue the previously unavailable main quest branches; you will get to meet new characters, most of which will have side quests for you; you will be able to challenge new bloodthirsty enemies on several new random encounter maps as well as in a huge new dungeon, and generally do many, many more new things.

…The most awaited of which is the ability to finally acquire and check out the new suit of Power Armor, which is attached to a unique quest.

The full list of changes can be found below:
● Revolutionary and Police quest lines added to;
● New branches of missions when contacting Revolutionaries or Police;
● Added Power Armor and one modification for it;
● Added 5 new full locations;
● Added new characters to old locations (Police, Docks, Rust Quarter, Mikhalych’s Tavern);
● Added secret quests and random encounters;
● 30+ new characters, most with side quests;
● 6 new ammo types;
● New weapons and weapon mods;
● New random encounter maps;
● 10+ new enemy types;
● New wares added to merchants, they now also have much more money;
● Random encounter balance fixed;
● Dzhulbars memo added for those who had him in their ATOM RPG save. Will only show up when starting a new game from said save;
● New unique character animations;
● Added to and perfected the game’s soundscape on city maps;
● Fixed the Cock fight ring heist quest issue with no auto dialogue;
● Fixed the console in Mikhalych’s Tavern when talking to the mercenaries;
● Item names fixed;
● Razin and Blaze now get bonuses for high skill values;
● Collisions between objects fixed on main locations;
● Fixed Cargo Ship combat bugs;
● Fixed visual errors when certain characters sat on thin air;
● Fixed the item Mother’s Heart in Ruslan Lee quest;
● Fixed the unavailability of the option to change factions early on;
● Text quest for the Mermaid statue fixed;
● Dog animations fixed;
● A lot of minor and rare bugs and optimization issues fixed;

As always we urge you to send your ideas, suggestions and bug reports on our Steam forums or in our Social Media pages. If you ever get a bug, please send your save file and small issue description to our email

You are a great part of developing our game and we wish to wholeheartedly thank you for this. And as always... Let there be ATOM!

Standalone installer updated: 0.6.72 => 0.7.1.
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ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game

Patch 1.173

Greetings, friends!

Today we are very happy to share a new patch, containing sets of improvements for the game, including new optimizations.

- Fixed an error with syncing cloud saves from Nintendo Switch/iOS/Android platforms.
- Optimized some random encounters;
- Fixed Maiden Spring quest issue which came up when the NPCs of that area were attacked after the assignment was complete;
- Gamepad buttons now show up on tooltips during the tutorial;
- Fixed moving through enemy corpses;
- Fixed a bunch of console related controls;
- Unity updated to ver. 2019.4.15;
- Game now requires less memory from weak PCs.
- A lot of fixes in the Polish localization

Thank you for reading and let there be ATOM!

Standalone installer updated: 1.172 Event GOG to 1.173.
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Many GOG game updates have no official update flag.
I started to record it since Nov 2017. Only games I have are listed here. [1]

Report for Nov 2020:
Total updates: 72
Games updates: 35 (Some games have multiple updates, daily basis)
Flags I got: 64

89% updates have an official flag. 11% are missing.

List of games that flags are missing:

[1] Nov 2020 updates:
[2] Oct 2020 record:
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Dusk has been updated to version 1.6. No changelog as of yet.
high rated
Talisman: Digital Edition

Marked as updated.
No changelog.
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Age of Wonders: Planetfall

####V1.403 - Triceratops Hotfix 3 (3 December 2020)


Baldur's Gate 3

Update EA (2 December 2020)

Improved character follower movement.
Added an option to hide your helmet in the equipment screen.
Added trajectory preview for force application when using spells.
All characters now correctly stop running when forced turn-based mode is activated.
Companions will now jump to follow the main player character.
Fixed and re-enabled Larian Cross Save between all platforms.
Assorted tweaks to companion approval ratings.
The Combat AI now accounts for falling from jumps.
Changed AI behaviour archetypes for the Boar, Intellect Devourer, and Tiny Spider.
Combat music no longer ends when a character joins combat.
Audio configuration now updates on selection of an option.
In multiplayer, other clients can now hear the dice roll events of a player in dialog.
Decluttered the hotbar UI by allowing selection of upcasted versions of spells with a separate widget.
Improved look of toggle-able Passives that can be added to the hotbar.
Improved some skill tooltips in Character Creation.
Added a tutorial for Inspiration points.
Cinematics: Adjusted emotions and lookats in certain areas.
Cinematics: Camera tweaks and lighting improvements in certain areas.
Cinematics: A large pass of improvements on emotions and attitudes.
Cinematics: Improved fade timings.
Cinematics: Improved blending between poses.
Any dialog associated with a mask will play before equipping it instead of after.
Jumping down a hole now teleports any following characters as well.
Overhauled the sheath/unsheath weapon logic for more consistent behaviour.
Experience is now awarded for avoiding combat and completing smaller side quests.
Added a new sound for rolling initiative in combat.

Balancing Changes

Fire Bolt, Ray of Frost and Acid Splash no longer create surfaces on impact. Fire Bolt still ignites flammable surfaces, and Ray of Frost still freezes water and blood puddles. Fire Bolt's damage has been adjusted accordingly
Tweaked default ability distribution for Clerics and Rogues. Clerics start with more DEX to take advantage of medium armor; Rogues start with more INT to open them up for Arcane Trickster archetype.
It is no longer possible to perform infinite actions by moving in and out of a White Spore Cloud in a single turn; the status from a White Spore Cloud should now persist until the end of a character's turn.
Toned down camera shakes for spell prepare effects.
The Shatter spell now works properly with Sculpt Spells.
Melee Sneak Attack now requires a finesse weapon.
Invoke Duplicity now only works properly if the attacker is within 3m of the summon.
Surprised statuses can no longer stack.
Increased price of drow armor to 800 gp.
Allowed effects of multiple Hex spells to stack on the same character.
You can now use Dash while staying hidden (sneaking).
The party can now take 2 short rests per long rest.
The default action on a container's tooltips is now 'Open' instead of 'Pick up'.
Rebalanced difficulty of dialog skill checks.
Changed the melee skeleton's ability from Cleave to Slash to make it consistent with his weapon.
Fixed NPCs not reacting to Hunter's Mark as a hostile action.
Tweaked the AI archetypes of Goblins.

Performance and Stability

Fixed not being able to load some saved games.
Reduced long save times - better thread planning for 4-core CPUs.
Improved stability of the Vulkan version.
Fixed a random crash when removing a character that has followers.
Fixed a random crash when switching weapon set while dual wielding,
Fixed a crash when deleting a lot of saved games,
Fixed a crash when lock-picking a heavy chest.
Fixed a random crash on passive roll fail.
Fixed a crash that can occur when items fall on top of each other.
Fixed a crash while loading, related to being in a jump state
Fixed a crash when looting several imp bodies in a sideroom in the tutorial.


Resolved a multitude of cinematic staging issues.
Fixed incorrect flow in some dialogues.
Characters can now walk to positions even if blocked by an invisible object.
Automatic pathfinding has been fixed for a few specific items.
A weapon that can't be dual wielded will now automatically be equipped by double-clicking on it.
All Passives should now display on the Character Sheet.
In combat, the chance-to-hit preview should now be correct — even if your character still needs to move.
AI melee archetypes now properly calculate damage done to allies and neutral characters. This should reduce unnecessary friendly fire when characters use any area-of-effect attacks or abilities.
Incantation sounds have been restored to some spells.
Summoned guards will now patrol an area before leaving it.
Some dialogs got stuck after being prompted with a Persuasion check roll - these have been fixed.
You can no longer switch weapon sets when casting a spell or moving to cast a spell.
After loading a saved game, quest markers should now correctly disappear when objectives change.
Added input delay to prevent spamming through roll states.
Fixed a desync issue where client characters would move back to their previous positions after a jump.
Journal notifications should no longer get stuck on the screen.
Fixed a bug where visuals wouldn't show up in the Examine window.
Fixed a bug where the player profile would not be created correctly when using specific characters in the profile name.
Profile switching now carries over any changes made to sound settings.
Fixed animation issues when applying statuses to NPCs in forced turn-based mode.
Doors that have been opened now look like they're open.
Scroll of Invisibility now costs the same as scrolls of other 2nd-level spells.
Armor of Agathys now correctly deals 10 cold damage when using a 2nd-level spell slot.
The Life Domain Cleric's version of Cure wounds now heals for 2d8 HP when using a 2nd-level spell slot.
Great Weapon Fighting no longer triggers on ranged weapon attacks.
When wielded two-handed, the quarterstaff now does 1d8 base damage instead of 1d6.
Dissonant Whispers now shows the correct damage values at 2nd-level.
The Mother's Loathing potion now lasts until rest (as stated in the tooltip).
Some broken healing potions no longer display as Superior versions.
When loading a game saved during turn-based mode (on an NPC's turn), characters now have all of their equipment properly equipped.
Characters will now take fall damage when hit by an Eldritch Blast with the Repelling Blast passive feature.
Faithbreaker's weapon action (Absolute Power) now correctly triggers a pushback.
No more UI overlap when 4 players recruit Lae'zel and Us in the tutorial.
Removed trade & attack buttons from Lae'zel's recruitment.
When recruiting Lae'zel, you can no longer gain double XP.
Harpies should now be able to reach more spots in combat.
Journal entry is now correct when players leave without fighting the harpies.
In the Thayan Cellar, skeletons now destroy their caskets when spawning.
Music should now play and transition more cleanly in the goblin camp.
Minthara no longer vanishes after asking certain questions.
The moon puzzle no longer flips the moons after rotating adjacent disks in succession.
The stats of the companion bear no longer have ten times the intended weight.
The dialogue with Ethel and Mayrina's brothers no longer ends early if you side with no one.
Fixed a bug preventing you from picking up the letter to Kagha.
Removed an incorrect music trigger in the swamp.
Lae'zel no longer refuses to speak after the encounter with the Githyanki at the bridge.
When entering the aura of a Sussur Bloom, spells are now correctly disabled in the hotbar.
More general quest fixes and flag check improvements to make the story experience smoother.
Flags fixed in Kagha's denouncement scene to prevent nearly-identical nodes from repeating.
Fixed a custom crime flag when clicking the goblins' beer tub to make sure the right dialogue appears.
Fixed quest-giving and journal flags in the Zhent's shipment situation.
Ensured Arabella dies when she's meant to.
Flow-blocker fixed in Anders' dialogue - it now correctly checks the right flags.
The Thayan undead now has idle behavior.
Flags added to add reactivity to Shadowheart's part of the Arabella court scene.
Edits to Lae'zel's recruitment flags in the plains to better account for the flow leading up to it.
high rated
Raiders Forsaken Earth has updated to 1.2.0
Offline included.
No changelog, no patch, 289mb download reinstall.
high rated

Standalone installer updated: 1.2.2 => 2.0.
The base game + two DLC's are now called DARQ: Complete Edition.

The in-game version number is 1.3 though.

And ...

... a tip for your evening readings:
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