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VERSION (2 November 2020)

Fixing tone on Necroids namelist
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Conglomerate 451

CONGLOMERATE 451 - Update 1.5.7 NOW LIVE (November 3, 2020)

Fixed an issue that prevented some buffers to work right if you have a combo of SPUs and Plugins


Now you cannot use the photo mode inside the elevator


Now it’s easier to use some interfaces with the gamepad
Improved performance in some areas
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Hustlefan: The Signifier

Updated to The Signifier - macOS - v1.03 (Galaxy & Offline Installer) and The Signifier - Windows - v1.03 (Galaxy)

Changelog from Steam:

New Patch!

Hi! A new patch is incoming.

- Lots of work to reduce motion sickness. Camera is stable, better responsiveness when moving, option to disable motion blur in high quality settings (forced off in low quality). This required lots of work as it affected the player and all objects.
- Fixed short stutter when initiating and finishing interaction with objects.
- Fixed compatibility issue that made some players have a black screen after the first logo. (this one was hard to find!!)
- Fixed some compatibility issues with controllers / mouse detection that could break load/save and general UI selection on a very reduced number of setups. This was really hard to reproduce and we fixed it on the setups we could reproduce it, but it might still happen in some that we can't reproduce unfortunately. Will require more testing if it keeps happening to some.
- Fixed missing impression that blocked "collector" achievement.
- Added master volume control and improved mixing in general.
- Improved memory management to avoid potential crashes. These were reported by a few users on specific setups and were reported back fixed (Thanks Borys for the crash dumps and test on testing branch!)
-Fix probable bug that if you skipped a dialogue with Laura at the laboratory you couldn't click on items later.
- Lots of minor gameplay/UX fixes that could contribute to unintended confusion (example: using timewarp from the wrong angle in dog/avatar sequence, hitbox too small or distance too short, creature kickback on unintended moment even if not looking at it, changed password "guess 3 missing digits" to "choose 3 missing digits" as it was interpreted as a random guess for some, mask Raw Data collider too small, and a big etc)
- Tweaked some variable conditions that made too hard to get some of the different dialogue branches at the end of the game.
- Made Laura's ending dialogue a bit more consistent with choices, as in some cases she would swap emotional discourse when leaving the door if some corner case conditions where met.
- Small optimizations done and clipping issues fixed
- Lots of other minor fixes!

Also, sorry for the big download! As we had to do some memory management between scenes we had to upload a lot again.

Let's keep this thread open, we'll keep our eyes open, specially in case of those compatibility issues we haven't been able to reproduce!

Thanks for your patience and we hope you're enjoying the game!

Windows offline installer now updated as well.
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Space Rangers HD: A War Apart

Offline installer updated to 2.1.2400a

GOG changelog:
"Space Rangers - update 2.1.2400 is now live (3 November 2020)
Bug fixes:
Fixed various small bugs in German localization mode
Fixes for future mods compatibility"
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Desperados III

Updated to 1.6 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Money for the Vultures - Part 3: Once More With Feeling DLC available now. (Part of the Season Pass and Digital Deluxe Edition)

No changelog.
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Monster Train

Updated from build 10996 to 11039 (v1.3.3).

-HALLOWEEN - removed the temporary Halloween decorations.
-HALLOWEEN - reduced the frequency Bone Dog appears. It's still more common than it was before the Herzal's Workshop update. We hope a lot of you were able to master the card during the limited time Halloween event!
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Just recieved another update (45 MB) for Nightmare Reaper through GOG Galaxy.

VersionChapter2_1.0 --> VersionChapter2_1.1
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Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

Patch 1.5.111 (3 November 2020)

FIX: Bug that prevented videos and screenshots appearing in the Media Browser
FIX: Lighting issues in Galactica CIC
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Iratus Lord of the Dead

Updated offline 180.12.00 to 180.13.00

No changelog.
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This War of Mine has been updated.

Edit: surfer1260 discovered the changelog for it on Steam - thank you :)

" This War of Mine | Small Hotfix [02.11.2020]
Hi there, Everyone!

A super quick update!

We had some free time on our hands - and were able to track down and fix some super minor issues in the game (like optimizing performance on older hardware and fixing glitches and issues on some newer machines). It's nothing content-related, so you won't see any bigger difference when you play the game. Our devs, on the other hand, will sleep better knowing that they've fixed some stuff that you've reported back in the day.

We just wanted to let you know what's up with the newest update - so you won't get alarmed. Thanks for understanding!

Stay safe,
11 bit studios "
Post edited November 04, 2020 by MarkoH01
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Death and Taxes

Galaxy (Win+Mac, 2020-11-03): 1.2.4

Offline installer (Win) updated 2020-11-04: 1.2.3 to 1.2.4

From Steam:
• Fixed Posthumous Spiritualism not triggering
• Fixed Cerberus' Den Flyer on Desk resetting its location all the time
• Fixed Kharon conversation with Cerri
• Fixed Day 24's Fate letter instructions in some cases
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Here are the patch notes for the latest Nightmare Reaper update.

Chapter 2 1.1
• Fixed : Picked up weapon doesn't equip if you have no weapons.
• Fixed : Boss orb can be stuck high in the sky.
• Fixed : First chapter 2 boss can be yeeted a mile into the sky.
• Fixed : Treasure count can be negative or over the maximum.
• Fixed : Can get stuck in one office end room.
• Fixed : Switch can spawn inside a store shelf in building levels.
• Fixed : Can get to Chapter 2 zones prematurely.
• Fixed : Can walk in river in world 1 of skill tree.
• Fixed : One battery can activate two switches.
• Fixed : Number weapon input is reset on game start for gamepad.
• Fixed : Rare crash when decorations setting is low.
• Fixed : Can respawn inside of boat in hub when falling in water.
• Fixed : Some beds would give too much clutter combo.
• Fixed : Can be stuck in level end screen if we only have a level 3 weapon.
• Fixed : Blue elevators can block doors they shouldn't.
• Changed : Made howitzer attack of tank boss not aim at player's feet.
• Changed : Added an exit path to one park challenge room.
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Westmark Manor has been updated. No changelog.
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Tales of Maj'Eyal

Windows offline installers have now also been updated to version 1.7.0

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MarkoH01: Westmark Manor has been updated. No changelog.
Westmark Manor

Updated to 1.035 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Patch notes 5th November 2020

Today sees a patch to address the following:

- Bug fix: interacting with objects in the house should no longer freeze the game
- Bug fix: lantern should no longer disappear on load
- Trick or Treat Halloween update is still available to play
- Minor stability fixes

Please update the game to receive these changes

Endzone - A World Apart (In Development)

Updated to 0.7.7614.24988 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
Greetings, survivors!

--- Fixed ---
• Fixed error that could happen when removing water from the Irrigation Plant.
• Fixed possible error on Savegame load.
• Fixed a bug that triggered an event/mission after loading a Savegame, although it was already active.
• Expedition notifications are now cleared after an expedition ended. This fixes an error that occurred when clicking on an expedition notification after the expedition ended.
• World UI and analytic views are now hidden/closed when going into the main menu.
• The general store's ruin is now destroyed when empty.
• Fixed an error where settlers with high badge education have not unlocked any badges.
• Fixed a bug where the source selection of Irrigation Plants was not displayed for old Savegames.
• Depositories, Town Centers and Markets now also clean radiation from raw material if equipped with a decontamination kit.
• Fixed wrong discord link main menu.
• The “Unhappy Kids” mission now also counts the Advanced School as the School to build.
• Fixed buildings placeable while in the expedition instruction window if entered through the expedition notification.
• The “Active Bulletin Board Mission”-notification is no longer displayed if a Bulletin Board mission is already active.
• Lowered volume of Cultivated Field ambient sound

--- Added ---
• Added cook badge icon.

Changelog Version 0.7.7614.24988