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How how about a way to cancel a pending friend request? You know for when you by mistake send one like I just did.
Post edited September 24, 2018 by BKGaming
"We are listening to your feedback" has become something of an anathema in the gaming industry these days as it has become code for "we know you are upset, and we really don't give a shit, but we still want your money"

Do something more than "listen to our feedback", actually DO something about it.
I love GOG and the integrity the company has for the games we buy - we get to keep, while remaining DRM free. Unfortunately it isn't enough to make me want to jump Steam's ship entirely, seeing as the GOG Galaxy client lacks features that keeps me connected to Steam... despite their questionable business practices as of late.

For me, personally, I find GOG's community base to be sorely lacking and uninteresting. I would like to see it community driven just as much on Steam, if not more so. On Steam, I like the idea of creating user guides for helping others get past a difficult quest or showing users how to add non-GOG games and run them from the Galaxy client. Other things that could be added is creating user groups for all kinds of varied interests. If GOG is running into financial trouble, then add something to GOG's games (similar to badge earnings, profile backgrounds, custom emoticons, cards, etc) that could be used to create a community marketplace for users to exchange money, and GOG would of course get a small percentage as a commision. That sort of thing. If our GOG profiles were less generic and more customizable, I would be more inclined to invest time and money.

And game stores too. They are just as plain and pitiful as the user profiles are, and really don't do much for developers and publishers to showcase their great games or build community interest and engagement around it to get them talked about.

Because of these features on Steam, I almost never turn it off as I fear I might miss something. In this regard, the GOG Galaxy client has so much untapped potential! While staying true to GOG's vision, it would be awesome to see GOG develop its own community driven strengths and give Steam (and the Edge Store) the competition it deserves.
May be I'm late to this discussion, but please provide some sensible notification method in the UI for games updates. I.e. in addition to that bell for chat messages, make another one for updates. You can differentiate new and old updates there (i.e. one that you've already seen but not touched yet for example).

If you think this clutters the UI, make this feature optionally enabled in some settings.