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mannefriedrich: Anybody else's overall count in the library went down by 1?
Crimson-X: I wouldn't be able to tell. I got so many games I lost count lol
Tell me about it.

mannefriedrich: Anybody else's overall count in the library went down by 1?
mrkgnao: Not me.
mannefriedrich: Anybody else's overall count in the library went down by 1?
mrkgnao: See here, perhaps:
No, that's not it, never had purchased those in the first place.

Any way to tell or trace back if GOG maybe did one of their re-packagings again? Assuming this is the culprit.
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Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition & DLCs

Update 1.30 (13 August 2020)

Support for Hellraid DLC including:

● New weapons and blueprints
● New outfit
● New shop in Slums with Hellraid weapons
● New game mode
● New enemies
● Support for additional dockets
● Minor bug fixes
Crimson-X: I wouldn't be able to tell. I got so many games I lost count lol
mannefriedrich: Tell me about it.

mannefriedrich: No, that's not it, never had purchased those in the first place.

Any way to tell or trace back if GOG maybe did one of their re-packagings again? Assuming this is the culprit.
Not unless you have a list of the games you owned before the disappearance, AFAIK. I have one generated every six hours, so I can easily run a comparison if anything disappears.

You can always manually compare your library with your orders and see if anything is missing. Might take a while if you have lots of games, though.
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GOG Galaxy offered me a update for SUPERHOT MIND CONTROL DELETE. The game is now at version 1.0.2. Here's the changelog:

Smaller fixes:

• Fixed Asian fonts not displaying in credits
• Fixed recall tooltip during tutorial
• Removed CORE names from hackpool
• Fixed text trigger in TheBank level

Stay safe and have fun!
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mannefriedrich: Anybody else's overall count in the library went down by 1?
yup, alwa's awakening for me as linked my mrkgnao.

it was a free pack-in the day alwa's legacy came out.

it keep pretty meticulous parity with my offline backups and my gog account, so when i was over by one game on my usb drives i knew either i had made a mistake (usually misspelling a file folder name) or gog had merged or deleted something.
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mannefriedrich: Anybody else's overall count in the library went down by 1?
fortune_p_dawg: yup, alwa's awakening for me as linked my mrkgnao.

it was a free pack-in the day alwa's legacy came out.
As I said, never had this/those in the library to begin with.

Must have imagined things or my count was off after all though - double-checked with the orders history as well as the old inventory sheet and nothing seems to be missing/everything adds up to the suspected false count.
fortune_p_dawg: yup, alwa's awakening for me as linked my mrkgnao.

it was a free pack-in the day alwa's legacy came out.
mannefriedrich: As I said, never had this/those in the library to begin with.

Must have imagined things or my count was off after all though - double-checked with the orders history as well as the old inventory sheet and nothing seems to be missing/everything adds up to the suspected false count.
For a while some of us had an extra 1 count in our libraries. I don't remember what it was as it never appeared in the actual Games List, just a ghostly +1 to the count. I took to ignoring it. Maybe they finally fixed that? BRB

That could be it, I no longer have the ghost +1 in my count. In case it is applicable - I do not use Galaxy.
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My Time At Portia got flagged for me.

Version 2.0.141140

There's no changelog yet.

[i]From the wiki:

Minor spelling and grammar fixes.

No official changelist posted[/i]
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Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe

Update 1.18.00 (12 August 2020)


Strategic Command WWII: World at War

Update 1.07.00 (12 August 2020)


Strategic Command: World War I

Update 1.02.00 (12 August 2020)

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On the GOG Twitch channel streamer FrasWhar said that the reason for the latest update of Worms Armageddon being rolled back is that there was a bug included that needs to be fixed. Once that is done the update will be back on GOG again.
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mrkgnao: A fair number of games have just lost sizeable portions of their changelogs, probably because of some GOG bug introduced today.


. ( . is also limited.)

Simply put, every changelog that has the "|" character in it, has lost everything up to and including that "|" character. Looks like someone was coding without testing.

The affected games are:
- Barony: Blessed Addition
- Caves of Qud
- Dead In Vinland
- Duskers
- Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark
- Field of Glory: Empires
- Frostpunk
- Gremlins, Inc.
- Imperator: Rome
- Kona
- Original War
- Orphan
- Prison Architect
- Sins of a Solar Empire®: Rebellion Ultimate Edition
- Staxel
- This War of Mine
- Tyranny
P.S.-EDIT: You can add Resolutiion to the list.

Field of Glory II lost all its changelogs quite some time ago as mentioned here; not sure if it was due to the same or some other reason, but thankfully, all changelogs up to "Update 1.5.30 (16 June 2020)" are logged in the game forum (while missing from MaGog).

OTOH, The Universim has two empty changelog entries for Patch V0.0.42.32381 and Patch V0.0.42.32434 (as mentioned in posts #24202 and #24213); no idea why that is.

Unfortunately, GOG hasn't noticed any of these, nor the respective mentions of them in this thread. Then again, full, proper and timely changelogs never seemed to be of any priority for GOG.
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No Man's Sky was updated to version 2.62_Desolation_62781 on Galaxy on August 10, 2020, but the offline installer is still version 2.61.1_Desolation_62460.
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Caves of Qud [InDev]

- Examining artifacts now requires being able to move your extremities.
- Eating snacks now requires being able to move your extremities.
- The "HP warning threshold" option now defaults to on at 40%.
- Various powered items, such as VISAGEs and ninefold boots, now correctly drain the last dram of their slotted liquid-fueled energy cells rather than leaving behind one unusable dram. If you find more items that do this, please report them on the public bug tracker:
- NPCs attempting to use broken and rusted tonics no longer cause messages popups for the player. NPCs also attempt to use broken and rusted tonics less often.
- Creatures are more willing to enter gas clouds, especially if they are immune to the gas.
- Stunning Force can no longer be used on the world map.
- Slumberlings are no longer Wakeful when they emerge from their natural hibernation.
- Item naming opportunities triggered by leveling up now occur after the level up message.
- Nullbeards are now permanently astrally tethered rather than immune to astral tethering or burdening.
- Puffer fungi once again take damage from damaging gases at the rate inanimate objects do.
- Frozen energy cells slotted into equipment no longer stay frozen forever.
- Implanting a cybernetic implant now makes it permanently understood. If it was only understood due to a techscanning ability, losing that ability no longer converts it to an implanted "weird artifact".
- Strip flies now respect phase and flight.
- Psionic weapons can no longer be disassembled.
- Items are now automatically weightless when equipped in a Floating Nearby slot.
- Autogetting from adjacent squares is now controlled by an option: "Autopickup from adjacent squares". It defaults to off and only covers non-autoexplore movement.
- You're now interrupted in the middle of autogetting multiple items when a hostile creature nears you (rather than being slammed by multiple enemy actions afterward).
- Whether you immediately pick up items butchered from corpses is now determined by your autoget settings, not by whether you were autoexploring.
- Pathfinding now avoids mines laid and bombs set by non-hostile creatures, to varying degrees by munition type.
- Added a new option, "Prerelease Stage Scale", in the Overlay UI section.
- Fixed a bug that broke mod tinkering when certain items had high-powered magnets applied to them.
- Fixed a bug caused the Wakeful effect to not work sometimes.
- Fixed a bug that disabled measures to prevent inappropriate objects from spawning on top of each other.
- Fixed a bug that made Flexiweaved sometimes give positive DV.
- Fixed some bugs that caused equipping certain items to fail to trigger their state changes, such as quest completion and DV updates for defensive stance.
- Fixed a bug that caused save modifiers provided by cybernetic implants to not work.
- Fixed a bug that caused the liquid-cooled item mod to be unapplyable in some cases where it should have been applyable.
- Fixed a bug that destroyed cybernetics when another implant was implanted directly in its slot.
- Fixed a bug that caused the value of cybernetics credit wedges to not show up in the short version of their display names.
- Fixed a color pattern typo in Ereshkigal's interface.
- Fixed a typo in a journal accomplishment.
- Fixed a stray color markup tag in save modifier rules text.
- Fixed some grammar bugs in the descriptions of hostile clones.
- [modding] Specifications for DefaultBehavior attributes in Bodies.xml part elements are now correctly respected.
- [modding] Fixed a bug that made less information available in some movement-related events than should have been.
Standalone installers updated: ⇒


The Colonists
V1.5.2 (04 August 2020)

Release Notes posted in the game forum by the devs here:
- NEW! Frontiers Mode - Compete against each players on a new map each month!
- NEW! Dismantle Ability - Dismantle building and recover construction resources
- Adjusted market prices for resources to better reflect production costs
- Added Continue Game option to main menu
- Minor optimisations to rocks and carrybot animations - large colonies may see a small performance boost
- Fixed new trains not have upgraded storage after Steam Engines II is researched
- Added warning when upgrading a building with import rules
- Fixed shaft mine deposits placed precisely at sea level not being usable
- Fixed counts of adjacent natural resource surface deposits of different types displaying incorrectly on the map
Standalone installers updated ( ⇒ 10 August 2020.


Drox Operative 2 [InDev]
Patch 0.811 (08 August 2020)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the devs here.
Standalone installers updated (0.810 ⇒ 0.811): 10 August 2020.


Update 1.0.0 (14 August 2020)

- Added Spidertron and Spidertron remote.
- Added Freeplay crash site.

- Added polluted water visual effect.
- Added biter base decoratives.
- New visual effects for the atomic bomb.

- Significantly reduced the volume of robots deconstructing and entity destroyed alert.
- Reverted mining drill sound to the 0.17 version with high pitched part removed.
- Reverted inserter, furnace and assembling machine sounds to the 0.17 version.
- Changed the checkbox click sound (based on dropdown open sound).
- Changed the "green button sound" to have a normal button sound.

- Added EnemySpawnerPrototype and TurretPrototype properties: spawn_decoration and spawn_decoration_on_expansion.
- EntityPrototype water_reflection can now be defined inside graphics_set.
- Added ExplosionPrototype properties: Explosion prototype: scale_animation_speed, fade_in_duration, fade_out_duration, scale_in_duration, scale_out_duration, scale_end, scale_increment_per_tick, scale_initial, scale_initial_deviation, scale, and scale_deviation.
- ParticleSourcePrototype particle is now optional, added smoke property.
- Added ProjectilePrototype properties: speed_modifier and turning_speed_increases_exponentially_with_projectile_speed.
- Added LightDefinitionItem::source_orientation_offset.
- Added DecorativePrototype::decal_overdraw_priority.
- Added AreaTriggerItem::show_in_tooltip.
- Added 'set-tile' and 'camera-effect' trigger effects.
- Added CreateDecorativesTriggerEffectItem properties: apply_projection and spread_evenly.
- Added CreateExplosionTriggerEffectItem properties: max_movement_distance, inherit_movement_distance_from_projectile and cycle_while_moving.
- Added DamageTriggerEffectItem properties: vaporize, lower_distance_threshold, upper_distance_threshold, lower_damage_modifier and upper_damage_modifier.
- Added PlaySoundTriggerEffectItem properties: min_distance, max_distance, volume_modifier, audible_distance_modifier and play_on_target_position.
- Added ProjectileAttackParameters::projectile_orientation_offset.
- Added build_blueprint_small, build_blueprint_medium and build_blueprint_large to utility sounds.
- Renamed build_big utility sound to build_large.

- Added LuaEntity::autopilot_destination, vehicle_automatic_targeting_parameters and time_to_next_effect read/write.
- Added LuaItemStack::connected_entity read/write.
- Added LuaEntity::is_entity_with_force, is_entity_with_owner and is_entity_with_health read.
- Added LuaEntity::spawn_decorations().
- Added on_cutscene_cancelled, on_player_configured_spider_remote and on_player_used_spider_remote events.
- Added optional spawn_decorations parameter to LuaGameScript::create_entity.
Standalone installers updated: 0.17.79 ⇒ 1.0.0.


Foundation [InDev]
Alpha Hotfix (13 August 2020)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the devs here.
Standalone installer updated: alpha ⇒ alpha
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Update 1.0 (11 August 2020)

Major New
- 3 new Islands added! This makes for an exciting finish of the game, where the 6th island will face you against Quetzalcoatl's chosen!
- You can now Finish a run! Every commandment has a unique World Religion and a Truth ending!
- Greed is now playable with the Charlatan class!
- Added 3 Greed Traditions: Bribery, God of Thieves, and Trade Missions!
- At the start of the game, you will be asked to pick Major Relic fitting your commandment. There are 2 relics per commandment. They give religion wide bonuses for all generations.
- Animals are back! Cats, dogs and llamas can now be spotted throughout your city, if you adopt the appropriate tenets.
- Achievements! Time for you to see if you can rise up to all the challenges Godhood offers!

Other New
- You can plan your next Sacrament in the City by clicking on the Sacrament in the bottom right. The Disciple UI will remember who you assigned for your plan as a memory aid.
- All traditions now lead to followers building a nice extra building to make your city look more unique.
- Added 4 dedication tenets for you to adorn your city
- Miracle stories are now random, but you can choose the permanent effect. Building temples unlock better miracle stories.
- The Sacrament now has speed controls so it can be sped up.
- Rituals are now upgraded by building temples. Every Temple unlocks and upgrade point for Rituals. You have full control over the upgrades.
- A Match Log is added in The Sacrament which gives details about performed abilities.
- Disciples in the Sacrament can be selected to inspect their stats, abilities and buffs.
- Action hints during city gameplay.
- Newly Improved Tutorial to be less text-heavy.
- Easy and Medium difficulty have been revamped to, well, actually not hard. Sorry for that one.
- Added a few extra happenings, like on "Teamwork" and "Blood Offer".
- Option to draw disciple names from your Twitch channel chat. Watch, guide, and bring your viewers glory!
- A small Disciple Memorial screen pops up when your disciples die.
- You can now see which Traditions are revealed from a Tenet if you have adopted the Tenet before.
- Added option to increase and decrease text size for tooltips and stories.

- End turn button available when turn cannot be ended through inspiring a disciple.
- 'Favored Class' heuristic during class choice takes into account the character's Totem better.
- Fixed inability to rename dedications with long default names.
- Fixed elemental advantage not being calculated correctly for smart targeting.
- You can now more often easily access the Game Menu.
- Performance upgrades for the City phase.
- A bug where disciples would have too few or too many miracles available depending on Knowledge.
- Save game naming is more robust, disallowing certain characters and preventing loading of incompatible games.
- Fatigued effect now properly updates when updating Fervor.

- You can now keep the Sacrament details open while performing other actions.
- Missions are now started by a separate button, to always allow opening of trial details.
- Temple and temple upgrades are now global upgrades instead of miracle upgrades.
- An intercepting Disciple can never be broken due to interception - even on a crit.
- "When picking a smart target with Knowledge, Disciples prioritize:
1. Winning by conversion
2. Breaking an enemy
3. If killer, minimizing opponent HP. Else, maximing damage
- Similar buffs now stack in buff icon lists.
- The 'Manage City UI' better fronts ugrade availability.
- You can now close the acolyte selection window to make the decision at a later point before the next Sacrament.
- Power is now calculated differently, and much more accurate of actual power.
- Harbinger is now a Knowledge - Health class, instead of a Charisma - Health class.
- The totems of your first 2 acolytes can no longer be the same.
- Revamped Class selection UI. Players can now also delay this choice.
- Revamped 'Your Religions' overview UI.
- Revamped End Game UI to match the game's end.

- Changed the balance to play more with XP and scale offerings more easily.
- Assign Elder cooldown is now 3 missions instead of 10. All other assign cooldowns are down to 8.
- Area of Effect damage penalty is now checked after all boosts. Most area of effect abilities have gain higher scaling.
- Holy Judge now triggers on its own the Judge's Reason abilities instead of the trialed Disciple's fear abilities. Trialed Disciple gains 2 clouded thoughts for 2 Missions.
- Heaven's bad happening only gives -10 faith now.
- Moved the abilities of the Cultist around a little bit:
1. Corruption now is a strong morale ability that also scales with Might
2. Aberrant Growth now lowers Evasion.
3. Words of Madness now removes enemy conversions.
4. Perfect fodder applies to all allies now. Very strong.
- Might makes right now gives a +40 faith bonus to the strongest, and the Impose god action will give you 3 Tribute.
- Grand Aberration can now learn the Summoning ability, and chests increased from 1/2/3 to 1/2/4
- Human Sacrifice chests lowered from 1/3/5 to 1/2/4.
- Carnival does now only develop 1x charisma for 3 random disciples, instead of 1x charisma and 1x cunning for all disciples.
- Turn the other Cheek now replaces ability with devout, and scales with Devotion. + and ++ abilities are also replaced with Devout + and ++.
- Cannibalism development up from 0.5 to 1 for Might, Health and Cunning.
- "Doom" God Action now only gives 1 clouded thought, gives +100% Offerings for next Sacrament, and develops charisma and knowledge.
- Boosted Philosophy Tenet gains to +25 Offerings and Materials
- Harbinger's Demoralize now gives -8 Morale Armor.
- The "Rally Troops" God action boosts now physical armor instead of physical damage.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Update 1.0.5 (12 August 2020)

- Crash when using horizontal scrollbars, f.e. in the Disciple Customization UI when customizing voice pitch.
- Issue with Repeatable Mission in the first island not granting offering bonuses correctly.
- Rare crash after closing city events (x2)
- Fixed double negative in Cultist's Perfect Fodder passive.
- Fixed Elemental Balance achievement triggering too easily.
- Fixed crash when exiting the save menu, while game was still saving.
- Fixed a crash on GOG Galaxy when getting multiple achievements in quick succession.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Update 1.0.6 (13 August 2020)

Changelog posted in the game forum by user FlockeSchnee.
Standalone installers updated 12 - 14 August 2020:
- Windows & Mac: 0.18.20 ⇒ 1.0.4 ⇒ 1.0.5 ⇒ 1.0.6;
- Linux: 0.18.20 ⇒ 1.0.4 ⇒ 1.0.5.
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Good Company [InDev]
Update 0.7.6 (11 August 2020)

Preferred Storages
- Crafters, Assembly Tables and Analysis Desks now have an option to be connected to - - Preferred Storages
- These connections can be set independently for the input and output of said tables
- In automatic logistics mode, this option will make logistics pick a set storage as the primary solution
- If a Preferred Storage doesn't have enough space available (e.g. blocked by buying/selling orders, the courier system or other Preferred Storage settings), a warning will be triggered and the storage can’t be selected
- Changing the crafting recipe on a table can render a Preferred Storage invalid because of new item requirements
- In this case, the affected setting will be clearly marked
- Until the problem is solved, the automatic logistics system will provide an alternative connection
- Preferred Storages do NOT work in manual logistics mode

Courier System Improvements
- Courier Pallets UI has been streamlined. Courier Rules got moved to the Courier Routes panel and can be accessed from a pallet through a Configure button
- The UI now only displays the inventory and a list of Item Rules
- Item Rules can be set to Buy Order, Sell Order, or Logistics Only
- Sell Order amounts got simplified and are now adjustable in 5% steps
- Buy Order amounts are automatically set to the maximum amount of available slots
- Courier Rules for a specific pallet can now be adjusted in the Courier Routes UI
- Clicking any pallet on a route displays its respective Courier Rules, including input/output settings
- The player is also able to add new rules through this interface
- While editing routes, new pallets need to be actively added to a route through a button

[NOTE] In Campaign level 1, milestones 1 and 2 have been slightly adjusted to address the new interface. You may want to revisit this passage in case you want to learn details about how to set Buy and Sell Orders after this patch.

HUD Updates
- Buttons that opened big windows can now be found at the top of the screen
- Hotkeys for those windows have changed:
- Courier System: N -> F5
- Blueprint Designer: B -> F6
- Market: M -> F7
- Research: T -> F8

Notifications are now displayed at the bottom right corner
- Trending balance has been moved directly below the current balance
- Data points overview can now be found in the top right corner, all currencies/points will be placed there from now on.

- Various warnings and information tooltips were updated for better readability
- New warnings for the courier were added to make occurring issues on a pallet more obvious
- From now on, a distinct warning will be displayed when switching between manual and automatic logistic mode, informing players about resulting changes in gameplay
- A new toast message system now displays warnings more visible in the world
- Assigning employees and Preferred Inventories now also works with drag and drop
- Crafters, Assembly Tables and Analysis Desks UI are now more consistent
- Rearrangement of elements of the main UI for improved structure and handling

Bug Fixes
- The destination pallet in the Module Mania challenge sometimes would not be filled with the required items. This has been fixed.
- Upgrade costs for tables were not displayed correctly in certain challenges and some difficulty setting in Freeplay mode. This has been fixed.
- Company statistics didn't display the correct amount of material consumption for components. This has been fixed.
- Quick hire would not assign available employees to a table but hire new ones instead. - - This has been fixed.
- Crafter panels wouldn't close after crafter got deleted. This has been fixed.
- Various text fixes
Standalone installer updated (0.7.5a ⇒ 0.7.6): 13 August 2020.


The Guild 3 [InDev]
Version EA 0.9.10 "Salzburg" – Build number: 605338 (August 12th, 2020)

Patchnotes posted in the game forum by the publisher here.
Standalone installer updated: EA 0.9.9 604079 ⇒ EA 0.9.10 605338.


Patch v1.0.3 (06 August 2020)

Patch notes posted in the game forum by the devs here.
Standalone installer updated (1.0.2p1 ⇒ 1.0.3): 10 August 2020.


Project Zomboid [InDev]
Build41.40 (30 July 2020)

Link to changelog (with explanation as to why) posted in the game forum by the devs here.
Standalone installers (patches) updated (41.39 ⇒ 41.40): 12 August 2020.


Resolutiion Update v1.1.4.3 - "The Red Plains" (09 August 2020)

- A fresh expansion of the finale
- New enemies: v4l0r, VLR, //|_=|>, and the Sequels will challenge even the most seasoned killers
- Boss improvements: various mini-bosses receive new attacks and abilities
- Spanish translation
- Polychromatic: the artbook with less black pages and more spoilers
- New otherworldly metal-tracks
- Plenty of bug fixes and improvements
- The secret Cow Level (Yes!)
Standalone installers updated (1.06.1 ⇒ 10 August 2020.