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Hey everyone!

Following on from our last update, Necrobarista v1.0.3 is now available, containing fixes for a number of user-reported issues, as well as improved gamepad support. If you've come across a bug or issue, or just need help with something, please contact us via the Necrobarista Discord
or email

If you're loving Necrobarista and/or appreciating the effort we're putting into supporting the game, please leave a review letting us know how you feel - it helps us a whole bunch. ❤︎

Fixes & Improvements:

*Fixed issue where black screen fade would remain after loading into a scene.
*Fixed a soft-lock issue when repeating a play through of Prologue when 'Welcome to the Terminal' is partially complete. (Huge thanks to the users who provided us with detailed repro steps for this!)
*Fixed performance issues in Title Screen.
*Fixed issue where "Back To Terminal" button was enabled/disabled incorrectly under certain circumstances.
*Fixed issues with the resolution options for non 16:9 aspect ratio screens.

Input Improvements

*Options menu can now be navigated using a controller.
*Navigating word clouds with controller should now be a smoother experience.
*Unlocking stories inside the Terminal when using a controller should now be a smoother experience.
*Added a cooldown when exiting a Cafe Object to stop accidentally re-opening it.
*Fixed an issue where the chapter select screen was still able to be navigated when inside a Yes/No dialogue when using a controller.
*ExploreObject label animation will always complete the full title.
~ We will continue to monitor player feedback and work on controller input refinements as needed.

Visual Improvements

*Visual fidelity is now better scaled across the Low/Medium/High settings to help with performance on a wide range of devices.
*Fixed rendering issues with rain particles during the episode 'Ritual'.
*Fixed rendering issues with magic particles during the episode 'Ritual'.
*Fixed rendering issues with rain during the episode 'Visitation'.

Coming up next:

*We'll be triaging any unaddressed bugs or feedback from players in order to prioritize the content of the next patch.
*We are currently working on a more granular configuration menu, though it may not appear for a couple more patches.

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thank you for the information about the update.

Is there already information about the integration of the Achievements?