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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: (Offline installers also updated)

No Changelog
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thraxman: Punch Club just flagged an update, but it doesn't look like the mythical final patch we're missing here. Not sure what it is?
mrkgnao: Linux installer changed from 1.1 (gog-3) to 1.31. Windows and Mac may follow.
What kind of trickery is that? Linux and Mac first? That's new :)


Kingdoms and Castles has been updated to Version: 115r8. No changelog yet.
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Update (14.06.2019)

Producer's note: in the interest of getting these fixes to you quickly, anything requiring new text is not yet translated in to languages other than English. We'll get localization done and in for the final 2.3.x version, never fear.

Ancient Relics Story Pack Features

The random outcome "Archaeological Loop" in the "Déjà Vu Dig" Archaeology Site now has altered story text, and the outcome temporarily traumatizes the Scientist
The random outcome "A Custom Job" in the "Cut To Fit" Archaeology Site now rewards the player with benefits to Terrestrial Sculpting tech research
Added a new artifact action to discover a precursor artifact for 25 minor artifacts
Reduced AI expansion distance to 2, for slightly less gruesome Balkan borders. It will still be more aggressive than before about trying to avoid being boxed in
Nu-Baol Life-Seeding decision no longer has any cost, since the cost is paid for by activating the relic
Ether Drake Trophy relic effect on unity increased from +10 a month to +10% a month
Scales of the Worm relic effect on unity replaced with +10% physics research speed
Rubricator relic effect on unity replaced with +20 society research per month
The Surveyor relic activation cost is now 500 energy instead of 150 influence
You now get a popup when resettling the last pop of a colony to make sure you want to destroy said colony
Fixed a draw issue on the Mechanocalibrator and pre-space Ratling worlds that would cause resources districts to display as a single gigantic box


Fixed AI activating population control when it shouldn't
Fixed colony automation spamming too many districts at once in multiplayer
Lots of little tweaks to the AI's economic decision making


Using brackets in loc in 'scripted triggers' and 'scripted effects' can no longer result in an infinite loop as it thinks it's supposed to be a macro


Fixed colonies not being destroyed properly when emptied of population. Go forth and purge once more.
Fixed barren worlds not terraforming
Fixed armies mysteriously gaining strength, regenerating or disappearing without a trace during invasions
Fixed synth ascended robots that were robomodded not being assembled on planets
Fixed Gestalt empires starting with either unemployed drones or unmanned job slots
Fixed a crash when a planet building a robot template changes owner
Fixed unplayable have/has typo atrocity in the Grand Herald event
Fixed so that pops will not promote to specialists/rulers if there are unemployed pops from those strata already available. Get back to the acid mines, proles.
Inscrutable Power achievement now properly looks for the Galatron relic
Planets shouldn't start with unemployed pops anymore
Habitat specific orbital deposits should no longer rarely appear on non-habitats
The "Givernor" skill is no longer a thing
Driven Assimilators may now properly have farming worlds to feed their hungry Cyborgs
No longer possible to merge the salvage cruiser with normal fleets to prevent exploits with upgrades and resource refunds
Fixed the Atomic Clock event annihilating primitives but leaving observations stations intact to observe...their irradiated cadavers, I guess?
The Galactic Wonders Ascension Perk will now begrudgingly accept a Science Nexus as "complete" even if it doesn't have a brain in a jar. Your researchers will still know it's not really complete without one though, and that knowledge will haunt them in the lonely hours of the night.
Fixed events like "A New Metal" spawning on worlds that already had science stations, and wrongly being collected by these
Did some more smoothing of SFX volume spikes in new Ancient Relics content
Fixed a case where the Rubricator world could wrongly spawn a second, entirely unrelated dig site
Fixed being able to make a slave army from any species whatsoever so long as a single pop of any race was enslaved on the planet, even though it was an admirable display of class solidarity
Prevented the Baol chain from spawning any digsites in the Sol system because that made even less sense than lasers making sound in space

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Patch 2.0.4 (17 June 2019)

Please be aware of plot spoilers in the description below!

DLC3: some secret rooms were impossible to get into even after the player had detected the room and opened the door. Resolution: fixed.
A trap in Tenebrous Depths XIV could not be disarmed. Resolution: fixed
The respec caused Jaethal to lose the ability to wield the scythe. This happened when the respec was used on Jaethal no longer worshiping Urgathoa. Resolution: fixed.
The Slayer could take the Ranger Combat Style feat at every level. Resolution: fixed.
If the player completed Season of Bloom before the Enhanced Edition and loaded the saved game in Enhanced Edition with the Magical Lantern equipped on their character, they had two identical lantern abilities, one of which failed to disappear after the item was de-equipped. Resolution: fixed; now the redundant ability disappears when the player enters the Throne Room.
Both Kanerah and Kalikke were present inside the house at the Capital Square at the same time. Resolution: fixed.
After you killed the Spawn of Rovagug once, you could try fighting it again by showing your loot from the dungeon’s boss monsters to the dragon, which resulted in a broken cutscene. Now there is no such option: you can only kill the Spawn of Rovagug once in the plot dungeon.
At Technic League Encampment, the final dialogue with Kalannah could have been terminated early with no way to resume it. Resolution: fixed by adding an option to resume the dialogue with Kalannah.
In some cases, mercenary advisors could fail to resolve the rank-up events. Resolution: fixed.
Items: wands with cantrips were worth 0 gold. Resolution: fixed.
Items: Throwing Axes behaved like a melee weapon. Resolution: fixed.
Audio: some Linux users experienced sound issues. Resolution: fixed.
When you loaded an autosave, some modifiers were incorrectly applied to enemies multiple times. Resolution: multiple modifiers are no longer applied. Most extra modifiers have been removed from the game saves that already had this error; however, it may not be possible to clear all the effects completely.

Still no offline installer wor win version of Starbound...
Of note, Starbound windows installer is still not updated, showing 1.3.4, and Samurai Showdown V is still mot updated either, showing gog-3.

Update: Damn ninjured.
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Version 1.4.1

Minor Changes/Bug Fixes

Adjusted rarity of high level Peacekeeper Augments
Remove cultist chest from furniture crafting table
Add cultist chest to furniture crafting table
Fix issue with players occasionally getting kicked back to their ship
Increase mech component drop rate to speed up mech progression
Make the 4th peacekeeper station persistent
Fix some physics entities missing collisions
Fix player crouching issue with some modded techs
Remove the bounty board from the 3d printer
Minor text corrections

Also - offline installer for windows is now up to date.
is devil digger proper lee updated nao? i bought it when high like ages ago an' it scares teh shit out of me, but still, i did buy it

but x2 itd still like to not have sum weird-ass other game bein' teh installer instead y'know
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Patch fiiles of Pathfinder: Kingmaker have incontinuous build numbers.
And its Linux installers have no patch files since version 1.3.3. (It is 2.0.4 now.)
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Archeo: Shinar
Update #05 Note (0.88a) (18 June 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the devs here.

Astrox Imperium
BUILD 0.0059 (14 June 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the dev here.

The Guild 3
Update EA – Build: 580706 (17 June 2019)

Patchnotes posted in the game forum by the publisher here.
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Slime Rancher

Patch (18 June 2019)

Visual Updates:
- Slimes got a facelift! The art tech we developed for the Secret Style Pack resulted in all slimes getting new, crisper, more detailed faces with added depth. The new, beautified faces are available for every rancher with this update.
- Added a new animation for boom slime explosions (they may be prettier, but they are still very dangerous. Please observe with caution!)
- Added new tutorial popups which replace the old lightbulb animation with stuff like: an even more adorable Beatrix, slimes doing slime things, and so on. Is it worth restarting the game and playing for hundreds more hours just to see these new tutorial images? Maybe...
- Updated Viktor’s Range Exchange icon.

Other Changes:
- Added the option to disable basic, advanced, or all tutorials.
- Added new Slimepedia entries for Ogden’s Kookadoba Hunt, Mochi’s Quicksilver Job, and Viktor’s Slimeulation Testing that you can reference if you need a refresher on what to do.
- Lowered gadget fabrication requirements to unlock Treasure Cracker Mk II (from 35 to 20) and Mk III (from 100 to 50).
- Updated the translation of “Tabby Slime” in the Korean translation.
- Updated the game credits to include all the new team members that help make Slime Rancher here at Monomi Park! <3

- Drone pathing got an update so they should buzz harder, better, faster, smarter.
- Phosphor largos will now disappear in the sun when the are carried outside.
- Fixed an issue where puddle plorts in silos weren’t being collected by drones when you left the ranch.
- Fixed a bug on Xbox that caused crates to appear blacked out.
-Improved the performance of clouds. This was a very complicated change but technically speaking we made them ‘do cloud stuff better.’
- Other various visual improvements to some terrain and structures.
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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Patch 1.04 (19 June 2019)

The GOG Galaxy overlay has been fixed and the achievements will now display properly when unlocked while playing the game.

Ancestors Legacy

Updated to 63982

Changelog (Ancestors Legacy Subforum)
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Update (18 June 2019)


Holy Wars: AI units no longer become blocked with Aggressive AI Attitude.
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Update 1.0.30 (19 June 2019)

Fixed robot limbs spawned on characters not behaving as robot limbs
Fixed removing an arm of carried characters causing them to be dropped
Fixed crash in the FCS when creating new items
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Titan's Quest has been updated to 2.6.

Changelog from Steam:

- Added new Quest to find Marinos in Rhodes.
- Side quest fix: The quest giver now re-drops the letter if the player does not pick up the letter or loses it.Unfortunately, players who have already accepted or completed this quest will lose it from their quest journal.
- Doubled Energy cost of Earthbind skill
- Finesse trigger now always reduces life by 50%
- Fixed Rune Field to have 12/16 maximum and ultimate levels
- Reduced health of Dream Image
- Tweaked Chromatic staff
- Added bonus to unique chance when running Tartarus with low player numbers.
- Fixed bug where claiming the Tartarus reward orb would not reset the kill counter on Epic and Legendary difficulties
- Fixed bug where the next arena in Tartarus sometimes would not load, halting progress completely.
- Tartarus now also casts Soul Vortex, and Meteor/Fire skills over wider areas
- Fixed toggle item pick up and added sort button to transfer
- Player sounds for German, French and Russian are now correctly used
- Fixed several collision and navmesh bugs
- Minor tweaks to several enemies and enemy distribution
- Several fixes to resolve graphical issues
- Improved text readability in DX11
- Stability fixes
- Fixed some missing assets on epic & legendary Atlantis chests
- Adjusted possible completion bonuses of Atlantis reics & charms
Arundir: Titan's Quest has been updated to 2.6.
Changelog from Steam:
Are you sure you did not post the wrong changelog? The actual release here on GOG (Galaxy only for now) is 2.7 and this is the changelog for said update (also taken from Steam):

Fixed several collision and nav. mesh issues
Fixed various crash bugs
Fixed playing Custom Maps, resource files can now be read correctly.
Fixed Tier 7 skill connections showing in the base game
Fixed some Atlantis uniques having a low drop chance
Fixed monster scaling when playing high level chars in Normal Tartarus
Boss and hero monster health now scale more strongly with number of players
Tartarus "No pets allowed" modifier: Pets are not forcibly removed when arena starts
Fixed incorrect duration bar display for certain buffs.
Pets that spawn from projectiles remember their behavior setting
Tweaked enemy spawns in the final area
Fixed delayed poison trap effects in Hades & Atlantis
Fixed missing properties on Hesperide MI armors
Fixed Poison Mayhem % at level 1 and progression at ultimate levels
Poison Mayhem fear duration changed to 1-2s
Added 0.7s cooldown to Lightning Dash (window for passive procs)
Added chance to freeze and do extra damage to Lightning Dash
Increased range of Sylvan Nymph arrows
Quest "A score to settle" is now assigned to Atlantis region. (It may disappear from the journal if already listed.)
Changed format of all enemy sounds to fix functions such as distance falloff
Several graphical fixes
Various minor tweaks and fixes
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I only use offline installers and they are 2.6. Guess I ran into the trap of thinking they are the new ones since there is no changlog for 2.6 on GOG :).

Well but at least there is a new patch.
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