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Starbound v. 1.4 is now live on galaxy.
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Bounty Hunter update - 1.4 (13 June 2019)

We're excited to announce the release of Starbound 1.4 - the 'Bounty Hunter' update!

In this update players can become bounty hunters, seeking out criminal gangs through missions and climb the ranks as they rebuild the Peacekeepers and restore law and order to the universe. There's also new elemental variants of many monsters, which have a rare chance to be encountered - if you see one be sure to capture it! In addition there's a ton of new furniture, objects, weapons, and fun new stuff - including drones, password keypad locks, a laser mining tool, and a sports car!

We've been working on this update for a long time, thanks so much for being patent while we took the time to get it just right! Here's an outline of all the changes;
Bounty Hunting

New procedurally-generated quests that see the player travel to worlds and into space, hunting down criminal gangs
New Peacekeeper stations for bounty hunters – work your way through promotions and restore law in the universe
Take the fight to criminal gangs at their hideouts, including a climatic final mission & boss fight!
New quests: Becoming a Peacekeeper, Rookie Assignment, Rising through the Ranks, The Good Fight, Keeping the Peace, Going after the Occasus
New generated bounty quests
New generated criminal hideout microdungeons

New Music

Four new music tracks by Starbound composer Curtis Schweitzer

Rare Monsters

Elemental Monster variants - they are capturable, and earn progress in a new collection.
New Collection: Rare Pets collection
New monster variants: Fire Gleap, Electric Voltip, Poison Smoglin, Ice Peblit, Albino Poptop, Electric Anglure, Fire Bobot, Poison Bulbop, Electric Capricoat, Ice Crabcano, Electric Crutter, Ice Fennix, Elecrtic Hemogoblin, Ice Hypnare, Fire Lilodon, Poison Mandraflora, Ice Miasmop, Ice Narfin, Fire Oogler, Poison Nutmidge, Ice Orbide, Electric Petricub, Poison Pipkin, Electric Quagmutt, Ice Ringram, Poison Scaveran, Elecrtic Snaunt, Poison Snuffish, Poison Sporgus, Fire Taroni, Fire Toumingo, Poison Trictus, Electric Yokat, Electric Ignome, Fire Lumoth, Poison Pyromantle, Electric Skimbus, Fire Spookit, Fire Squeem, Fire Wisper, Ice Agrobat, Poison Batong, Poison Bobfae, Fire Monopus, Poison Paratail, Fire Pteropod, Cultist Scandroid, Ice Crustoise, Ice Iguarmor, Fire Oculob, Poison Pulpin, Ice Snaggler, Electric Tintic, Fire Gosmet

New Furniture

Egyptian set: Egyptian Bed, Egyptian Chair, Egyptian Crest, Egyptian Pillar, Egyptian Statuette, Egyptian Table
Office set: Office Cabinet, Office Computer, Office Desk, Office Desk Lamp, Office Noticeboard, Office Scanner, Office Server, Office Stapler, Office Table
Peacekeeper objects: Peacekeeper Chair, Peacekeeper Computer, Peacekeeper Desk, Peacekeeper Door, Peacekeeper Emblem, Peacekeeper Rusty Emblem, Peacekeeper Furnishings, Peacekeeper Lamp Post, Peacekeeper Mug, Peacekeeper Notes, Peacekeeper Painting, Peacekeeper Tall Poster, Peacekeeper Wide Poster, Peacekeeper Store, Peacekeeper Table, Peacekeeper Vending Machine, Peacekeeper Poster
Neon objects: Bounty Board, Neon Hologram, Neon Lamp Post, Neon Magenta Light, Neon Peacekeeper Emblem, Neon Store, Neon Triangle
Occasus pieces: Cultist Airlock Door, Cultist Airlock Hatch, Cultist Banner, Cultist Chest
Other: Dark Computer, Extractor Drill, Hanging Guardian, Mech Platform
New Teleporter: Peacekeeper Teleporter
New Wireable Object: Numeric Keypad

Other New Additions

Drones: Peacekeeper Drone, Mining Drone
New Weapons: Neo Magnum, Neo Magnum-E78, Neo Magnum-RX, Neo Magnum-ZZZ, Glue Sprayer, Lazercaster, Stun Grenade
New Tool: Mining Laser
New Unique Monster: Cosmic Intruder
New Mission: The Dantalion
New Boss Encounter: The Swansong
New Armor: Captain Noble Head, Cultist General Hood, Cultist General Tentacles, Groucho Glasses, Pharaoh Headdress, Sheep Hat, Shirt Top,
Peacekeeper Set (Peacekeeper Hat, Peacekeeper Shirt, Peacekeeper Trousers)
New Figurines: Cosmic Intruder Figurine, Swansong Figurine
New Mech Parts: Neo Laser Mech Arm, Peacekeeper Mech Body
New Augments: Peacekeeper I Augment, Peacekeeper II Augment, Peacekeeper III Augment
New vehicle: Red Sports Car
New world spawn vehicles: Dropship, Mini Tank, Mini UFO, Sportscar, Jeep
New object tags: Cultist, Egyptian, Peacekeeper, Office
New Tenants: Egyptian, Peacekeeper, Office
New blocks: Sloped Glass Panel, Polygon Platform
New currency: Peace Credit

Changes and fixes

Changed name of 'T-Rex' fossil pieces to 'T. Rex'
Fixed bug where Triplod Figurine was not properly awarding credit to the Collections Library
Various lua bindings added
Added /setdungeonid command
Updated instrument audio position to follow the player
Display for gendered armor in tooltips
Add hover state to mission/crew/tech interface lists
For radial tile brushes, damage tile center instead of tile origin
Allow equalsSelf material render rule to also match on hue
Add a glow to inventory button when inventory has new items
Add a cooldown to ouch noise
Remove monster families and variantParameters
Allow bursting particle emitters multiple times in the same frame
Fix latch object animation bug
Only suffocate if mouth position is inside collision geometry
Fix energypickaxe animation state
Fix projectiles not dealing damage if spawned after the parent projectile has died
Minor bugfixes

We hope you all enjoy this update, please let us know what you think on Twitter: or Discord:!

Added changelog.
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Broforce has finally received an updated Linux installer. Actually, the Linux version now has a higher version number than the Win and Mac installers (probably a Linux specific hot fix which delayed the Linux version).
Unfortunately the changelog wasn't updated for any of the new builds.

Win and Mac are version 1032 20190610 and Linux is 1034 20190611
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S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster

Updated to 1.4.1731

Changelog on Steam.
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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: 0.91.15 (Offline installers also updated)

v0.91.15 Patch Notes
Manual Skills ranking
Preset characters auto-ranking skills by default
Added Skills UI for Arena mode
Added Skills Retraining feature
- Arena mode: Retraining in the Skills UI directly
- Adventure mode: Adventurers Guild in Natthbal provides the service of retrain skills
Optimized Skills UI and added some options
- Show Skill Description
- Show Skill Rank
- Show Skill Modifiers
- Skill List Size: Small
Added the skill config button in Character Info panels
Added class skills and skill points entries in Class descriptions
Adjusted Difficulty Class(DC) of chests and traps

Drag & Drop for Character bar (removed old menu items)
Improved Action bar
- Drag & Drop: swap action; delete action
- Delete Selected and Right Actions
- Delete All Actions
- Improved tip of usage instructions

Added config bar for Character Info panels of Create Party/Recruit UI
Optimized Character Info panel
Optimized some other UIs

Note: When you encountered a bug, please zip and send your saves (the game folder\saves) to It's extremely useful for debugging.

- 竞技场模式:在技能界面直接重训
- 冒险模式:冒险者公会(位于纳森巴尔)提供技能重训服务
- 显示技能描述
- 显示技能等级
- 显示技能调整值
- 技能列表项尺寸:小

- 拖放支持:交换动作位置;拖至动作栏外删除
- 删除选中和右侧动作
- 删除所有动作
- 完善用法说明


注:当您遇到bug时,请将您的存档(游戏目录\saves)打包发送至 。对除错有极大帮助。
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Battle Brothers

Update (14 June 2019)

Changed meta data enumeration of saves so that mods that create invalid saves can no longer break the game for players even after they've been removed.
Changed cultist conversion events to also allow for converting all characters with brain damage.
Fixed various minor issues.
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Received an update notification for Devil Daggers

Since there's no changelog, I've downloaded everything to find out what's new. Downloading the Linux installer actually downloaded a file labeled

I wonder if people who bought The Expression Amrilato and now download the Linux setup for that game get the setup for Devil Daggers instead...
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Kingdoms and Castles has been updated.

Changelog for Warfare Update - v115r3 (12 June 2019)
Military System Revamp

We have streamlined the military system. Barracks now produce a full 1 tile fully functional 16 footman unit complete with a general with one click (rather than the old way of having to separately train a general, then individually train and recruit units at the barracks). This should feel a little more like an RTS. If you have an old save with bigger armies it will be split up into individual units and we have removed the 3 unit cap. Additionally:

Left click and drag will select multiple units, shift and ctrl click work as well.
Chamber of War no longer recruits generals, instead it can activate a ‘Hazard Pay’ bonus which doubles all unit damage in exchange for higher soldier wages while active.
Units can walk on walls and towers (more on this below)
Units can be queued up at a barracks/archer school (like in an RTS)
Units can be disbanded
Partial strength units can ‘recuperate’ at the barracks to return to full strength
Military units now need to be paid wages (previously only tower emplacements were paid wages) and will disband themselves if they aren’t paid for a few years.

New Unit - Archer

We’ve added an archer school building that works just like the barracks except it produces archer units. They can attack enemies with their ranged attack but are very weak when engaged hand-to-hand. They also gain the same range bonus when stationed on walls that normal archer towers get. And on that note…
Units Can Walk on Walls - Castle Stairs

You can now build castle stairs which allow units access to walking on your castle walls and towers. We’ve completely revamped the pathfinding tech to make this work and set up little doors automatically when a tower meets a wall. One set of stairs will allow access to any contiguous piece of wall, but you’ll probably want multiple sets of stairs for quick access.
Troop Transport Ships

You can now build troop transport ships and use them to move your armies across deep water and on to other landmasses. Each ship can carry three units. To load units, select them and order them to move to a transport ship. To unload, select the transport ship and right click anywhere on land.
New Viking Unit - Thief

Viking thieves move faster and don’t start fires, but if they make it to your treasure room they will steal 100g. Make sure to kill them before they escape back to their ship to reclaim the gold!
Viking Raid AI Improvements

Viking raids can now launch on multiple fronts and they can also leave on any viking boat, not just the boat that brought them. Viking boats are more reactive to picking up escaping vikings. Viking raid escalation tweaked to better adapt to player skill.

Note: if you are using an old save the next few raids will be weak until it catches up with your progress.
Drag Placement

You can now click and drag to place multiple roads, farms, orchards, aqueduct, castle blocks, cemeteries, and piers. You'll be able to place up to 100 buildings per drag placement.
Drag Chop, Rebuild, Demolish

You can now click and drag to order peasants to chop multiple tiles of wood, rebuild large areas of rubble, or demolish lots of buildings at once.
Control Tweak

We have flipped left and right mouse click. Instead of moving the camera on left click, now left click is used for select and drag select. Right click and drag moves the camera and issues troop orders. Middle click and drag is still camera rotate. If you hold down the alt key, the controls will revert back to functioning like the old version.

Note: If you’d prefer the old method permanently, you can toggle ‘legacy mouse controls’ in the options menu. In legacy mode click and drag selecting and placement require holding the alt key to start the drag.
Other Fixes/Improvements

Rebuild now works as expected on castle towers and tiles with aqueducts Aqueducts can be built over hovels Fixed gates not visually closing when vikings were nearby Map generation tweaked to better guarantee viable amounts of stone and iron Fixed some load/save exploits with the witch Fixed cemetery orientation getting lost after a load/save Fixed generals not attacking ogres Reduced gravekeeper walk speed from 2x to 1.5x Military units get same speed bonuses on roads that villagers do Roads can be placed anywhere and do not need to be connected to other roads Other small fixes
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Between the Stars
Change Log v0. (13 June 2019)

- Now the game can be saved manually.
- Now the autosave system uses a different save file every 8 minutes with a maximum of 10 autosaved games. With this system you will be able to load previous autosaved games.
- We've added a load game option in order to load autosaved and manually saved games.
- A bug that destroyed all the player's weapons softlocking the game at the beginning of the prologue has been fixed.
- A bug that caused to the loss the saved data of the known disseases has been fixed.
- A bug that softlocked the game not showing the first main quest has been fixed. All the saved games with that issue should have been fixed.
- This version fixes any saved game with two or more main quests.
- We reduced the difficulty of the first battle of the prologue.
Standalone installer updated: 14 June 2019.


Deep Diving Simulator
Update 1.08 (14 June 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the devs here.

Deep Sky Derelicts
Update 1.2.3 (13 June 2019)

- If the crew gets ambushed, retreating is not possible for two combat rounds.

- Fixed a map freeze caused by newly spawned enemies not being initialized correctly.
- Fixed a combat bug that could occur in some situations when either side had only one unit left.
- Fixed combat issues with Scrapper/Adaptive Tactics.
- Fixed combat bug with Miner/Overcharging Boost when refreshing the existing buff.
- Fixed The Power of Blood quest not continuing after retreating from spawned enemies.
- Fixed Predict Behaviour card text showing 2500% Evasion instead of 25%.
- Fixed habitation name not being displayed correctly in friendly habitation dialogue.
- Fixed a combat bug that could happen when playing a card manually after the crew member had already played a card while under confusion/fear on the same turn.
- Other small fixes and safety checks to various card and combat scripts.

Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest
Patch 1.0.27 (14 June 2019)

- Fixed a warning message when loading a savegame that was created by Save & Exiting from the Trial of the Statuary
- New option "High Contrast Hearts" which makes the hearts easier to see
- Optimized savegame sizes so that they don't grow without bounds when grinding for a really long time
- Caltrops no longer block a charging boar
- Bug fix: The end boss sometimes snaps after using a certain special ability

The Guild 3
Update EA - Build: 580469 (12 June 2019)

Patchnotes posted in the game forum by the publisher here.

Kerbal Space Program
Update 1.7.2 (13 June 2019)

Changelog (from official forum) posted in game forum by Technicalfool here.

Sunless Skies
Build Version: (18 April 2019)

Patch Notes posted in the game forum by the devs here.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Build Version: (12 June 2019)

Patch Notes posted in the game forum by the devs here.
Standalone installers updated: 13 June 2019.
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GOG claimed that the original version of SAMURAI SHODOWN V SPECIAL for Mac and Linux will still be available for download as a bonus goodie. [1]
But no, they just removed them and did not put anything back.

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kbnrylaec: GOG claimed that the original version of SAMURAI SHODOWN V SPECIAL for Mac and Linux will still be available for download as a bonus goodie. [1]
But no, they just removed them and did not put anything back.

They're up now
Post edited June 15, 2019 by Cusith
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Starbound offline installer for Windows is still outdated.

Linux & Mac is up to date.
Edward_Carnby: Starbound offline installer for Windows is still outdated.

Linux & Mac is up to date.
Same with SAMURAI SHODOWN V SPECIAL, looks like we're waiting till Monday for them to update it.
Punch Club just flagged an update, but it doesn't look like the mythical final patch we're missing here. Not sure what it is?
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thraxman: Punch Club just flagged an update, but it doesn't look like the mythical final patch we're missing here. Not sure what it is?
Linux installer changed from 1.1 (gog-3) to 1.31. Windows and Mac may follow.