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gogtrial34987: Eyeing who all is currently not online, but gave suggestions to Doc for they'd like to see donated - and really wishing nominations weren't quite so limited:
I'd like to nominate Korotan for Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War
Thank you very much for it, Doc0075 for the Donation and Finkleroy for all the work he is doing.
Can I please have Diablo + Hellfire? Thanks.
Doc0075, thank you very much for Amid Evil.
high rated
Jeets2: Hello finkleroy - never have I been this early in seeing a big list but could I request Age of Decadence if nobody has beaten me to it recently? Thanks!
Thanks to Doc0075 for making me and a lot of other people happy with your generosity and to finkleroy for steering the wheel of the ship. ;)
high rated
Kobi-K: Can I please have Diablo + Hellfire? Thanks.
Thank you very much Doc0075 and finkleroy for the Classic Diablo + Hellfire!
thanks to our kind host finkleroy and Doc0075 for spiritfarer
finkleroy: Granted.
Thanks so much, both to you and Doc!! Really appreciate it and can't wait to download it. Perfect timing too since my currently throttled bandwidth gets reset tomorrow.
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could I ask for Gothic + Gothic 2 Gold Edition + Gothic 3 + Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition ?
Hi everybody, may i ask for Loop Hero?
Damn, I assumed it was a Doc-bomb, and it was.

Could I ask for
-Dying Light Enhanced Edition Bundle
If it is still available?
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Very nice keys still exist. I wonder if anyof them will survive 30 days?