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I'm gonna help reducing that list haha. If it's ok I'd like to take home one of the copies of Loop Hero (or if both are taken, Valfaris) ^^
can i have the Saboteur! bundle?
Can I have The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC, please?
May I have THIEF: Definitive Edition, please?
As a late arrival - seeing 4 pages full of requesting and granting. And still many games on availability list. Awesome.
Big thanks to you Doc. And possibly to other donors of course!
may i ask for the doom collection?
Could I get Valfaris please?
may i have Raji: An Ancient Epic , pls?
Just the update deserves a thanks. Very generous.
Since its a new month may I request Iratus?
Hi, I could get Hollow Knight + Hollow Knight - Gods & Nightmares (DLC) ? :)
May I request Operencia: The Stolen Sun – Explorer’s Edition ?
fronzelneekburm: May I have THIEF: Definitive Edition, please?
LOL, admit it, you just want to prevent anybody else from enjoying this wonderful game!
Can i have Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure ?
A ton of thanks to Doc0075 for Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition!
I really appreciate your huge generosity
Thank you finkleroy for your tireless dedication & effort running the giveaway!
Hi, may I ask for Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition?