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It's no secret that (the platform and the community gathered around it) is growing at an exceptional rate all around the world. We're trying to keep that in mind as we look for new ways to improve our service for everyone. Obviously, one of the most important functions for all of you is downloading your games - preferably as fast and as reliably as possible.

For some of you this might sound familiar (yep it’s our 3rd time!), once again we are in the process of benchmarking various download locations and trying to get the most representative sample of worldwide results. That means wee need to look at as many unique ISPs / cities / countries as possible, and we need a little help from you! Below you will find a simple test that requires just one click and won't take more than 2 minutes of your time to complete:

<span class="bold">2015 CDN TEST</span>

Your help is greatly appreciated here! Of course you can run the test as many times as possible (preferably at different locations and different times of day). Oh, and keep in mind that we used a little bit of Flash in this test, so if you want to participate please make sure you have the flash player installed and/or you are not using any flash blocking plugins in your browser.
Done. Didn't know about the previous two.
For the past couple of days, the tests have been taking over 2 minutes at home, where I recently upgraded my internet speeds. I just decided to try it on the computer at my job, where the internet speed is crap, and the test only took a minute and thirty seconds. I'm not sure how that works...
ok, hope that helped
Test was completed in under 2 minutes in Los Angeles, what do i win 8P.
fronzelneekburm: GOG VS THE GREAT FIREWALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Round 3 - FIGHT!

*Cue Jeopardy-theme*
Siegor: It that just a problem with the test or does it also take you a long time to download games?
Site performance here is generally abysmal. It's made all the worse by GOG insisting on slapping flash player shit on fucking everything. Sometimes the "login"-button doesn't show up at all, sometimes when I click to log in, I get the wheel spinning for all eternity. The library takes forever to load. If I want to download one of the first games I purchased here, I might as well take a little stroll around Tiananmen Square in the meantime. Just gimme an optional barebones version of the website over this flash player shit any day! I don't give a crap about a fancy schmancy interface, I just want to be able to access my stuff without any major obstacles.

As for download speeds, I've had everything from kb/s in the lower double digits to fairly respectable 1 MB/s. Unfortunately, due to the wonky connection, files have a nasty tendency to be corrupted after the download. And here's where things really turn to shit...

The downloader and any Galaxy-related stuff (including, but not limited to, the AVP autopatcher, the GOG Galaxy updater and this very test) simply do not work. At all.

Out of curiosity @ anyone who would know about such things: If Marcin coughs up an extra fistful of Zloty to rent a server in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or whereever, would that alleviate the problem?
i am from china mainland. my ISP is china telecom. 12 Megabits/s fiber.

the 2015 gog download test can NOT even correctly start!

always test # 1 waiting... test #2 wating! 0% done stuck there.

i think the reason is...

1st. china mainland thoroughly banned google and all google related web app/web services. but your webpages within GOG website, some of them using google webpage gadgets. so, once china web c*ns*rsh*p firewalls detected there is something from google, then, block, then c*nnection reset would happen. then, the whole webpage loading is pretty slow for chinese users.

2nd. the china DNS servers, their dns records are all poisoned. and their dns records are imcomplete. so, might work. but gog cdn, e.g. login servers, authentication servers, image servers, download servers. these cdn they may use some other domain names, so these website, their dns records is empty or poisoned, so china dns servers cannot return correct gog cdn websites dns "domain name -> ip" translate records. so the client, can not view gog websites correctly ,and cannot download, even cannot start downloading.

so, a possible work-around now is , um, could gog tech guys, you share your and gog CDNs domains/websites, the complete dns records, i mean, things like those records entries in windows "hosts" file.

then we can replace the hosts file in our operation system, then, we 'd get the correct IP of, and gog CDNs websites...(non-poisoned dns records), then maybe some of us, can, correctly link to you...

yeah. thank you for your understanding and reading. and, edgecast CDN, their domain name, looks like, banned/poisoned in china mainland, so we need the correct CDN domain name translation results or correct DNS records of and gog CDNs...
Have no flash player. So could not run the test. It'll be better to make html5+js version of the test.
1st test went okay .....

2nd test hung the app:

my cpu was at 68% i dont know what you were using/doing but my poor pc was 'sweating' .... :D

check screenshot: i took screenshot plus a screenshot of the taskmanager , i cut the player part of to show the usage
2 GB usage ? :D

As for the netherlands, it easy to check which providers most people have: the largets ones are ziggo and upc, since ziggo became part of the upc and up seems to be owned by an american company if i get it right.
We also seem to have some kpn networks.

When googling (in dutch) for internet providers i got these results, these are from companies that have a marketshare of at least 5% and a reliable reputation:

Ziggo and UPC are getting more and more bad reviews from customers especially regarding tv and phone

Canal Digitaal
Concepts ICT
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nope.... test 2 keeps hanging cpu is loaded : al 4 cores
2GB mem usage....

test wont work

nstgc: When you say it seems to hang, are you talking a minute or two, or ten minutes or more?
Lodium: I think it was about 10 minutes.
Thougth it crashed at first but to be sure i just let it run while i did something else.
Did another test now, and it didnt hang up this time.
10 minutes ? thats to long

my cpu usage (all 4 cores) gets way to high and the fan is spinning like crazy, i cant take a risk of letting a proces run 10 minutes and maybe mess up something.

my GPU was at 68 degrees thats not okay, normally its at 58 degrees when gaming or playing a flash game.
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That's one small test for man, one giant leap for GOG.
Ran the test but forgot that my router tends to slow my download rate over time. After a day of downloading my bandwidth can be halved.

Restarted the router and ran the test again was noticeably quicker.

Wonder if others have that problem, heavy downloading and your speeds go down. Certainly noticeable when you want to stream video. Now before I do any HD streaming I reboot the router, I have speed tested and it doubles the speed.

Not sure what is happening behind the scenes, if is TCP/IP window size or too large a cache on the router device which a lot of routers have but traditionally are not designed to handle traffic being cached. Who knows.
First test ran fine. Second test never started. Tried a couple of times and keeps getting stuck on the second test.
First bar load fastest to green, second one below has slight 3-5 seconds delay with the last 30%.
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Done. I'm guessing about a minute. Surely not much more than that.

(activate flash
run test
deactivate flash

for something that seems so internet-ubiquitous, you think they could make it run better. i'm surprised it didn't crash.)