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For a better tomorrow.

It's no secret that (the platform and the community gathered around it) is growing at an exceptional rate all around the world. We're trying to keep that in mind as we look for new ways to improve our service for everyone. Obviously, one of the most important functions for all of you is downloading your games - preferably as fast and as reliably as possible.

For some of you this might sound familiar (yep it’s our 3rd time!), once again we are in the process of benchmarking various download locations and trying to get the most representative sample of worldwide results. That means wee need to look at as many unique ISPs / cities / countries as possible, and we need a little help from you! Below you will find a simple test that requires just one click and won't take more than 2 minutes of your time to complete:

<span class="bold">2015 CDN TEST</span>

Your help is greatly appreciated here! Of course you can run the test as many times as possible (preferably at different locations and different times of day). Oh, and keep in mind that we used a little bit of Flash in this test, so if you want to participate please make sure you have the flash player installed and/or you are not using any flash blocking plugins in your browser.
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If you really want to save yourself and your users bandwidth (and thus increase download speed), there is a much better way:

- proper game version numbers
- proper changelogs
- working "NEW" labels

I don't know how many Gigabytes I have downloaded from GOG just to find out that I already had downloaded that file before... just because some NEW label had appeared for some unknown reason, or because the version number of the file didn't match the version number of the game., etc.

It's one of the oldest and most wanted features on the GOG wishlist, and it will both save you bandwidth and make us happy :)
Fogamer, that proposal seems quite reasonable. :)
CDN problems? People report extremely low download speed and even two of my PMs got lost.
I tried. I let it run for about 10 minutes, then tried again. Later, I let it run while I ate dinner. Never finished. Just a green spinner. Using chrome.
I've ran it a dozen or so times off/on different times through last few days.

I get good enough speeds.
toxicTom: CDN problems? People report extremely low download speed and even two of my PMs got lost.
I've been getting really slow download speeds from GOG as well. When I run the CDN test, "Test #1" barely works at all, but "Test #2" is very fast. I really hope GOG can fix the speed issues.
I have a 2mbps internet. I could take a better plan but not much and by the value of our currency, it's prohibitively expensive. For people in similar predicament as mine, I think should ease up on the no pre-download stance.

I've pre-ordered Witcher 3. With the size of that game, by my calculations, it will take over four days of round the clock downloading. I request Gog to make big games available for pre-download.

No need to make the entire game available for pre-download if gog is worried about people playing it before release date. Just leave the executable file and other small files needed to run the game to be made available on release day.

By my limited understanding, this is advantageous for both gamer and

1. People with slow speed (and there are many), will be able to play from day one.
2. It will put less pressure on gog servers when a game as big as W3 is downloaded from all corners of the world. Also, if there are any problems, they can be detected early on and fixed in time.