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It's no secret that (the platform and the community gathered around it) is growing at an exceptional rate all around the world. We're trying to keep that in mind as we look for new ways to improve our service for everyone. Obviously, one of the most important functions for all of you is downloading your games - preferably as fast and as reliably as possible.

For some of you this might sound familiar (yep it’s our 3rd time!), once again we are in the process of benchmarking various download locations and trying to get the most representative sample of worldwide results. That means wee need to look at as many unique ISPs / cities / countries as possible, and we need a little help from you! Below you will find a simple test that requires just one click and won't take more than 2 minutes of your time to complete:

<span class="bold">2015 CDN TEST</span>

Your help is greatly appreciated here! Of course you can run the test as many times as possible (preferably at different locations and different times of day). Oh, and keep in mind that we used a little bit of Flash in this test, so if you want to participate please make sure you have the flash player installed and/or you are not using any flash blocking plugins in your browser.
Grargar: Done again. This time it was 1 minute and 34 seconds. I guess that this explains it.
Cheers. And even slower now - 1min & 50sec.

LynetteC: I'd love to help but I'm without a laptop for the week as we've just arrived in Spain for our Easter break. I can't run the tests on my tablet as it's Android so l can't install Flash.
Colour me green with envy. ;-P

Just kidding - have a great time and a lovely Easter, Lynette. :-)
Its should be noted, that firefox network monitor tells me that during that "test" 300Mb of my traffic was wasted.
Tested again and this time it was a little slower to complete the two test.

Hope it help ;)
I did my part :)
Done twice (day, night) from same location. Np :)
Lodium: Done, will take the test a few times more.

Just a note to others.
Progression stopped and hanged a bit after test one
so you migth want to give it a little bit time.
nstgc: When you say it seems to hang, are you talking a minute or two, or ten minutes or more?
I think it was about 10 minutes.
Thougth it crashed at first but to be sure i just let it run while i did something else.
Did another test now, and it didnt hang up this time.
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Not sure it happened to anyone else, but it said Complete even though the bar didn't reach the end.
Not sure if bars actually represent something.

I did a test earlier but it was fine that time
Test done.
Done, I'll give it another shot tomorrow if I can.
Done and deactivated flash again...
I will try "different locations" test mode, because I have no download problem with my home pc.
Test done and it worked fine for me. No problems. :)
How much data is transferred during that test? It took about 45 seconds for each bar to complete so about 1,5 minutes for the whole test.

edit: ran the test a 2nd time, exactly 1,5 minutes total (90 seconds)
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user_haiyang: Due to THE GREAT FIRE WALL,
China Mainland user can't use GOG DOWNLOADER and GALAXY CLIENT to download games;
sometimes can use IE download;
but the speed is very very slow;
Please solve this problem;

could GOG support ALIPAY;
add Chinese support?

best regards
Redfern: You can use mastercard without any problem here. As for speed...
In China Mainland, Alipay is the largest the most convenient online pay tools;
I am a normal student, I have no mastercard.