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It's no secret that (the platform and the community gathered around it) is growing at an exceptional rate all around the world. We're trying to keep that in mind as we look for new ways to improve our service for everyone. Obviously, one of the most important functions for all of you is downloading your games - preferably as fast and as reliably as possible.

For some of you this might sound familiar (yep it’s our 3rd time!), once again we are in the process of benchmarking various download locations and trying to get the most representative sample of worldwide results. That means wee need to look at as many unique ISPs / cities / countries as possible, and we need a little help from you! Below you will find a simple test that requires just one click and won't take more than 2 minutes of your time to complete:

<span class="bold">2015 CDN TEST</span>

Your help is greatly appreciated here! Of course you can run the test as many times as possible (preferably at different locations and different times of day). Oh, and keep in mind that we used a little bit of Flash in this test, so if you want to participate please make sure you have the flash player installed and/or you are not using any flash blocking plugins in your browser.
Tried this on a different computer (also running Arch, but a more "mature" system), and it ran fine in Chromium.
Test #1 ran fine and went to "completed," but Test #2 never started - it just sat there saying "waiting."

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Lovag: Meh, I'll skip. Won't install flash and too lazy to log in
You do not need to log in with your account, just copy/paste address and push button.

Test completed, hope this helps, albeit my dl speed is fine atm.
New thread, new test. It was, indeed, a little slower than the first few, but no more so than last time I ran it a day or two ago.
Done, a lot slower this time.
user_haiyang: Due to THE GREAT FIRE WALL,
China Mainland user can't use GOG DOWNLOADER and GALAXY CLIENT to download games;
sometimes can use IE download;
but the speed is very very slow;
Please solve this problem;

could GOG support ALIPAY;
add Chinese support?

best regards
You can use mastercard without any problem here. As for speed...
Done.. Greetings from Türkiye :)
Needs Flash? Lame...
Done! I hope my 8 Mbit connection is of some use to you guys. :)
I've noticed Test#2 always runs faster than Test#1. Will GOG be switching to the Test#2 servers?
Done! A few times :)
Done a couple times, I'll probably repeat later :)