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The Shivah

For whatever reason, the developers decided pressing just about any key should dismiss dialogue boxes. Taking screenshots of them was nearly impossible.
shivah_01.jpg (251 Kb)
shivah_02.jpg (166 Kb)
shivah_03.jpg (251 Kb)
shivah_04.jpg (210 Kb)
Screenshot 1 and 2: Turning this place into a hotter one
Screenshot 3 and 4: Before and after
Diary of a City part deux

The choice i made at first was use more room, but now i'm more or less forced to upgrade buildings here and there. Impressed with the road layout (though not from every angle)
Reserved some space for the uber villa's
Thinking of working a second city plot (i belief there are 10 in this specific scenario) before i start 3d tier buildings
Again, Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection.

Capcom: "So, you want some new GnG game?!?"
Fans: "Focking yes please!!"
C: "Ok! We'll give you a nightmare then..."
F: "Wait. What. No... Oh no..."
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Working my way through TIM
puzzle1.png (39 Kb)
puzzle2.png (35 Kb)
puzzle3.png (39 Kb)
puzzle4.png (55 Kb)
puzzle5.png (33 Kb)
Modern times and a trip to the past. :) Both versions have their style and although I've bought the remaster, would probably instabuy the classic version as well if it would arrive on GOG.
Continuing with TIM
Frostpunk GOTY
Just installed some other drm games directly from Slitherine. I was relieved to find that dpi scaling works to on shadow empire!
I'm not sure if it is my eyesight or not but damn, some of them games do translate pretty bad to a 2k resolution! Windows to btw, but windows comes with a letter type enlarges build in!

Tis shadow empire what im talkin 'bout! ( btw )
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Can't believe how much fun this is!
spacechem.jpg (186 Kb)
Have a 17s video instead. Spacechem actually has a feature to create a video of any completed level. This is crazy addictive and satisfying
Matewis: (...) This is crazy addictive and satisfying
Hello Matewis!

Indeed, the Zachtronic's line of programming and problem-solving games are highly enjoyable, satisfying, and oh, so addictive... if you get into them!

For me, my first contact with "Infinifactory" was a revelation in gaiming!
I skipped "Spacechem" on its initial release and soon forgot about it entirely.
After I got into "Infinifactory", I started to play more of their problem-solving games, but have to admit that I have not finished any of them, yet.
Still, "Infinifactory" and "TIS-100" (their most purist game) are my favorite modern "puzzle" games!
On my former computer I collected a lot of small videos / gif animations of my solutions... where do I have the old HDD?

Let me ask you something: how do you feel about the "timed" boss levels in the original "Spacechem" for PC?

I personally did not liked them, and found out that the mobile version (e.g. on Android) does not include them. (But they also did cut out the brief story elements...)

Have fun!

(I really should try if I can get any further in each of these Zachtronic's games.)

Kind regards,

P.S.: To add something in form of a game screenshot, let me use a scene from the game series I am currently finishing replaying.

P.P.S.: There is no clipping nor 'photoshop' involved in this picture. =)
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foxgog: ...
Oh yes, based on how much fun Spacechem is, I believe I will check out Infinifactory when I'm done with it :)
But I somehow wasn't aware of TIS-100. Looks intriguing...

But timed spacechem boss levels? I haven't even gotten that far!
Genesis Alpha One.
An Indie to the Link ...aka Blue Fire

This is a fun little somewhat Zelda-inspired 3D action adventure with a more extensive/useful move set. I'm quite enjoying its labyrinthine dungeon world and void challenge levels. :)

...So much for playing KoA. Whoopsie! ;)
it_begins.jpg (261 Kb)
weirdo.jpg (356 Kb)