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InkPanther: Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight
Some of these screenshots are hilarious, didn't even know this is part of the GOG library. Fun to still being able to discover interesting titles.
The other survivors in Grim Dawn


Raised on the streets. Developed a habit of befriending dead animals while young. After the invasion developed powers to summon 'beings'
The cabbalist turns out to be way more tactical than I first imagined it to be. At least this one does. Heavily depended on poisoning the enemy, spreading diseases from the backline with the summons taking the brunt of the enemies attacks. The cost for the spells is quite high. There is a certain battle flow that is recommended. Also using buffs to fill in 'gaps' both defensive and adding damage offensively. It is at the moment the character who survived last and had the benefit of using the shared loot found by the others.

Mocia Lamenta

A battlemage that i haven't figured out yet. Probably due to a wrong point distribution but who knows. If she survives she might turn out into something worthy to the the title.

If i had to compare the characters to weapons Shiv would be like a guided artillery strike, on its way to becoming a cruise missile with several warheads. Shem obviously a bioweapon. And Mocia probably along the lines of a armored vehicle deployed in the wrong terrain. . .
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Looove, Oh Loooove! :D
cp.jpg (124 Kb)
Solving war mysteries...
briefing.jpeg (138 Kb)
Ready for the beginning of the Dragon Quest.
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Well, well. it seems this post been reported
much to my surprise, i must add. I guess it must be the 'connection' i had when reading through someone else's contribution. The explanation, not going off topic and to not discuss political topics is also a bit 'shady'. But hey, it is GoG. I envision the community managers as people.

Anyway's. . .

Some new AOW4 shots. Been giving the game a second chance after refunding the first try. This time around , all feels a lot better. I'm aiming to guide a troop of misguided, wronged, lost Elves. Industrious is their first nature, ignoring and even evading their always present inner magical connection with the world around them. This has lead to a slightly erratic but surprisingly highly functional tiered civilization that occasionally deals with the outwash from their inner distorted nature. Unprovoked violence. A lot of dark subsects. But also deeds of good. A single person in a neighbourhood that manages their garden in such a manner that a lot of people will feel relieved when coming near. Gardens in themselves also have a bigger part as usual as one might expect from an industrialized society.

The shots are from a battle i'm glad i won. The AI is set pretty vicious in these games, a bit what you might expect from the Dutch. It is nowhere near the so-called American way of forging your own destiny but leaves enough room for a strong survivor mentality that shows the occasional disregard for any signs of weakness and or oddities, differences.

An example of the eradic nature was the decision to wage war to a near city filled with what could be best described as a race of toxic mice, green fur included. But in the end became subjugated and near death loyal to our ruling Matriarch Willow Ofgood.

All Hail The Queen
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Oh Noes . . .

The first of the trio of Grim Dawn survivors succumbed, to an unending horde of skeletons.

Goodbye Shem, your input will be dearly missed!

Still going Strong

-Shiv Fireborn
-Mocia Lamenta

I also made some small leaps into understanding my battlemage build. I think the keyword for the moment is (health) recovery.
shem.jpg (303 Kb)
Utter Frustration in Grim Dawn.

I still use the guns i found 20 levels ago. Most don't even come near in the damage output calculations. Now i know they are not holy. . . Certain situations are better dealt with specific type of weapons. That is also why my Secundairy Weapon, A lightning infused crossbow is about a 2000 points lower in damage output but this is crazy yea!! There is only one weapon i found, a revolver that excelled. But i need 30!!!!!! more levels before i can use that one!

Also Shiv almost died. I literally heard a heart thumping.
Slower and slower.

The only thing that is remotely inspiring is the new helmet waiting for me if i Reach the next level
Playing through Loki again. Only finished the czech version in the past, which is missing all the voice acting. Acquired an english version to finally hear it and to also try the other option at the end of the game. Went with a spear oriented Norse Warrior, currently also running around with a summoned Valkyrie.

Wondering why this game is not on GOG.
loki.jpg (428 Kb)
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Cyberpunk 2077

cuting down screenshots...
cp2077.jpg (235 Kb)
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From zero to hero (compared to the previous screen).

Getting some bling as the character progresses through the game. Nearing the end of the Aztec portion of the game. If one good thing can be said about the game (and there are honestly not that many of them :P), it's that the armor pieces actually look pretty good on the characters. Reminds me of Sacred 2, where I could inspect my characters for prolonged periods of time and even cobbled together "fashion sets".

A lot of ARPGs put little to not importance on character looks, or don't even allow you to zoom in to look closely how you character actually looks like. Always plus points in my book.
loki2.jpg (493 Kb)
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Unicorn Overlord

The game's really oozing with character, in the same way you would watch a Disney cartoon. According to the mighty reviewer, that same similarity can be found in the telling of this tale.
Another shot taken in UO

About 10 hours in, and still kinda enjoying the game loop. So far I would rate the game higher as other tactics J's such as that Nephilim game, Brigandine or Triangle Strategy for that matter. This one is of course more of a commander than a fighter, though just by an inch. Maybe the pausable nature of this title is also more to my liking. I ain't sure yet, what i do know is that, silly as it may be, some of the classic J scenario's still manage to conjure a smile on my face. . .

Such a shame, this game is forbidden to pc owners!
Unicorn Overlord

Yes, there are 'bond' mechanics in this game. People who are grouped together by our Lord Commander will build up a connection. This connection can lead to an optimized combat performance. It will also lead to little interactions viewable to our Lord Commander. Waging war together is not the only way to increase bonds. As a Lord Commander, you have the sole right to send out your troops on brunches, lunches and the occasional pick nick. This is of course funded by the means gathered through the ample opportunities provided by . . . war.

As an example, i provided a picture of a meal for 2 persons. The Lord Commander in all of his wisdom decided that the main protagonist and a recruit wishing to become one of his consorts after the war should enjoy this meal. No man should stand in the way of love without a reason!

How to enjoy this meal remains a mystery to me. Start with a piece of bread, followed by some tarte, another piece bread maybe mixed with the salad? I ain't sure yet. What i do know that after this meal a sparring match followed. Who knows what this might hold for a future.
I do know that the Lord Commander was pleased with this outcome.