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The Adventures of Zelda: Not-Skyrim Sightseeing Tour ...aka Enderal: Forgotten Stories continued

I'm at about the fifty-hour mark, and haven't even travelled half the map yet. So many ways to get side-tracked. Hell, I must have spent something like 4-5 hours just poking around in the capital Ark and the Undercity when I first got to it. Still having quite the good time with it. :)
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Monster Hunter: Vizima Edition
Had this moment of: The reviews are bad, but the game's on sale and I bet I can wish it to be the kind of experience I'd like to have. Moto Racer 3, no sir, I am not enjoying it. The sewing-machine engine sound, oh man. The small number of uninspired tracks. Better I'll reinstall Moto Racer 2 and build another funny-shaped custom circuit.
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