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Some screenshots taken from Bright Memory Infinite. This game is both bad and very, very good. Except for the short duration: that's the worst part.
The Original Tomb Raider ...aka Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

For some reason I stopped playing this after level 6 some ~4 years ago. Thanks to existing cloud saves I was able to pick up right where I left off on an entirely different PC. Didn't take long to get re-adjusted to the controls either. Aside from some random-crash-happiness with the bigger guns (although that mysteriously stopped once I got to Solomon's Mines) it runs quite well. I did have to use an unofficial dinput wrapper though pointed out in the game forum as the game would not work otherwise. *shrug*

Anyway, I've been having a good time with this. Man, I love labyrinthine levels of yore. None of that straight-path, hand-holding, follow the breadcrumbs nonsense of today.
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Just finished Wing Commander II Special Operations 2. Finally...
Some other screenshots from Bright Memory Infinite. A game that strives to be everything, except for lasting longer than a couple hours at best.

Oh well, I think I'll start playing Elden Ring (I recently shed some blood to purchase the game Collector's Edition on eBay) for real now. The first ten hours or so have been a true slaughtering, and luckily I don't have screenshots to prove that (I'm a bit ashamed of my inexperience with Souls games).
Play Elden Ring, they said. It's a beautiful, blooming world, they said.