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Slowly but steady, a bit of a small scale but have been buys with laying th groundtracks for the next 10k of people.

spreading industry over non pollutioners such as farming and forestry. busses, trains etc
A second chance for Rage... first time I played it, it was like a meh game: let's see if now it looks better...
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new idea's !

and bridges bridges, still need some more curves though
A trip to Czech Republic.
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Sights of Andromeda part X : The Nexus

Yes we dreamed, we dreamed for 700 years long. Only to wake up in this shithole called Andromeda

-- Text in one of the public toilets, pre pathfinder arrival phase.

The Nexus. Starting point for colonizing the undiscovered wonders of Andromeda. While i say undiscovered don't think they went in unprepared. Through the availability of quantum wondered hardware planets where subject to scrutiny long before the colony ships departed. Their journey took 700 years. A marvel marriage of both pioneering spirit and scientific cooperation.

- Hi
- Bye
- Think you can hide from my flamethrower behind a car?
- Making my own path during a crazy terror mission
- Seeing as it was a chryssalid infestation, I'm surprised I even managed to save 6!
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enjoying skylines with the smoothest groove on tha horizon
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