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Latest 5 TIM puzzles completed. The difficulty is slowly ramping up.
puzzle50.png (36 Kb)
Some other screenshots from Ghosts 'n Goblins 'n Fucking Resurrection.

I'm still missing one fucking orb to get the fucking "true" ending. Fuck...
I've found a proper rhythm in the game and the progress is noticeable. Closing to the end, but the difficulty level constantly grows. We'll see whether the final part of the game will discourage me from finishing it. Right now I'm determined to reach the end. :)
Some 'shots from Diablo II LOD. No, not the Resurrected one: it costs too damn much, and I don't have enough game money right now. Maybe the "ScEnE" could help me on that a bit...

My Javazon Amazon is progressing nicely (in Nightmare difficulty waiting for a certain "cannot be frozen" ring to drop before venturing in Hell)...

P.S.Moo moo moooo!
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Lost, rinse, Repeat!

Steered away from tryin to creep into a mad developers art and opted for a sandbox variant. No set victory conditions, just the art of survival at large.

Distant Worlds Universe
mine!.jpg (492 Kb)
glorious.jpg (417 Kb)
empire.jpg (484 Kb)
crisis.jpg (338 Kb)
Everbody gets their own blob of flesh for a pet!
Frostpunk GOTY

Florence, you took the words right out of my mouth.
A perfectly normal and classy rhythm game.
Some solutions in TIM are a little weird...
Can't decide which version has more style. :)
Distant Worlds became a bit frantic to enjoy during the weekly evenings after long workdays, luckily there are other games that provide some interesting yet short challenges while retaining a sort of permanence.. sort of .......

Die oggdo bogdoo !!! Die!

(snatched a screenshot from some online library since my own shots failed and forgot to use the in game screenshot mode)
the 3 year membership with Slitherine & Matrix delivered me a discount coupon! Distant Worlds Universe 2 would not release in the 30 days term the coupon is valid, so i had to scour their stores in search of something i would enjoy to.
eventually the coupon was used on the game Ravenmark Scourge of Escallion.

a nice christian game in which you follow a lead figure on his path to whatever the future has lying in store for him. As a true tactical you are granted control of an expanding array of troops over the course of the story.

the game features a wego system and 6 precious command points to be used in each planning phase. furthermore troops of the same type can be bound together into formations and orders can be provided to span multiple turns lest you don have to use those precious points of similar orders every single round

i have just progressed through the prelude and am finding myself ample fun and sjallenge!


*DOOM Eternal running on my newish uber-PC. Frame rate unlocked, and insanely high for my experience even with no particular optimizations or updated drivers*

*DOOM Eternal running on my newish uber-PC. Frame rate unlocked, and insanely high for my experience even with no particular optimizations or updated drivers*
Doom Eternal is extremely well optimized. Also the ray tracing feature doesn't kill the performance. They did a great job. Nice machine btw. :)
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Wooooooo gooodmorning Sunriseeee

with the dopehead machine this baby went lean all out on the highway.... Heisting and shitting gear, like a desertmongrel who's just met king cobra .. oooooh baby ... adrenaline fun in this most amazing arcady racer NFSU on da run! ( well actually it is called ' payback ' but you know, lyrics wise etc etc )

amazing missions in this movieroll game make over!

Take out convoy!
start with the 'guards'
close in on the booty
booty goe's al out on the freeway smashing cars and everything just to keep out of your way
beat more guards
go hollywood
Shazaammm !

I'm old for this though but, did manage in the end

go koenigssegg