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Just playing some Candy Box.

This screenshot was made without cheating (though note that this is on a file that's already beaten the game).
I've never completed Eye of the Beholder trilogy in my life, so I guess the time has come (Chapter 2).
Revenge of the Bird King for the Nintendo Switch.
Fun metroidvania-esque game. I wish it had a DRM free release, tho.
Screenshot #1 | Screenshot #2
Alien: Isolation.
Actually it's my second playthrough on easier difficulty after I finished it on hard.

This game got me so hooked, I just wanted to revisit it's world some more without
being scared to death every now and then an without the fear to even move :-)

It's just an amazing experience I had with this game, I's been a long time since i had this type of rollercoaster in my brain.
I think last time which had such an impact on me was "Brothers: A Tale of two sons" and "To the Moon"

Sarafan: Doom Eternal is extremely well optimized. Also the ray tracing feature doesn't kill the performance. They did a great job. Nice machine btw. :)
Yeah, I noticed that while playing Control Ultimate Edition: with ray tracing on, frame rate suffers a sharp drop - even going below 60fps in some rare instances, which I find unacceptable on a GeForce RTX 3080 :-P

Still waiting to try the ray tracing effects on DOOM Eternal though.
KingofGnG: Still waiting to try the ray tracing effects on DOOM Eternal though.
They're not so impressive as in Control, because Doom Eternal uses them mostly for reflections. But it's still nice to have them. :) As for Control I had to play with DLSS to maintain a somewhat stable 60 fps with ray tracing on my RTX 2070 Super. It was still worth it though. DLSS barely worsens the quality of image while ray tracing lifts it to a new level. Generally when it comes to ray tracing, the best implementation is in Control, CP2077, Quake 2 RTX and maybe Metro: Exodus Enhanced Edition.

BTW, there's a ray tracing mod for Serious Sam The First Encounter. Just tried it today and wanted to take some pretty screenshots. Unfortunately the input lag on my machine was unbearable. Maybe you'll have more luck (if you have Serious Sam TFE that is): :)
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I completed Sleeping Dog's main story line 23 hours ago. What an intense last couple of hours! I lept from great (glitched) heights to claim my final lockbox. I was ambushed by speedboats and bullets. I squirmed at my keyboard when witnessing my character, Wei, being tortured and methodically sliced (that was really tough for me to watch, LOL). From there on, I was barely alive and the weakest I had ever been in-game, but managed to kill my way to the end. Overall, a memorable experience. Great game! :)
A new crush .....
nfsp1.jpg (481 Kb)
nfspbaby.jpg (314 Kb)
Continuing with my TIM journey

By Grabthar's hammer, this time I'm going to finish this blasted game! not even half-way through yet :P
Matewis: Continuing with my TIM journey
Your TIM screenshot series are fun to look at! I've gotta play this game someday (=
NFS payback knows different divisions each with their own customized car you should own. There is a long list of cars to choose from and each car brand and model can be configured to hold its own in any of the different contest. The divisions are race, runner, drift, drag and outdoor. The game also knows story missions which can be driven with a preselected car but sometimes appears on the map later on as a challenge mission where you can try to best the time of your buddies or a random selected opponent, this, in your own cars of course. Most races are done on tracks also inhabited by ' normal ' traffic, as in street racing, and sometimes you will find only your opponent's or go at in a time trials where sometimes you can be all alone or again have only regular traffic on the roads you drive. Each and every car can be upgraded by means of a card system, and you can apply all sorts of visual customizations from painted glass to rims and body kits. Racing is of course done arcade but for the true purists equipped with wheels and paddles as control devices sufficient build in difficulty settings will challenge even the most veteran street racers.

Anyways... porsche .... i usually take a pass on 'm ( game wise eh! talking game wise 'ere ) but darn... this baby rocks!
Dimchkin: Your TIM screenshot series are fun to look at! I've gotta play this game someday (=
I'm glad someone appreciates my 'suffering' ;)
(just joking - it's mostly been smooth sailing, even if the primitive interface is ever so slightly grating at times)

OT, following 5...
I've been enjoying The Quest recently.

North Road
North Entrance
City Centre Arch
Town Square
Magic Shop
Pine Quarter
Barren Forest
Disco Elysium, a game that we'll be talking about for years. I don't know whether it'll become a second Planescape Torment in time, but it's definitely something exquisite.
disco_01.jpg (347 Kb)
disco_02.jpg (445 Kb)
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Ok, I've finally found the last remaining black chest needed to collect all the Orbs and unlock the "real" ending in Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection.

The fucker was hidden, as an additional second black chest, in the third Shdow Level I had already completed before. Without looking on-line, I wasn't able to discover it like I had already done with ALL The "standard" black chests.

So this was a secret beyond a secret, something you wouldn't think about by yourself in years of trying. Capcom: you stupid or what?!? Fuck...

Btw, the "real" ending unlocks the Cast Armor, which turns GnGR in a completely different affair: the wait delay for spellcasting disappears, and Arthur essentially becomes invulnerable. Probably so you can go through the game again without losing your mind for the nth fucking time, I guess...
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