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^ has a whole galaxy of imaginary friends, and takes vacation to erotic places in his mind
^Is a dark jedi and can be everywhere and yet nowhere due to a mishap during the Schrodinger's cat experiment.....
Post edited January 21, 2013 by Lionel212008
^Can't help uttering the phrase "Holy Cow" when ordering food at a steakhouse
^owns said steakhouse.
^ works in said steakhouse
^is said steakhouse
^ tries desparatley to tie his Icarus Effect into Steakhouses
^Haunts your dreams and brings your worst fantasy nightmares to life.
^ wonders what he's gonnabuy mew for xmas 2050
^ is 80 years old.
^ misguessed my age
^ is flattered koima57 thinks he is so young, if he didnt know better he would be thinking that koima57 was coming on to him in the hopes of making some kind of twisted porno.
^ is 894 years old
^ has seen my birth certificate
^ stole My Birth Certificate