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Uses jaw bone as a chisel but doesn't own many so, uses neighbors jaw. Broke it. And said "not in the face but he or she knew that that only jaw what was broken was in his hand.. nowadays called.. "Man, that's some broken bone.. hand".
^ sometimes makes absolutely no sense what so ever and is currently heading further and further down that path but know we love him for it
Thanks. good to know.
^Has so black hair that it is hard to tell what kind of rubber chicken he used.
^^ is actually very fluent in written English, but is a secret Dadaist.
^ knows 100,000 languages. But can't remember them all
^is fluent in over 6 million forms of communication and is qualified to repair your lightsaber
^is fluent in horse speech, and can repair your toes in damaged.
^ is fluent in insect languages and can use this to escape deformed serial killers.
^ wont tell the cops where the bodies are buried
^ just watched phenomena and noticed the nationality of the killer.
^ refuses absolutely to sleep.
^ will probably start talking about themselves permenantly in the third person very soon
^ is lying about telika
^ should probably invest in some imaginary friends
^ seems to think i haven't had enough of these.