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^Known hater of clocks and other "hand" thingies
^ currently covered in superglue and cogs
^ angry as a monkey without bananas for weeks
Post edited January 23, 2013 by Thespian*
^ doesn't know the difference between an ape and a monkey
^ has banned steam from selling games on uplay
^ makes game steam from you playing!
^ is not a digital artist, just wants to be employed by Weta
^has trouble trusting people who dance with a smile on their face
^ Has trouble trusting me.
^is infact an orange potato with red hair
^ has eaten an orange potato with red hair
^ Discovered the Americas in the year 1453. Pissed his name on a rock and left.
^ Is just too handsome to be seen in public
^ Is absolutely right.
Darling_Jimmy: ^ Is absolutely right.
^ is Quasimodo