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^ recently gave birth to a bouncing baby certification machine
^ doesn't know I'm using a hacked DHS computer to forge US birth Certificates
^doesn't know all DHC computers are hacked.
^ was the guy who convinced Lucas to not release the anamorphic, 5.1 DVD transfers of the original, non-special-edition Star Wars Trilogy.
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^ Is actually Jar Jar Binks
^ was a stunt double in SW: The Clone Wars cartoon
^ was horst tappert's stunt double in derrick
^ not quite sure Derrick's sidekick is Harry or Henry Klein.
^ wants to have a side-kick, but no-one takes a plush Cactus seriously
^ is the sidekick of a plush banana.
^is a plush banana
^ is furious that her plans for earth domination have been foiled by a plush banana
^is ecstatic that my plans for world domination failed.
^Was responsible for the mass extinction of dinosaurs on account of being a time traveler and squishing a banana on one of her trips to that age causing a disruption of the time space fabric eventually leading to a meteor plummeting the earth and is now being hunted by a secret underground race of reptilian beings who worship SET.
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^ has too much time on his hands