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^Was the walmart smilely face before he got fired, for cutting more than just prices in half.
^ has wreked 10 plants while in his mom's womb
^Product of the unholy union between a Man and a Wo-Man
^ reproduces by mitosis
^ throws his sperm in the air and waits for females to collide with it. (if i understood fish methods right)
^Creates visual pictures which cause others to pee pee with laughter
^ plays video fishing games, since he's afraid of the water
^ goes fishing in the sewers because its more "extreme" that way
^ met Master Splinter in said sewers.
^ Kills people in his sleep.
^ sleeps with dead people in his bead
^ should learn that "on couche toujours avec des morts"
^ was once one of the three musketeers
^ was once one part of one of the three musketeers' My Little Pony collection
^raises ponies on his farm, to used as bait while sport fishing off the Cape of Africa for Great Whites