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^Looks at himself often in the mirror.
^Has shards of glass embedded in pelvis due to irresistible attraction to reflection.
^Placed a "Do not walk on the grass" sign on a random piece of grass, only for a copper to walk around the corner just at that point, so they got arrested for walking on the grass.
contemplated putting a condom on the tail of the alien in Aliens. true story, bro.

how the hell did this thread get ignored for so long?
^ Makes stone baked pizza without using any stones.

The sacrilege!!
Is the person who leaked to the news that secret governmental paper, according to which Brexit won't ultimately happen. Where did you get that?
^ On multiple occasions has smurfed his smurf with a smurfing smurf.
^Was the smurf
^ Realized blaming the cat for personal failures was not cool after watching Gargamel yell at Azrael.
Banned because all -els are for the extinction list, soon!
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Confused this with the banning thread.
^ Mistakenly picked up three cats instead of balls for juggling.....discovered cat-juggling.
Loves his Bourbon
Thinks that it is better to be red than dead.
^ Is still trying to understand how the bunny can lay all those different colored eggs.