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he has a child hood fear of cabbage and was driven insane by a cabbage patch doll kissing em,,
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Is a sensible, down to earth person, who cannot possibly accept the existence of dangerous aliens threatening us, or that black holes are portals to other worlds; even if those lunacies come out of a genius' mouth.
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Is pretty obsessed with Stephen Hawking, may also be an undercover physicist himself.
When they were born, they drove themselves home from the hospital.
Had the ability to see other people's past
He has regularly entered "black holes" with his "rocket spaceship", but not the ones in space...
Has "yiffed in hell" with "Aliens" which the rest of us refer to as "furfags".
Believes that Doom is a documentary.
Will be disappointed if The Witcher 4 doesn't have flying mounts.
Doesn't know we are expecting dangerous contact from hostile intelligent aliens! There is no Witcher 4 coming, son, Hawking has found the Dark Portals, err, Black Holes, to other worlds!
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^Is an advanced scout for said hostile intelligent aliens. KiNgBrAdLeY7 has been trying to relay to them our ability with viruses, computer and biological....but (as always) hostile intelligent aliens never listen to these things.
^ Has seriously taken the "Trump Challenge" and is currently building a wall around his home from his own fecal matter and toenail clippings.
Is actually a far left wing extremist, hence the ruby color, preparing the noose for executing patriots, erroneously declared fascists. Noose color is a matching black, which is symbolic, too.
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he has started to save brains for the alien race that sent him to recon our planet but is still stumped as to why a doughnut has a hole in the middle...
Knows who is actually human's best friend; also knows the only eyes in existence that can herald you with true affection.
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