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high rated
^ Is a victim of magic unicorns.
it's Tyler Durden
^Is Keyser Söze.
^Is in my reoccurring nightmares.
^In said Nightmares 4gamin always wears a different face....Whoa...Both Rohan and me just realized: life is but a dream, and we dropped the paddles! :P
^Had a wet dream within a wet dream within a dream.
Post edited January 12, 2012 by Rohan15
^Is in a race against time to build a dam before his beaver rivals finish their own dam. He who controls the water, controls the universe!
^ Once accidentally a GOG.
^Is in the middle of building a working chainsaw out of lollipops.
^ Knows exactly the games I'm looking forward to. 0_0
loves Hello Kitty
^ said loves hello kitty. (Yes, this is the second time I've done that. Deal with it.)
^Loves repeating themselves, but for good reasons
^got repetitive strain injury from blinking
^ The goddamn TrollumThinks, age 12, has a secret identity: Frank Miller! His secret identity is Frank Miller. Frank Miller is his secret identity. Don't tell anyone.