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^ Enjoys italian food every once in a while.
^ Barely maintains the premise of the thread by saying "every once in a while".
^ Likes to nitpick by pointing out silly things.
^ Forces unwilling children to watch Velma.
^ He prefers Shaggy and Scooby Doo.
^ Will soon be subjected to the same terrible fate as those children, and will never be able to trust any Warner property ever again.
^ Is kinda annoying every once in a while.
^ Is kinda annoying just a few of the onces in a while, but not every one of them.
^ Is a coffee-guzzling lunatic.
He caught the Katy and left me a mule to ride.
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^ He has two mules for Sister Sarah.
^ He is a remote aquaintance of Third Sister Hu
InSaintMonoxide: ^ Is kinda annoying every once in a while.
yeah really
^ Agrees with statements made by people he doesn't know about people he doesn't know, because I'm pretty sure this is his first time here, but his worst transgression by far is not making a false accusation at all! Go ahead, and make a big one!
^ He agrees in a most egregiously disagreeable manner.