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^ Is obsessed with music produced in war-torn Yugoslavia.
^ He likes bacon, tacos, and pizza... lots of pizza.
^ His secret to longevity goes as follows: "A gallon of tonic water a day keeps the mortician away."
He was close (one again) because intermittent fasting leads to ketosis and autophagy, which leads to longevity.
^ Fasts until he starves to death.
^ He's unaware that I fasted for four weeks last month and I am healthier now than when I was thirty two.
^ Started out as a gigantic obese slob, and starving for so long was NOT an ideal method of slimming down.
^ He is unknowingly and blissfully, factually inaccurate.
^ That's quite the confession is this thread of all places, and he knows it.
^ A recent, yet important memo didn't make it to his inbox; the follow-up mailer was delivered from the mail room the day after the important meeting took place.
^ When playing Dragon's Dogma, he likes to grab ghouls and throw them off cliffs.
^ He enjoys sweeping his human enemies off their feet with his spin-up twisters in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.
^ Misses the monster-climbing from Shadow of the Colossus and plays Dragon's Dogma as a nostalgia trip.
^ Always preferred monster-climbing in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.
^ Prefers the monster-climbing from early childhood where the monster was Dad.