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welcome to the official GOG Galaxy forum thread. Please read the below info first:


The Cloud Saves backend will be enabled for selected users in batches. We expect the full rollout to take at least a few days. If the cloud saves feature didn't start working for you yet please give us a few days. We will be posting updates on the rollout process in this thread.


List of games supporting various GOG Galaxy features:
Cloud Saves:


Please use: and include
1. steps to reproduce the bug (if possible)
2. screenshot or movie showing the bug (if possible)
3. Galaxy Client logs (location described on mantis report page)


Please use: For feature suggestions and votes on them please try do explain how Galaxy and its users will really benefit from it.


1. For GOG games installed using installers from the last few months (so called Galaxy-compatible installers)
Click the Galaxy logo button on top of the sidebar and select "scan and import folders" - it will find all compatible games within that folder and add them to the Client.

2. For remaining GOG game INSTALLATIONS
Find the game in the Library (click on the image of the game), then click the More button and select "Manage Installation" -> "Import folder" and point the folder selector into the folder where that game is installed.

- Galaxy cannot be launched by other users on the same computer


# 1.2.21 Beta (August 25, 2017)
## Changes and Improvements:
- Added desktop notification if there are unread notifications in the top menu

## Bugfixes:
- Top menu won't switch to mobile mode in Galaxy
- Fix for excessive memory usage in top menu

1.2.22 (September 05, 2017)
Changes & improvements:
- New top navigation (already known from
- New notifications system:
new notifications dropdown in the top navigation
added desktop notification for forum replies
added desktop notification for wishlisted items discounted
improved pluralisation in desktop notifications
- [MacOS] GOG Galaxy bundle name is renamed to 'GOG'
- Desktop notification reminding about unseen notifications respects your other notifications settings - e.g. if you've disabled desktop notifications for chat
- GOG Galaxy now supports Wistia videos
- Improved a bit performance, by doing less HTTP requests, which were expected to fail anyway
- Fixed an issue with Galaxy trying to install 64-bit redistributables on 32-bit systems
- You can see your own message written in another chat window immediately
- Fixed a bug which could falsely show Not Authorized status on Game, if you've had connection problems when trying to view it
- When you're on settings page of not installed game with auto-updates disabled globally, you won't see untrue sentence "The version you're currently on is no longer available"
- Fixed issue where login/registration form would disappear after 30s (Which existed only in 1.2.21)
- Fixed "Import Folder" not working in certain circumstances
- Fixed false positive conflict when syncing cloud storage
- Time of notification (e.g. "a few seconds ago") in the dropdown will change dynamically when you change Galaxy Client's language
- Text in game settings will no longer overlap, when the game had only two rollbacks and autoupdates were disabled

1.2.23 (September 09, 2017)
- Hotfix for long Galaxy start, when it was installed not to default location
- Friends' statuses should be more up to date

1.2.24 (October 11, 2017)
Changes and Improvements:
- Reworked how the navigation history works, fixing numerous bugs (left/right arrows in top menu)
- Added option to specify command line options when launching games (in each game's settings)
- "Unread notifications" notification doesn't produce sound, and does not have a setting entry by itself
- New in-game achievement notification animation and design
- Improved looks of the close button for chat in Galaxy Overlay
- Galaxy will show a spinner while verifying a game's private channel password. An error will be shown if the password is invalid
- Small improvement in resources usage
- Multiple desktop/in-game concurrent notifications sounds less choppy
- Fixed grey (disabled) screen on login screen
- "Continue previous session" setting for starting page will now properly remember the last page you visited before quitting
- Game view background image scaling on ultrawide screens now works properly (no more grey areas on the sides)
- Galaxy will no longer try to install 64 bit redistributables on 32 bit systems
- Fixed a rare crash during game update
- Fixed a bug causing Galaxy to freeze when using it with a slow internet connection
- Sound volume regulation is respected for in-game notifications (50% quieter by default)
- After changing windows back and forth (alt tabbing), input in the overlay will work correctly
- Fixed a visual issue with (hint) text for rollbacks overlapping other text under it
- Time of notification (e.g. "a few seconds ago") in the dropdown will change dynamically when you change Galaxy Client's language
- Galaxy will no longer lose games when updated from version 1.1.30 to latest :)
- The "You have unread notifications" notification won't show up more than once for the same notification
- You won't see "Version you're currently on is not known" paragraph in not installed games settings anymore
- Some scenarios (e.g. importing older game builds with auto-updates disabled) will no longer show newest game version label if Galaxy is not sure about that
- In above scenarios, you'll see "The version you are currently on is not known. You can select the version to update to." instead of untrue "The version you are currently on is no longer available"

1.2.25 (October 16, 2017)
- SDK Networking optimizations

1.2.26 (October 19, 2017)
- Fixed networking issue when joining/creating lobby for the first time in game run
- Fixed a bug where in-top-menu notifications didn't appear after app restart in some cases

1.2.27 Beta (October 24, 2017)
Changes and Improvements:
- A dialog will now be shown if the cloud save sync fails due to not enough space in the cloud
- Improved security in communication between Galaxy Overlay and it's UI
- MORE dropdown, or GOG Logo dropdown will not fail to open anymore (happened sometimes)
- [MacOS] Fixed Scan & Import falling in recursive loop, when encountering a symlink leading to root directory (Such symlinks happened in WINE games, eg. Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga)
- Fixed possible cloud saves synchronization freeze after a failure in receiving synchronization request
- Game update will no longer result in broken installation, when new version doesn't have previously installed language
- GOG Galaxy will no longer fail to update itself in some instances due to insufficient permissions
- Error popups (like "Failed to load game database") will be now translated to your application's language

1.2.28 Beta (October 31, 2017)
- New configuration tools for GOG Galaxy SDK

1.2.29 (November 14, 2017)
Changes and Improvements:
- Galaxy will no longer consider partial cloud saves sync (only pull) as complete
- Tweaked desktop notification animations
- Galaxy will no longer periodically fetch friends online status from the server (it will work OK via websockets)
- Unity games will no longer hang on Nvidia graphics cards with Overlay turned on
- Fixed several issues which caused game images in the sidebar to not appear
- Fixed a few cases where extracting the archive with game images did not happen (e.g. when the game was installed with an offline installer)
- Faster shutdown during a game update
- Overlay and game time tracking will properly work with games that uses launchers
- [macOS] Fixed a crash, which happend during updating Tyranny with all DLCs
- Fixed background image not being refreshed after it's source has been changed

1.2.30 Beta (December 04, 2017)
- Testing cloudstorage configuration

1.2.31 (07 December, 2017)
Changes and Improvements:
- Improved Overlay scaling on high resolution displays, as well as on low resolutions (for retro games on fullscreen)
- Decreased minimum resolution threshold required for overlay to work
- Game time is saved when closing Galaxy while a game is running
- [Windows 10 Fall Creator's update] Fixed Galaxy being auto-started by the system when auto-start was disabled in Galaxy settings
- [Windows] Fixed some cases of "Connection to Communication Service was lost and could not be restored"
- FPS counter will be properly showing up when using AMD graphics cards
- Desktop notification will not be shown if you are using fullscreen application (eg. playing non-GOG game)
- Fixed bug that caused problem with updating games because their files were marked as read only
- Game time tracking information will no longer be lost if you were disconnected when shutting down a game
- Fixed an issue with Overlay not showing up in Elex, when using AMD graphics cards
- Screenshots will work properly in DirectX8 games (eg. Zwei)
- Screenshots won't capture Overlay notifications in DirectX11 games (eg. Elex)
- Fixed rendering issue in OpenGL games (eg. Owlboy)
- Fixed rendering issue in DirectX8 games (eg. Mafia)
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we have released Galaxy version 1.2.16.

It contains native support for diff patches (with few fixes) and MacOS Overlay, which were previously on Beta channel.

Unfortunately it does not include FPS counter for Windows Overlay (Which stays on beta channel), as it contains a rather annoying bug, which in certain situations creates double mouse cursor while playing a game.
Point_Man: Galaxy keeps trying to update to version 1.2.16 (July 25, 2017), but i keep getting a "There was a problem with updating the application." error.
Please post your logs on according to instructions there. Our team is watching for new serious issues related to new releases there, and logs are crucial. :) Thank you!
scissorgames: Hi guys,

since updating galaxy today my pc crashes every time i'm 10 to 15 minutes into gameplay. Playing Jotun: Valhalla Edition right now. Anything i can do? Windows 7 runnin on my system. Anypone else besides me with this problem?

Our team have checked it, and it doesn't crash for us. We don't know what could cause the problems, especially that your PC is crashing, not the game only.

Could you please check if running this game without Galaxy running at the same time causes your PC to crash too? And after that, confirm again that running it through Galaxy crashes your PC?
LucasJSR: Hi everyone,
I have some games that have unnoficial patches and mods installed, like Baldur's Gate 1, that has BGFixpack and the ddraw Fix installed, and I was wondering if it's safe to import these games' folders to Galaxy? I've have installed these games and their mods before I started using Galaxy, and I haven't imported them out of fear that GOG Galaxy may delete the mods/patches when updating those games.

it really depends on how the mods for Baldur's Gate works. If they modified the original game files then Galaxy will update them, if you have auto-updates enabled (controlled in application settings) then upon import Galaxy will perform initial sync to latest version possible and download any files that mismatch.

If you want to be safe, you could backup BG1 into separate folder before importing.

One option would be to import Baldur's Gate, abort the sync and turn off Baldur's Gate Auto-updates in the game's settings, as Galaxy changes game files as last part of the sync. You just have to abort the sync, before Galaxy manages to change the files. I attached a screenshot with abort button and an x to cancel the update.

Game settings are available in the More dropdown (Also in a .screenshot :)).

Good luck.
img23.jpg (493 Kb)
BKGaming: Okay so a few people are complaining about this issue now on Reddit with the release of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Two months latter and still no fix because it's "waiting be released together with another feature"? Really? To be blunt who is making these asinine decisions?
We're aware of the Hellblade issue, and we're investigating it. This is a new bug, and is not connected to the previous screen shot improvements that were released a while back.

We just released public beta of Galaxy 1.2.18.
The most visible change is the addition of new navigation menu, making Galaxy look more consistent with website.

There’s also a new menu notification system and some improvements to desktop notifications.

Also we fixed some bugs with game updates.

For full list of changes check the changelog in Galaxy
TheTomasz: Hey,

We just released public beta of Galaxy 1.2.18.
The most visible change is the addition of new navigation menu, making Galaxy look more consistent with website.

There’s also a new menu notification system and some improvements to desktop notifications.

Also we fixed some bugs with game updates.

For full list of changes check the changelog in Galaxy
VanishedOne: I can see CPU and disc activity but, after some minutes, no actual window. There appears to be a log entry 'Initializing Galaxy DB conversion from 11 to 12'--is that the hold-up? Or is the client now just broken on my machine?
It could create a holdup, is it taking a long time? Amount of game will surely influence the time of Galaxy DB conversion.
TheTomasz: It could create a holdup, is it taking a long time? Amount of game will surely influence the time of Galaxy DB conversion.
VanishedOne: The window has appeared, eventually. (And then the client tried to update a couple of games I'm sure I'd previously turned off auto-updates for.)

was there no popup that GOG Galaxy is migrating data and it might take a while?

As to games that client tried to update: I have just tried updating from 1.2.17 with few games not being on latest version with auto-updates turned off for and unfortunately couldn't reproduce the bug. Would you be willing to send your logs from C:\ProgramData\\Galaxy\logs to or create an mantis issue on so we can check if anything unusual happend for you?
huan: It's done the same for me. First time I lost patience, killed the Galaxy process after minute or two with barely any disk or CPU activity. Then I tried again - it took 19 minutes for the window to appear. At least it's one time thing, after it successfully came up I tried restarting it and it appeared normally. [...] From that we can estimate that the database upgrade runs at the speed of 10 installed games per minute. And there was no window with either progress or notice that it's "doing database upgrade and it will take a while", and no visible disk activity (resource monitor showed few reads from galaxy.db, about 4kB per >30s)
bernstein82: Thanks man! same speed here, had to wait 36 minutes for the window to appear... *jeez*
hope no-one owns the full catalog of 2100 games, as who's enough patience to wait 3.5h without any progress bar... :-)

we'll take a look on how database upgrades are performing. For me updating (at home) was nearly instanteous, but i have only around 10 games installed.

Also, we've been performing numerous database upgrades before, so i wanted to ask, if you had this problem before, or is is something new? Also if you don't mind, do you own a SSD?
kanga: This is my first time trying to download anything since the new update, but now my download speeds are ridiculously slow. I know this has been an issue off and on for a while, but they were working fine for me a couple of months ago. Any tips?
Could you provide us couple more details?
- What exact speeds are you getting in the Client? And, for comparison, what speeds are you getting if you try to download this game using web browser from
- What specific game are you installing? Does the issue persist when attempting to install a different game?
- Is there any bigger network or disk activity happening on the Client (as per Task Manager or similar)?
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Babaorheum: We (linux players) are tired of this silence on your part, no news, nothing. You don't say if Galaxy runs correctly locally in your office...
We're not posting any news, as we have no news on GOG Galaxy for Linux. As we stated before we'll eventually bring it to Linux, but currently it's not a priority for us, and we don't have any estimated date to share at this moment.
BKGaming: ...
As you've noticed GOG Galaxy makes it possible for certain games to come to at all. With every feature on our roadmap we evaluate how many users and how many games it will impact, and assign the priorities accordingly.
BKGaming: Which may be true, but by not have parity you are creating a system where one OS (Linux) is being gimped over the other 2 by lacking Galaxy. While before Galaxy, all of us were on the same playing field. We all got gimped versions of games or none at all due to lacking Galaxy.
If it weren't for GOG Galaxy, the games you've mentioned wouldn't be on at all. So the choice here is, should we bring them to Win & Mac only, or not at all.

BKGaming: If something like (which arguably has way less resources that GOG) can get full cross-platform support for their client pretty much right out of the gate with a lot of the same features as Galaxy... then GOG should also be able too.
I'm not saying we're not able to, or we don't know how. But building and maintaining a Linux build will cost us resources, which as in every company are limited. Currently we're not able to spend the time required considering our internal roadmap.

BKGaming: As far as I know Galaxy was written in C++ and is using mostly cross-platform libraries, it really shouldn't be difficult if GOG prepared for it from the begining.
GOG Galaxy was made with cross platform compatibility in mind, but each platform is a constant cost (dev, qa) . With our roadmap we don't currently have the resources to maintain the Linux version.
BKGaming: [...] GOG can't compete on the same level of even with the simplest of clients (ie Itch) let alone Steam.
I will respectfully disagree with this opinion. is a great platform, with a great client, but they do not offer such things as multiplayer and matchmaking engine, friend system with game invites, in-game overlay, achievements, cloud saves, rollbacks and many more.

We just released public beta of GOG Galaxy 1.2.19.
It improves greatly performance of in-game overlay and fixes bugs related to taking screenshots in Dragon Age: Origins and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.
Also a nice addition is ability to change keyboard layout inside overlay.

For full list of changes check out Galaxy changelog.