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Ghorpm: I completely forgot about this thread.. yeah there were some games I finished in that time. I will not post them but try to keep it updated as soon as I finish something
Why not post them then?
Ghorpm: I completely forgot about this thread.. yeah there were some games I finished in that time. I will not post them but try to keep it updated as soon as I finish something
Cavalary: Why not post them then?
I don’t think I remember them all ;)
Dying Light + The Following DLC

Had to do a complete replay of Dying Light because I'm a moron and accidentally erased my completed save before starting the DLC...

The Following was mostly great, mostly since the final chapters of the main storyline were a bit too "shooty" for my taste, but that's a matter of taste. For me, Dying Light is mainly a close combat/parkour game, with the occasional shootout with likewise armed thugs.

I'm more mitigated about the ending. It makes sense, but I still find it a little bit of a cheap way to close with Kyle Crane's story. Oh well, again, personal taste.

All in all, Dying Light and its DLC were really great games!!

Oh, and finished Divine Slice of Life a couple of minutes ago.

A VN. Maybe. I don't really know, it only took 16 minutes for me to reach an ending. I think it dealt with earthly reincarnations of greek gods, but frankly speaking all was so rushed that I don't really know what happened. Anyway, a VN that makes a "road" last only 15 minutes with no evident hint at what consequences could have a blind choice I'm asked to do is not worth my time. Deleted and forgotten.

So far in 2017:
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XCom : Terror from the Deep

Finally!! This one has been nagging at me for a long time. The first time I seriously tried it was with TFTDextender but I got bored and quit towards the end as I was trying to train my aquanauts' reaction stat.
This time round I used OpenXCom's latest nightly for TFTD. It's definitely the definitive way to play these games today. Apart from fixing several game breaking bugs/oversights, it allows for higher resolutions and many gameplay enhancing options/mods.

Compared to the original XCom this is a much more difficult game. The bullet sponge lobstermen are bad enough, but what really ramps up the difficulty are the levels themselves: Shipping lane missions, colony assaults, artifact sites are all 2-part missions that take a lot of time. Shipping lane missions in particular are absolutely massive and the alien base assaults from the first game are tame in comparison to the ones in TFTD. There are also coastal attacks which pretty much the same as the terror attacks from the first game. Luckily you don't have to do a lot of each. By the end I did 2 shipping lane missions, 1 artifact site, 1 colony assault, 3 base defenses and about 3 or 4 coastal attacks.

Overall it's a great and atmospheric game that is much more than a simple reskin of the original. The aliens, ufos(subs) are quite different and apart from coastal attacks and base defense the missions are all new and exciting. Calling it a sequel might be a bit much though. It's more like an expansion pack that manages to be meatier than the original.

Difficulty wise, with the possible exception of the alien colony assault (thankfully you only have to do one), it is not unfair. This is absolutely beatable in ironman mode if you have the patience. You can employ tactics to keep casualties to a minimum, one or two max a mission. Most missions I had a tank for exploration and two teams, each with a sniper, a medic(stun weaponry and motion sensor) and 2 grunts. A heavy to level structures and one more grunt joined the teams as needed. Later I added a molecular control soldier. The snipers would stay back and take out aliens discovered by the tank and forward aquanauts. Each aquanaut would carry at least a grenade, dye grenade and proximity grenade. The latter is very useful as an alarm system to avoid attacks from vulnerable flanks or where you expect to have alien movement.

I think I can safely put this and the original to bed now. I played semi-ironman mode only saving once during two part missions. But I broke the rule with an absolutely tedious alien colony assault after the damn lobsterman commander got loose and I had to scour the base to find him. One day I think I might return and give the original an ironman playthrough though, perhaps a heavily modded version. I might also check out that X-piratez mod.
D: The Game

Well, this one was a mistake. About 2 hours of gameplay and my eyes burning. I hate early 3D graphics. I remember that I never understood why developers jump into 3D when it still looked like sh*t (do you remember that beautiful Monkey Island series graphics transferred to sh*tty 3D Escape?).

Time limit may be fine, but when you control character moving in slow motion it's just frustrating. And I didn't like puzzles at all. They've also tried to made some interesting plot twist at the end, but, well, it wasn't story deep enough to make a player care for the main character past...

List of all games completed in 2017
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Thief Gold

Just finished a playthrough on "hard", after 22 hours. On the whole I found it an interesting game, the basic concept is pretty brilliant...but have to say in parts I found the level design somewhat flawed. Couldn't have done it without looking things up in a walkthrough. Interestingly enough I quite enjoyed (or at least didn't really dislike) the parts of Thief which most people don't seem to like that much, that is the missions with undead, and the last three's kind of fun to sneak up on those ape-rat beasts and backstab them, or to blow up groups of them with mines. By contrast I found some of the levels with human guards somewhat boring.
Apart from the mission design, I didn't enjoy the story that much...Thief has 15 missions, but the main story only starts in the 6th...isn't much advanced for another six missions, and only really gets going and becomes interesting in the last three missions. Bad pacing imo.
On the whole a good game and I don't regret playing it, but given how annoying some of those levels with their confusing layout are I'll give it only a 3/5 (though the basic idea is brilliant).
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Prehistorik 2

Thanks, GOG, for bringing it to me! It was wonderful journey into the land of nostalgia ;)
I was close to tears when my few years old daughter played the beloved game of my childhood, asking me to make the most difficult jumps and telling me "don't worry, daddy" when I fell down :D

Marking the game as completed is not exactly true. Snow levels with slippery platforms are too much for such an old guy like me ;) As far as I remember, we've stuck exactly on the same stages as a kids. This time, thanks to the Internet, I've understood a bit more, found more secret places and also found a method to skip that iced-caves and access further levels (here are the hints).

List of all games completed in 2017
Clive Barker's Undying is in the books!

This game turned out to be much better than I expected. Not that I thought it would be bad, but still. Very well written and great horror atmosphere, although at times it was more frustrating than scary or fun at the beginning. Eventually, you become too overpowered for the atmosphere to have much effect, but it was still really good.

The pacing of the bosses could have been better, though. It takes a while to build up to the first one, and then the others come in relatively rapid succession.

The game ends on a sequel hook, not quite a cliffhanger. It's a bit frustrating because the game sold very poorly and the property is owned by EA (or at least I assume, because EA's logo is shown at the beginning when you boot up the game), so I doubt we will get a sequel. But I think it very much deserves one.

Good to get another title out of the backlog.
Thief 2: The metal age.

Ok, I didn't finish this one until the last mission, saw all those robots and security cameras, and how huge this level is (and how little equipment you have), and thought: "Haha, no way I'm going to play through this nonsense!". That was really a bit too extreme.
Apart from that, on the whole my impressions of the game are favourable. Gameplay has its weaknesses (enemy AI is pretty bad...but that's probably good for less skilled gamers like myself), and some of the levels are somewhat meh. But the level design is in many ways better and less confusing than in the 1st Thief game. Story is also better paced, and quite immersive.
Personally not my favorite type of gameplay and the game isn't perfect imo, but deservedly a classic. I'd give it 4/5 as a rating.
Now I'm considering whether to buy Thief 3 when it's on sale...even though that one is supposedly weaker than the first two games.

Played this one coop with a friend. Not very long (+- 6 hours) but loads of fun. I played as pointman and he as Fettel. I could pick up weapons and play in typical FPS fashion, whereas he could use telekinesis and possess soldiers' bodies.
The game does try to be scary at times, but in a coop setting it isn't very effective. But even when playing alone I don't think it would've fazed me much. It's pretty much an action game from start to finish. But true to FEAR form the actual FPS elements are very solid and the AI still managed to put up a fun challenge. If you take cover behind some crates you'll often hear : "He's there behind the crates!" briefly followed by an enemy grenade. It makes for exciting stuff.
There are also 2 pilotable suits/mechs in the game, and a particular highlight was a long highway sequence in which we both piloted a mech and blasted our way through anything and everything that stood in our way.

A very interesting part about the coop game is that you are competing with your friend for score, which affects the game's ending: there is a pointman favored ending and a Fettel favored ending, and which you get depends on who got the highest score. Score is mostly determined by how well you play (damaged dealt/received + kills) but there are also certain bodies in the game that you can 'harvest' for loads of points, and when you do you are prompted to decide whether you want to steal the points or share them with your friend. And I won :D Thankfully I might add, the Fettel ending is gruesome :P

Finally, network coding and the game's engine. Both are absolutely excellent. My friend is in Los Angeles but judging by the game's responsiveness we might as well have been playing over LAN.
As for the engine. I dare say it is the most optimized FPS engine I've ever seen in a game. I thought I was going to have to bump everything down to medium/low and scrape by on 20-30 frames per second, but my mid range laptop from 2010/11 was running it as smooth as butter on medium/high.

I'm not sure I would recommend it for single player since it is pretty short, but if you want a fun FPS coop game then it comes highly recommended!
mech1.jpg (205 Kb)
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airport.jpg (260 Kb)
Metro Last Light (Xbox One)

I'd already played both Metro games on 360 since they were both free. I had no plans to play the remastered versions. Until I found out that with MS's new rewards system, just from buying a few cheap on sale digital games this year I had enough points for 2 months of game pass rental. So I cashed in some points for a month of game rental. First up is Last Light.

Still a pretty decent linear example of a tunnel shooter. Yes it's scripted and has it's cut scenes, but at least they don't cross the line and pull you around every 5 steps like some games. Overall the balance is pretty good for this type of game. I especially like the Metro game world and how in it's own way everything in the Metro system looks believable and workable in context. Also really good voice acting and atmosphere, and good weapons that make a decent sound and feel weighty. Definitely worth playing. And of course the biggest problem of the old 360 versions is completely 60fps it no longer feels like you're wading through treacle when you try to turn around on the spot. It a good version that runs and looks good.

Resident Evil 6 (Xbox One)

Next up for my month of game pass rentals. No way around it, this one is a dog. I'm glad I didn't buy it. In fact I even reported it in the games quit thread. But I decided to HTFU and go back and finish it so that I can bitch about it some more.
The game does almost everything I hate. Cutscenes chain into cutscenes until it feels like you are not really controlling the game. It seems that the devs think I'm so stupid that I cannot even run 10 steps without them pulling the camera away from me. It's incredibly immersion breaking. Add to that a ridiculous story, godawful boss fights that consist more of QTE's than anything...and you get the idea.

I cannot believe this game has a mostly positive review rating on Steam. I'm a uncurable completionist unfortunately and plan to play every Resi game, even the bad ones. I don't advise anyone to play this game for any other reason.
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DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive (Xbox One)

More game pass rental. I really liked this one. Yes it feels different to the traditional DmC games that I played earlier this year, but I also liked this one in it's own way. For starters the story actually made sense! Okay the story isn't really important in a brawler, but it's a nice bonus still if you can follow some semblance of a story just the same.
I also like this Dante better. He's not a total asshole like the traditional Dante. And so what if his hair isn't white. FFS if you actually play this game you will see that it sort of even covers the hair colour thing anyway.

The combat is natural, regular attacks and then Angel and Demon attacks depending on which trigger you hold in. Once I got the hang of it, I found it really quick and easy to swap styles on the fly depending on enemy type. There were a bit too many combo's for me to remember, but playing on the middle difficulty level I got through well enough with just a handful of moves for each weapon. People that love these types of games will obviously go all the way and master all the system combos and play at the higher levels. But a average brawler like me had fun with it.

The games levels and art style were well done. Pretty good, short game overall, without being exceptional. Good enough that I may buy it on sale some time and go onto the harder difficulty levels.
Dishonored (PS4)

This is a first person action/stealth game set in a dark magic/steampunk world.

The levels are relatively open and interesting to explore, and you can complete them either with stealth or by just killing everyone. Although I enjoyed the setting/atmosphere, story, and the level design, I did not enjoy the combat or the magic/mana system.

I did complete the game and I had fun so I would still recommend it, but it could have been better.
Knights of Pen and Paper (Steam)

This game is a turn-based RPG, and it’s another one that I completed a few years and enjoyed a lot so I wanted to play it again.

It’s not a traditional RPG, for example there isn’t really any exploration although there are many different locations with different monsters to fight, and there also isn’t any real player choice in the traditional RPG sense, although you are free to travel wherever you want.

But what the game is, is a meta-game where you are playing 6 people who all playing a pen-and-paper RPG together (one Dungeon Master and five players who each have a character). As Dungeon Master you can select the number and type of opponents to fight for many of the battles. As Players, you choose your character’s class and what abilities to increase on level-up and what equipment to buy and equip. The story and the banter between the people is quite funny and entertaining.

I often read the complaint that this game is grindy, but I didn’t experience that at all. I completed the entire game (main quest and side quests, including the final optional battle) without grinding any extra combats for XP or gold. However, the game is somewhat repetitive, once you work out a good strategy and setup for your characters then most of the combats play out the same way. So it’s not a game you’d want to play for many hours consecutively, it is better in short bursts of maybe an hour or two each.

I still enjoyed the game immensely and I would heartily recommend it!!
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Little bit busy traveling to frequent these boards lately, but there are few more games, which I have finished in the meantime.

August 23 - Finished Mortal Kombat XL Story. Nothing special, and short. Got kicked my ass only by the final boss :)

September 30 - Finished all DLC Trophies for Mortal Kombat XL. Most of them trivial, with one exception. I had to win Ranked game with Bo'Rai Cho without doing combo over 4 hits. Very hard to get for me, because I am the definition of average player, and being almost 40 years old, my reflexes are worse than most of the players :D

October 1 - Finished all the towers for canon and non-canon endings with every character in game.

Here is the list of all my games finished this year.