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Continuing on with my replay of games I finished previously a few years ago and have now finished again:

An enjoyable and relaxing (although fairly linear) game where you play as a mother badger looking after her cubs.

A fun take on match-3, combining it with a dating sim. The game is very light-hearted, silly, and funny… but does get a bit repetitive after a while.
Far Cry - Blood Dagon

VHS era recreated by modern generations.

Way shorter than FC4 which was shorter than FC3 (what a sluggish game).
Had some technical issues when enemies could spot you through the wall so capturing outposts without alarm and/or detection was harder than usual business.

Dragons are main source of XP past lvl20 (obviously) or you can ride around and find some patrols skirmishes and stab them like chain lighting. Thing is - when you acquire best weapon to deal with them they vanish after final mission. Dangit.

Hitboxes are weird, both for shooting and takedonws. I could run around enemy that spotted me and there was 50% chance to stab him from behind (obvious) but also 50% to stab them frontal.
Goldfish have better memory than them.

Best part of the game? Music, it's fantastic. Since UT3 there was no other modern game soundtrack that I could play beyond game itself while playing other videogames. Vast majority of them are fillers with maybe 1-2 good tracks and that's it.
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Two more games out of my backlog for a while:

Final Fantasy XII - The Zodiac Age on PS4. This time, just the main story with 1 Job License for 1 character rule. I have finished the game twice before on PS2 and once almost on 100%, so I wanted just experience the story without spending to much time on sidequests. Still 62 hours long session O.o

and Mortal Kombat - Komplete Edition on PS3. I have not played it for a very long time, and completely forgotten, that I have not finished endings for all DLC characters. The game plays different than MK XL, so I needed to get used to it for a little bit.

Complete list of my finished games is here
Flight of the Amazon Queen adventure full of teen jokes with mostly logical puzzles. If you like this genre, than go for it.
NecroVisioN: Lost Company

Wow, what a mix - imagine merging horror ("B" class), nazis, Castle Wolfstein, zombie, Painkiller and First World War warfare in one title. I would never looked at the game without Soccorro - thanks, pal! It has stupid clichéd story, but has also great dark atmosphere, gen. Patton, epic music, tanks and planes, hypnotic pace and rythm. And it's fun like a hell.

Go get it and enjoy the slaughter. If you lost your chance during release promo, note that buying both games (N+N:LC) still gives you 43% discount.

List of all games completed in 2017
Hotline Miami

I enjoyed the game for a few levels a lot. Intense gameplay, unique art style, good action and psychedelic plot (even though there is little story here). Sadly, after some time the game started to become boring. AI is incredibly stupid, every level is very similar and the weapons offer little to no variety. I don’t regret finishing the game and learning the whole story (as far as I’ve checked I’ve seen all possible endings) but I don’t think I’ll ever play it or its sequel again. With some more gameplay variety it would be a much better game.

Full list
Wolfenstein II The New Colossus

First, forget about all the bullshit you've heard/read about this game promoting communism/mixing of races/whatever, I'm sure that around 99.7% of these reviews have been written as trolls from people never actually playing the game or even launching it once.

That said, Wlofenstein II is, to me, a slightly above average game, especially compared to the former new episodes. I mean, there's lots of action, yes, characters are over the top, yes, (and often that made me not liking them much, because over the top doesn't always equates good writing).

But. Sometimes the action is a bit cluncky, weapons are not so impressive (in terms of sound desing at least). And the story is... a bit dull. Some parts are easy like butter, some other need you to try again many times.

All in all, I had good time playing Blazko again, and I'd like some more adventures, but for once I was happy that game was finished, which is not really a good thin in my book.

Maybe I'll get back to it later for the Überkommands' hunt, that looks funny, but for the moment, I'll shelf it.

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