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I encourage you to take some time and discover the game without any walthrough. It's a lot of fun there and the game is not as difficult at it seems at the beginning. And do not try to beat it at once to avoid frustration.

The rules are simple:
■ To finish the level you must get to a semaphore. It works only if you've found a gas lighter before.
■ There are tons of secret places and bonuses to be discovered. You can enter the caves, cabins, invisible stairs and islands, teleports etc.
■ Every 100.000 points gives you an extra life. Extra lifes may be also collected during the game (1UP).
■ Collect all the letters of 'BONUS' (toy blocks) or cutlery for further surprises :)
■ There is no saving mechanism here, but you don't have to start from the beginning. You'll sometimes encounter Level codes (4 jumping numbers/letters) - these are password letting you to start the game from the beginning of the current level.
■ It may be hard to find working codes on the Internet, because AFAIK they're generated with algorithm based on your BIOS data. That means that codes for someone may be useless on other PC.
■ The game cannot be completed on Beginner level! You'll need to play in Expert mode (a bit more creatures, but there is no significant difference in difficulty IMHO) to get into the last locations and square up to final boss.

If you still need help:
Here are the maps of all levels - very useful.
Here is a method to access each and every level of the game. In short: to jump to level x select "2 - Password" from main menu and enter 4 codes: DEAD, C0DE, F00D and XXXX, where XXXX is hexadecimal number of level. Beginner levels are 0001 to 000A and 000B to 0013 are Expert levels (hexadecimal numbers are just: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F, 10, 11, 12, 13).

Have fun!
ciemnogrodzianin: ■ The game cannot be completed on Beginner level! You'll need to play in Expert mode (a bit more creatures, but there is no significant difference in difficulty IMHO) to get into the last locations and square up to final boss.
Can you elaborate on this? What's the furthest you can reach on Beginner? What happens when you try to go further?
ZFR: ...
I can't remember the details, but I think there was just a message before the last castle or sth, that you cannot enter, because you've reached that point on Beginner Level.
OK. I'll start on Expert straightaway then.
I wish I could say I'm enjoying it. I loved this game as a kid (reached just beyond the first boss), but it's not so fun now. The snow level is just too tough. I can reach there with 11 or so lives if I start from the beginning, but die quickly. Starting using code at level 6 means I start with just 2 lives which is even worse. The controls aren't that smooth, the bounding boxes can be tricky. And secrets consist mostly of hitting random places.

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Finally got through the snow levels. I'm at the next one (level 8?) with icy caverns. Got its password.
And... finished!

Wow, reached the tough up platforms towards the end and lost only 2 lives there. Then reached the final set of side platforms with 9+ lives; thought I had to succeed. At lives = 4 I reached the final platform and died there. I nearly cried. At lives = 0 I just gave up and... managed to do it! The final subboss was easy, as was the final boss.

Some areas of the game are tough. This is more difficult than Prehistorik. 1 I really really love side platformer games, but in this case the problem is the movement is not 100% smooth, there is some acceleration and decceleration when you stop, which while "realistic" can make some areas a nightmare. Add to that the fact that bounding boxes are not clear; you never know if you can go those 2 extra pixels without falling off.

But now that I finished it I can say that it's likeable. There are photos of the designer team at the end of credits that made me feel really nostalgic. Early 90s... I miss that decade.

I used the maps to find really useful secrets though didn't aim for 100%; just got those that make my life easier. When I was a kid we finished Prehisto 1 and as for 2 beat the first monkey boss before a graphical glitch caused us to quit. I wonder if I would have finished it back then without the internet and those maps...

Then again back then we had the time to play again and again and again that one game from the beginning without saving till we could beat it with our eyes closed. Now I don't have the patience for those.

Eh, was fun.
Thanks for your opinion and congratulations you've managed somehow to beat that Snow Level. That was the point I've started to search for cheat codes and without them I'd not be able to get any further. Absolutely impossible. And as far as I remember it was the same level we stuck when playing as kids.
This Corona pandemic brought me back to this game after twenty something years! I love it!
I have finished the game on 100% for all levels except the Crystal (Level 8). Has anyone been able to finish it 100%?
I think I know all the secrets, but I have attached the level's map. There's one room that I can't get into even though I took the secret path in the beginning. I am referring to the empty room with with 4 blocks in the middle. Has anyone been able to get there? Is there anything to eat over there?

Despite eating everything else on this level, I don't get more than 76%. Any clues?
level8.png (271 Kb)
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